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  1. We also need to change the structure of the warm up as it's always very low key with little intensity and we carry that into the start of games and it takes us 15mins to get up to speed.
  2. Fantastic news! What's happening at Hull? Lots of players released - over spent?
  3. This topic has made me feel quite sad despite all the happy memories. I used to stand with my Dad and Sister in the Watersheddings Stand near the scoreboard from being about 8 and then moved directly behind the posts at the back from being about 14 and helped with the singing - great atmosphere! Sad really but out of a group of about 10 - 15 I'm the only one who still goes.
  4. Great signing! Proven player at this level with promotion experience. Signings so far have been really positive.
  5. Agree with R34, the players are playing to a strict game plan that comes from Naylor. Even when we have been in with a shout of winning we still play the same structures rather than playing what is in front of us. We need to change the style as it hasn't worked well when we had a fully fit full strength side and now we may as well go down trying but There are winnable games remaining.
  6. From 1st to last whistle, Eagles pack ran strong and hard and we couldn't cope plus Owens (Eagles No 1) ran the show and looked a class above. Very poor show and if Eagles hadn't given away so many penalties could have been much worse. Our survival doesn't depend on yesterday but Bradford, Swinton, Rochdale and Toulouse!
  7. Tyson needs to control his aggression. There was no need to run across the width of the pitch. If he wasn't there he wouldn't now be serving another suspension. Great player but misses too many games. Still wouldn't get rid tho!
  8. The biggest issue against Fax was that the 1st receiver was stood a yard or two beyond the passing range of Hughes, which meant it was around his knees/ankles.
  9. It doesn't look like you will, the RFL have said Oldham have outsold Hornets by 3 to 1. Anyway enjoy the weekend (hopefully not the game) and see the pink balloons thread for the minutes silence.
  10. Whilst I agree we can be a bit 1 dimensional on attack, when we throw it about we don't look bad (Batley 1st half). However, to do that we need to dominate up front and get quick play the balls. Those who continually shout get it wide haven't probably played or don't really understand the game. In short NO we shouldn't get rid of Naylor - we are a workman like side and if a few going missing in defence we will get spanked.
  11. No doubt that we were terrible yesterday but we scored some good try's by going wide in the 1st half but reverted to 1 man rugby in the 2nd half. Too many simple errors, penalties and missed tackles to win any game. I'm not sure what people are expecting from the team but we are a bottom 4 side looking to survive. Yes we can compete but everyone has to be on their game to do that and yesterday we weren't and an equally poor Batley beat us.
  12. From memory Dewsbury's pitch is very narrow and therefore we need as strong a pack as possible because there won't be much space to throw the ball about. Dickinson and Mason would be great!
  13. I agree with the above about the tight forward orientated game plan and that's why I think it's a waste to have Tyson in the centre and 2 hookers on the bench as it means the pack having to play more minutes. I was looking forward to seeing Tyson smashing through centres and wingers but on attack he's a virtual spectator. When can Chappell play?
  14. Didn't they say that rather than doing them throughout the season they would make the last home game the 'Remembrance' game?
  15. I think Clifford was referring to the fans Baron rather than Hornets. We can take more away fans to Spotland than we get at home at BF even though it's a decent ground and not far away. The product on the pitch is good, I'd like us to be more expansive in the final third, but it's always entertaining.
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