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  1. No mention of League 1 coverage which is disappointing unless Our League will show League 1 (if still in existence including my club Oldham.
  2. Happy with the appointments. We need to follow up with some signing announcements now.
  3. Wasn’t Gary Mercer in charge?
  4. He’s a contracted Oldham player signed from Leeds but yes he is going to Widnes en route to SL. Cracking player.
  5. The club has a bleak future currently with no solid foundation to grow the club. Being nomads doesn’t help and a sole owner who has managed to destroy all relationships including those willing to make significant financial investment. If he were to leave then many disillusioned fans would return. The amateur game remains strong albeit with fewer clubs and continues to produce a conveyer belt of talent to SL.
  6. With reduced funding for all clubs and clubs not carrying larger squads like this season there is actually likely to be more players available. Not many of Oldham’s players will warrant Championship attention - Dupree, Reilly, Langtree aside
  7. Agree with SR, I think Sheridan will be offered the role & hopefully he can continue doing the things that McDermott has introduced over the last few weeks, which whilst not getting the W, has resulted in massive improvements.
  8. I re-watched the 20 years of SL celebration show the other night & Jim Quinn was on saying how proud he was to be part of such a momentous decision for the sport. I nearly threw the remote through the tv
  9. Now that the Championship dream is over who would you like to keep for next season? Brierley, Roberts, Heaton (if fit), Barran, Hewitt, Joy, Kirk (head injuries permitting), Nelmes (when running straight), Reilly (highly unlikely), Spencer, Gregory, Langtree, Bridge We need a coach as well - stick with Sheridan having worked with McDermott & probably cheap?
  10. Hewer initially signaled play on as the ball was lost in contact and only blew up when the Swinton player looked seriously hurt which turned out to be cramp. This happened in a Hull game a few weeks back and Saints (?) scored & the try stood.
  11. Oldham have a vacancy for League 1 next year
  12. I'm not convinced that Oldham have a higher playing budget than a significant number of clubs. The squad is made up of players who got us promoted from League 1 & released from SL academies with a few Championship players. Those who we have outbid other clubs for are limited to Nelmes (disappointing) & Reilly (very good). Kirk (good) wasn't wanted at Bradford, Pick (poor) was available.
  13. We all like to criticise CH but to be fair to him this is an amazing appointment. Hopefully an influx of Leeds players will help keep us up. I would expect the forwards to start bossing games now. Just a pity this wasn't done pre Sheffield
  14. How can a dislocated elbow (Joy) & bruised ribs (Hewitt) be related to a lack of fitness? I've only not seen Oldham twice this season and I've never thought that our fitness levels have contributed to our defeats.
  15. I didn't go to Newcastle but the big problem we have is a lack of leadership on the field. Against Sheffield & again yesterday we conceded multiple back to back tries - no mental resilience. Is replacing Diskin the answer? It depends on who is available, would Sheridan do anything different if he was promoted? I don't think Diskin has lost the support of the players we just make too many critical individual errors & are not good enough at full back, stand off, scrum half, hooker & loose forward
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