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  1. If that is what's happening I'd like to see mid season games against France and Wales also
  2. I'm really looking forward to this season's Championship. Should be a good battle for the 5 and some good quality matches. Would be great if games were televised but that's a discussion for another thread!
  3. I've gone for Toronto probably against Widnes in the GF. Toulouse, Fax and Fev to make the 5 in that order
  4. Unfortunately this is what's happening at some schools. The RFL can't just expect schools to prioritise league just because it's a league area. They need to invest in schools but probably don't have the funds
  5. It will be a disgrace if England are left with nobody to play next autumn. Hopefully something can be sorted out
  6. Surely the RFL must realise there's a massive demand for this and should be trying everything they can to make it happen. Follow that up in 2020 with a mini tournament such as a 4N and we've got an exciting few years of International RL
  7. Totally agree. Announce it early and create demand for tickets. Would give the game a massive boost
  8. Invite them over for a 3 games series next year. Would be great to watch. If they don't want to play maybe invite NZ plus Tonga, Samoa etc
  9. How many Cumbrian teams will that make in the NCL now?
  10. It would be great if it could happen though. I think the French fans would come out to support these matches and there would be loads of British fans who'd make the trip. If it did get announced I'd definitely start planning a trip
  11. How about a structure for the top nations such as test series and 4/6 nations plus Euro and Pacific cups. The nation's below this could play against their neighbours, either regional tournaments or friendlies as well as WC qualifiers.
  12. How would we fill the minibus? Should we sell the front seats first then the middle and finally the back seats on the day of the protest?
  13. Or you could just make some suggestions as I have. I'm not saying any of mine are the way to go just putting some ideas out there.
  14. There's lots of suggestions about how to make the international game bigger and more structured. I've made suggestions myself on other threads but keep changing my mind about what would be best. The WC is now set in stone in a four year cycle but its the years in between that need sorting. Should we have international leagues of 4 for the top 8/12 nations then regionalised underneath? Should there be a larger 6/8 nation competition in the middle year with Euro and Pacific cups at the years either side used as qualifying? Or maybe test series vs Australia and NZ in two of the three years with a 4/6/8 Nations in the other year with Pacific and Euro cups still running alongside these? Any other suggestions?
  15. Yeah you might have a point there. I like the Knights concept but trying to think of suitable opposition for them to get more games
  16. With England hopefully playing France mid season and a lot of people saying that the Knights shouldn't play full nations should they take on the Exiles mid season to give them a competitive game and an opportunity for them to stake a claim for inclusion in the England squad for the end of season games. It would also provide a high quality game for fans to attend
  17. Yeah. It was a good experience. Passionate players and fans
  18. I played for Carpentras in Elite 1
  19. I've done that before when I was younger. Would definitely recommend it
  20. That's a good point. I think Ratchford is the most skillful out of the FB options
  21. If Johnstone was brought in Makinson could play FB. He was great under the high ball and his broken field running is very dangerous. Might add an extra dimension out of the back when attacking
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