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  1. Physically, Cru were huge in comparison to us and whilst there was no lack of effort in the pack this undoubtedly told. The Cru back 5 were probably bigger than our pack & also ran the ball hard.
  2. Having read both articles & some of the recent disputes between the 2 clubs is it coincidental that these have arisen since Hornets new owners took over?
  3. If you read the Rochdale FC website it paints a very different picture than Hornets suggests & contains lots of details regarding the Hornets lease
  4. Lots of players missing for this game so time for the fringe players to grab the opportunity
  5. In the 1st half Doncaster were stronger, fitter & more aggressive than Oldham. Our line speed & tackling technique was poor, which meant that Doncaster got quick play the balls & momentum and with the heat we folded. In the 2nd half, Oldham’s line speed remained poor but tackling technique much better, 3 players in the tackle & taking them to the floor, controlling the speed of the play the ball, which made for a reasonably competitive 2nd half - this was probably balanced by Doncaster taking their foot off the gas. I’ve seen a few games this season & we’ve played reasonably well for 50mins at Rochdale, Hurricanes, 1st half Rochdale at home & 2nd half Doncaster & that’s about it. We had a pretty big squad at the start of the season but not seen anything from some of them & plenty of loan players but the 1 area we haven’t changed is the props who have consistently struggled in every match- why? Next season? I don’t expect much different unfortunately. Who would we want to keep from this season - Restall, Copland, Hartley, Ridyard, Nelmes, Thornton, Whittel, Andrade?
  6. The referee didn’t swing the result in Rochdale’s favour yesterday. Rochdale’s execution was poor in the 1st half, they went more direct in the 2nd half (Pencyvic?) & Chase was given freedom to run the ball. When you look at our spine: Restall (FB) came in from amateur & has done brilliantly; Ridyard; other HB changes every week & hooker x 2 changes every week. It’s hard to establish patterns of play when you don’t know who is coming in from week to week especially behind a beaten pack, which is often the case
  7. In terms of the ref, yes he wasn’t great but my biggest concern was his lack of player welfare when there were players with obvious head injuries & he allowed the game to go on. Even Rochdale players were telling him when the 2 Oldham players were down & he just ignored them.
  8. Having reflected on this afternoon’s game Oldham played well in the 1st half with Rochdale struggling with their structured plays with many passes not hitting the mark. Oldham should have known what to expect 2nd half but Rochdale changed the game with Pencyvic (?) playing hooker & Chase running the ball, the 2 old heads completely dominated the game. Even at this level money talks, Oldham have none & Rochdale do. Both clubs don’t generate much revenue but Rochdale’s board can fund the players we can’t - that won’t change unless the owner does.
  9. Much better defensive effort today against what was a poor Swinton side who look miles behind Keighley, NWC & Rochdale. Spoke to a few Swinton fans who confirmed this has pretty much been their form this season. The Swinton fan didn’t get thrown out as he took his cap off and hid amongst the Swinton fans when the stewards came but the abuse he was giving the ref was ridiculous. Always find that there’s a few abusive Swinton fans that spoil what are a good bunch. We seemed to give a lot of high shots away today but Swinton player reactions by running in made them seem a lot worse (Butt must have made more yards running in than he did with the ball).
  10. With Oldham Athletic’s relegation into non-league football, likely new ownership & potential inability to fund Boundary Park ground hire then their could be an opportunity to work together to either jointly use the stadium (limited to no financial benefit to either club) or to seek funding for a new smaller community stadium. The big issue is that neither club has any assets, both have small support bases & the Council have blown millions of pounds in the past trying to deliver a new stadium for the sole use of the football club.
  11. Much improved overall performance but a number of unforced errors in possession (whilst attacking) didn’t help. Up until the Rochdale prop got sent off (head but) the game was finely balanced. Rochdale were consistently attacking down the middle and whilst we weren’t dominating we were containing them. After the sending off they threw the ball around and looked the better for it & scored a few tries.
  12. There is no ban on ex-pro players. The Waterhead pack has several Oldham players who played in the Championship last year and decided to return to their community club this year. One of the main reasons they’re steam rollering teams this year. We are Head! We are Head!
  13. The significant difference being that Australia has historically had huge strength in depth in every position whereas England don’t. The best players (including off the field impact) should always be selected, it’s England’s only hope!
  14. Cheers Cw25. I think that attendance is really encouraging. Need to make sure that they keep coming back
  15. My aspirations for the season seem to be very different to some on this forum. When you look at our recruitment and the squads of Swinton, Keighley & Doncaster, I think that we’ll be battling for the lower play off spots with NWC, Rochdale, Hunslet etc. The players we retained weren’t cherry picked by Championship clubs / Swinton, Ridyard joined because of his relationship with Littler & close to home, amateurs looking for an opportunity (Restall looks good) & players potentially not being offered contracts by their existing clubs - did we outbid for many players I’m not sure. Did they announce the crowd yesterday, it looked quite good bearing in mind Mother’s Day & being free on Our League - not the 1000 average the club are aiming for but better than I expected.
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