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  1. If I'm honest I reckon it will take more than Gabriel for Oldham to get anything from Hunslet, hope I'm wrong like.
  2. Definitely wrong about FINN,not sure about the last one though,Coolie does seem to be enjoying his free hospitality at MT a bit too much for my liking
  3. Oldham,Doncaster and Hunslet seem to be getting a few players in either on loan or permanent signings,nothing from us so that tells me that Liam is happy with his squad,so we have got to trust his judgement.
  4. We were very lucky to get the win but I'll take a scrappy win especially this time of the season .
  5. We seem to get hammered nearly every game in the penalty count. Is our discipline really that bad?
  6. Lee in his interview said that it was 7-1 against us in first half.
  7. I wasn’t getting at you. Perhaps the reporter was at a different game
  8. According to League Express the penalty count was 4-1 in Midlands favour.
  9. I wasn’t at the game today so I appreciate your unbiased view. I’ve said it on numerous occasions that when we play,let’s say the weaker teams that we tend to go down to their level,no disrespect intended,rather than go on the field like we are playing one of the better teams. Look we have a target on our backs with us been the favourites for automatic promotion so we’ve got to be able to handle it because if we go to Hunslet with the same mentality then we will get well beaten.Anyway we got the points and still unbeaten.
  10. Hunslet have brought another player in on loan from Halifax, I believe that's 5 loan players now.
  11. If it helps we’ve had 3 players suspended,can’t speak for Doncaster or Hunslet though. Don’t let paranoia take over your life.
  12. Looks like you’re going to have to manage without Jordan Paga as he’s been given a 4 game ban.
  13. The first of which I hope will be our last five games of the season starts with Midlands away. I never take the opposition or result for granted but if the players turn up it should be a resounding win. I’ll be following from afar whilst also keeping a close eye on the Hunslet vs Doncaster game. It looked like we picked up one or two injuries on Friday night in what was a very physical battle,hopefully with the extra two days will help,definitely out is Jordan who failed his HIA. Midlands 6 Rams 48 Fts Restall Mom Graham
  14. The one on Lewis Carr was marginal as well.
  15. You really don’t like officials do you. We’ve had 3 players banned this for various offences so Oldham aren’t unique. I think after last night’s game you could be looking at least one player being banned.
  16. Good old fashioned game of rugby league,some big hits,some borderline tackles but we won’t go into that. You certainly gave it to us last night,and not for the first time this season,how the hell did you lose at home to Doncaster? As I’ve said on a few occasions,Oldham are the best team we’ve played this year. As it’s looking certain that your automatic promotion as gone just like to wish you good luck for rest of season and who knows we might meet again in the playoffs,I honestly hope not like.
  17. The way I see it without getting ahead of myself. We win tonight and it’s between us and Doncaster for automatic promotion,you win and it’s game on. As we know anything can happen in this league. I’ll be honest I had you to beat Doncaster last weekend so I’m not taking anything for granted.
  18. Give me Restall over McNally any day. Look McNally is a very good player and played at a good level throughout his career and if he's your player he's the dog's doo dahs, but if he's not he's a pain in the butt. Let's just enjoy what on paper should be a cracking game. Safe journey over from the dark side
  19. This a 21 man squad,17 players to play plus your 18th man. With him been a DR player he’ll get picked.
  20. I just hope we turn up because we certainly didn’t at your place and still got a point. Should be a cracker,see you all Friday night.
  21. Apart from the forward pass he gave against Paul Sykes just before halftime,yes he did have a decent game. Think they were only one penalty for offside all game,against us
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