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  1. Nice to see you posting again marra,or are you just passing through
  2. I just wish they would plug the bloody gaps
  3. Does anyone know who’s scoring??
  4. Well let’s just hope we are playing against him next year
  5. Doesn’t sound great then does it, hopefully we have one or two to come in
  6. Any clues on the injuries from the weekend,although I know they don’t like to give to much away
  7. Wow!! Didn’t really expect that but hoped, a great effort from the boys they don’t seem to know when there beat utt
  8. Thanks you both, talk about backs to the wall
  9. Who were the two that we lost ian
  10. I see west wales took a point off Doncaster today, it makes you wonder what’s happened to the dons,but nice to finally see Wales off the mark
  11. You really are quite bitter you and your fat fingers
  12. I think you have to buy your tickets on the town home site, don’t know if it’s changed since(freedom day )
  13. Jeez that’s a really good result considering what the cougars did to barrow, we will have to be on our game as theirs no easy beats
  14. Bloody halfbacks are a plague,that’s one for him
  15. Not going to plan 34.6 down not long to go, bit of a surprise, keighley finally getting it together
  16. My apologies to the brain dead then
  17. Brain dead man,the club will lose a fortune if it can’t open the tent, god knows what they will be like if England lose
  18. Does anybody else think that if we finally produce an 80 minute performance somebody is gonna be in for a good hiding, preferably hope we can save it for barrow at home, being the greedy type of course
  19. Agree marra,two points no more injuries and a good performance will do me ,utt
  20. Seen that, they must all be related to Craery
  21. Unlucky Rochdale best team ,but what a way to win get the f#£k in,penky as clever as ever and some strong running forwards,we seem so one dimensional why can’t we try different kick offs for a change instead of just putting it in exactly the same place every time, hope stevie isn’t to badly injured,but will take that result alday every day utt
  22. Oh well,we will just have to make do with China then
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