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  1. Yeah, hadn't really thought of that. Knowing that you *could* stop at any minute makes it that much tougher.
  2. Plantar fasciitis should be reasonably preventable - arch strengthening exercises etc. Once you've got it, it does seem to be one of those things that takes forever to heal though.
  3. Good effort doesn't really cover it! I did 100km in 2007 and remember spending the last 20 miles thinking "I'm never doing this again." I think blisters and leg pain will heal up faster than mental scars ?
  4. In this case, Cambridge City owned a ground in the north of the city which was worth many millions - a lot of money for a non-league club. They sold that in 2006 to property developers and after a few years bought a landfill site and adjoining farmland in a village near where I live. They were eventually able to get planning permission to build a stadium + community sports facility on the site (long saga involving a greenbelt site, permission granted then withdrawn, appeals etc.) but have yet to start building, although it seems like all the funding etc. is in place. This FA Cup match was played on a college sports pitch, probably all that needed to be done was to try to get the college groundsman to hastily paint some new lines. Beating your local rivals from the division above in a cup game and then being ordered to replay at their ground because the pitch size was wrong... could be a bit of a grudge match.
  5. Imagine the comments on here if this happened in RL. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46227643
  6. I've been up and down Ben Nevis, Snowdon & Scafell Pike in the past couple of years with my teenage sons and we had a few days walking in the Andes last year. Pretty nice feeling when they're off to university, thinking back to the times when it felt like you had to drag them outside away from the computer or console.
  7. It was quite a surprise to find that the translations have lots of jokes that are not there in the original. I only own two welsh language books - Asterix is one and Fireman Sam the other.
  8. You both lose marks for reading Proust in translation, rather than the original ?
  9. Not really my area. But the FT says it's dropped 40% since June, still double what it was a couple of years ago. FT reckons it's simply production unexpectedly up and demand unexpectedly down (fears of global trade war) and that Russia will suffer quite a lot at this level.
  10. Oil price is nowhere near its lowest in years, that's completely wrong. It's fallen 10% in a week though, expect prices at the pump to come down pretty soon.
  11. Ours is 322 mg/l - gave up with the softener long ago.
  12. I was working in Moscow a few years ago and went into the Kremlin (amazing that you can just turn up and walk round) and one of the very striking things is that all through the communist era, they kept the Orthodox churches inside. There is one church in particular where Stalin & the communist leadership went to pray, at the point where the Germans were less than 20 miles from Moscow
  13. Which is why this Guardian article (jokingly) proposes nationalising it... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/the-running-blog/2018/jun/11/parkrun-the-nhs-a-mutual-cause-for-celebration
  14. I live a few miles from Duxford (the air part of the imperial war museum.) Don't even bother to look up for spitfires, biplanes, planes flying upside down etc.
  15. In our current temporary office, some rooms use a VOIP system where you can dial anyone worldwide in the company with their 5-digit phone number, but outside calls you need a '9' for. Other rooms you don't need the 9, but you can't use any of the internal numbers. When we first moved in, there was no indication which was which. We now have post-it notes on the phone.
  16. Yes, but they don't sound so exciting when written down. Mostly stuff I already do, but without the time pressure of having to fit it round 50+ hours per week working/thinking about work/commuting. Open question is whether this is an "interval" or "act 2." Running/walking (I want to run the new Hebridean way - 156 miles across 10 islands), but there's loads of other long distance trails I fancy. Gardening (& cooking stuff from the garden) & plenty of craft type stuff I want to make. Musical instruments to play & get better at. Many things I want to learn more about - especially astronomy, archaeology, not to mention several languages I want to improve. Written a couple of technical books in the past, one of which was quite successful and there's a couple more books I'll use this time to write & publish. There's also some hobby electronics & software projects I want to do My wife & I have done a lot of travel in the past, so don't have a "bucket list" of places to visit, but some slower paced travel is definitely on the agenda once our youngest is at university. Those goals are all selfish ones. There's some voluntary groups & charities I currently help out with, but there's some interesting groups locally putting engineering & programming skills to work for things like development projects in the 3rd world, might be good to see whether I have anything to contribute there. If you're genuinely interested in retiring "early" check out https://www.mrmoneymustache.com/ Anyway, apologies for hijacking ckn's diary ?
  17. I'm planning to take a year (maybe a bit more) off work, starting in a few months. Can afford to do it, and I figure I'll be able to do a lot more adventurous/outdoors stuff in my forties than when I hit 67.
  18. She lives near to me and frequents our local chinese restaurant. She is probably one of the sweariest people I have ever encountered. (Also extremely loud. And funny. Not what you expect.)
  19. The "ordinary" match featuring South Shields is interesting - they weren't voted into the league until 1902 as far as I know, so this might have been a friendly right at the formation of the club?
  20. Think they claim to date back to the 1870s, under the name Dewsbury Shamrocks, and switched between football and rugby at various points.
  21. They always did things backwards in Yorkshire, AIUI.
  22. Thanks - so it looks like there was a cup for 2 seasons and then a league for mostly the same clubs for a few seasons longer - and for most (but not all) of those seasons, there weren't any extra fixtures associated with the competition.
  23. Not that wikipedia is a primary source, but https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runcorn_RFC says "1901–02 also saw the introduction of the South West Lancashire League which ran until 1906–07. Only six teams competed (Wigan, Warrington, St Helens, Widnes, Leigh and Runcorn). They met home & away but if they met in the league that result counted towards the South West Lancashire League (indicated with SWLL on the List.)" and gives some results for the Runcorn team in the SWLL in later years.
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