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  1. Maybe more than he’s played for us
  2. Let’s hope Aaron Hall can play longer minutes before he starts blowing out of his ar se
  3. This happens every season and that’s why our recruitment as got to be better. Look at Batley,only used 27 players,that’s very good considering the budget they are working with,but again that’s down to recruitment and players attitude,or and fitness.
  4. We’ve signed Connor Davies from Workington until end of season,previously played for Halifax.
  5. No as it’s not in his nature
  6. Good effort by the lads today. My only gripe was on two or three occasions they were waiting for the ref to blow his whistle,forward passes,knock ons etc,play to the bloody whistle.
  7. Thanks for that mate. Hopefully as time goes by Alex will be able to work round his rugby and is not lost to the game as the lad as certainly got the talent to succeed. Good luck
  8. We not got that far professionally yet
  9. Dom was serving the first of his 2 game ban. Like Wakefield Ram says I think Liam is looking at the players he wants to keep. I’m hearing it’s a lot more professional since Liam came in especially around training and match day.
  10. Liam isn’t messing about,Beharrell last week going to Hunslet rest of season,Alex leaving the club all together,I’ve heard that Peltier is going out on loan for the season. Apparently he doesn’t know yet so keep it to yourselves
  11. If it's any consolation they'll do the same to us next Sunday
  12. Don’t want to take the shine off your great win tonight but,what as happened to Gilmore’s goal kicking?
  13. I remember traveling to Workington with my dad one Saturday morning at 7am getting picked up from old Dewsbury bus station and getting there about 2pm for a 3pm ko
  14. Unfortunately a lot of our fan’s prefer to sit pressing keys than actually asking questions face to face.
  15. Have you thought of putting yourself forward and volunteer to man one of the “virgin turnstiles”? You do know they are volunteers that manage the turnstiles don’t you?
  16. Edited now. Understand the predictive text though, we've had a few of them put on the shirt last few seasons
  17. Tony Smith ex Castleford, Wigan and Hull halfback appointed assistant coach to Liam Finn. Wonder if he fancies a game in halves
  18. I think what he means by the ultimate professional is that he’s been working hard in training and not spat his dummy out like some players do. When you look at their pack of forwards you can understand why the lad as struggled for game time. Welcome to the club Jack.
  19. Do you honestly think we'd be able to get him? As Hull's marquee signing he's their top earner.
  20. Been updated then because last time I looked it was Alan Agar and Alan Bates
  21. Another young player not given a fair chance. Well it looks like it's the last we'll see of him in a Rams shirt. Good luck Jake.
  22. The thing is I think certain players ruled the dressing room,hopefully Liam will sort that out. I remember when Ned Kelly came back for his second spell that’s the first thing he did,kicked the trouble maker’s out.
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