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  1. Very good signing to help lead the young lads.
  2. Gubrats you keep asking how the money should be spent and seem to have a preference on investing a large proportion of it on infrastructure ie stadiums. My observation is that if the private equity was to be used as a loan to clubs then it would make financial sense, where appropriate, for clubs to share stadia. A joint Cas / Wakefield new stadium, with an appropriate capacity, jointly funded by sale of existing stadiums (if owned by the clubs) + private investment (other leisure/ retail etc) + Private Equity loan would be better value for money, higher benefit cost ratio & an overall stronger business case
  3. Alternative to individual stadia why not consider ground sharing (not sure who owns what) but Cas & Wakefield - sell both grounds & invest in 1 purpose built stadium with additional investors, RFL loan Wigan and Leigh etc
  4. We have to be realistic for next season with the squad we’re assembling - if we make the play offs then that would be a success
  5. I think generating additional revenue is interlinked with all the other aspects but is not a short term fix. Making the rugby league match day more of an experience (a la Bull mania), improving the quality of product as sport is supposed to be entertainment (many SL games are fairly mundane events recently), raising the profile of the game etc at all levels will put more bums on seats / increase spend per head / be more attractive to advertisers/ sponsors etc. I support Oldham, we generally don’t play in the town, have very few kids attend, fans turn up to watch the game only & you wouldn’t know Oldham had a RL team as no marketing. Yes these are club issues which the club is now trying to resolve but is replicated at many clubs. I don’t have answers but just a few ideas / observations having watched the game for 35 years. Hopefully specialists in these areas will help shape the future of the game in a positive way with more fan involvement. All ideas should be invited by & welcomed by the RFL
  6. Gubrats, I meant my first post. Strategic Direction: Long-term plan from Community Clubs to SL - League structure, P+R, Franchising, academy, reserves, targeted expansion, representative + internationals etc. Growing Participation: Junior, community, womens, wheelchair, Development officers etc. Promoting the Game: Marketing, game day experience, improving the product on the pitch (players / rules), targeted on the road games, OurLeague, media coverage etc. Generating additional revenue: attendances, spend per head / game, sponsorship, advertising, merchandising, internationals etc. Paying off Director loans and building 2 or 3 stadiums for the benefit of the few against benefitting the whole of the game is pointless.
  7. Last 3 lines of my post. What’s the point in writing off Directors loans how does that grow the sport & make it more attractive? Building new stadiums is expensive Cas & Wakefield, Bradford what about those clubs who have made the investments themselves - Leeds, Saints etc.
  8. I think the idea is a good one - again subject to the detail. No money should go to offsetting SL club owner loans or infrastructure loans for Cas & Wakefield to build new grounds it should be about strategic direction, growing participation, promoting the game, generating additional revenue
  9. More likely to be Oldham’s next temporary home. We’ve previously played at the mini Etihad (with the running track) - awful!
  10. Waterhead are going to have an awesome pack - happy days!
  11. Good offer but with no League 1 coverage for my team (Oldham), Cornwall etc - shortsighted
  12. Didn’t Hutchins go to Worky but not sure if he played
  13. Littler confirmed that we had more signed up than announced. Who’s left from last year’s squad: Heaton; Brierley; Charnock; Abram; Pick any others?
  14. Oldham’s recruitment, with the exception of Ridyard & Nelmes, are either local amateur players or inexperienced academy players released from SL. We are definitely recruiting on the basis of a small budget for next season with the aim of stabilizing the club. All the talk from the club is about starting with a blank canvas (first time I can remember for a long time where we have pretty much lost an entire squad) and building for the future - whatever that might be.
  15. I think the club has been trying to manage fans expectations by talking about building for the future due to the funding uncertainty. I think next season will be more about stabilizing the club rather than pushing for automatic promotion but it depends on all the other clubs recruitment as well and their financial strength.
  16. No mention of League 1 coverage which is disappointing unless Our League will show League 1 (if still in existence including my club Oldham.
  17. Happy with the appointments. We need to follow up with some signing announcements now.
  18. He’s a contracted Oldham player signed from Leeds but yes he is going to Widnes en route to SL. Cracking player.
  19. The club has a bleak future currently with no solid foundation to grow the club. Being nomads doesn’t help and a sole owner who has managed to destroy all relationships including those willing to make significant financial investment. If he were to leave then many disillusioned fans would return. The amateur game remains strong albeit with fewer clubs and continues to produce a conveyer belt of talent to SL.
  20. With reduced funding for all clubs and clubs not carrying larger squads like this season there is actually likely to be more players available. Not many of Oldham’s players will warrant Championship attention - Dupree, Reilly, Langtree aside
  21. Agree with SR, I think Sheridan will be offered the role & hopefully he can continue doing the things that McDermott has introduced over the last few weeks, which whilst not getting the W, has resulted in massive improvements.
  22. I re-watched the 20 years of SL celebration show the other night & Jim Quinn was on saying how proud he was to be part of such a momentous decision for the sport. I nearly threw the remote through the tv
  23. Now that the Championship dream is over who would you like to keep for next season? Brierley, Roberts, Heaton (if fit), Barran, Hewitt, Joy, Kirk (head injuries permitting), Nelmes (when running straight), Reilly (highly unlikely), Spencer, Gregory, Langtree, Bridge We need a coach as well - stick with Sheridan having worked with McDermott & probably cheap?
  24. Hewer initially signaled play on as the ball was lost in contact and only blew up when the Swinton player looked seriously hurt which turned out to be cramp. This happened in a Hull game a few weeks back and Saints (?) scored & the try stood.
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