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  1. When was the last time Barrow,Swinton,Hunslet got over 10k attendance?
  2. They have a plan for the corners. they weren't expecting to come back to Odsal this early. It's because fans at Dewsbury are limited to less than 700 we have more season ticket holders than that Odsal can hold 4000.
  3. It don't matter how many people were in the room. Its a breach of the rules and believe Wakefield Council/Police are now involved, could be fines coming from RFL and Council/Police.
  4. Aint it 10k for the organisers and £800 per person, how long till someone reports it to the police?
  5. Thank you. Breaking the law and risking people's health, the RFL should act tough on this. Fev should get a points deduction in my eyes.
  6. A game is likely to be called off due to Featherstone breaching the rules, why should the game be rescheduled. Batley should be given the 2 points and Featherstone deducted the same.
  7. Has to be a points deduction and a large fine for me, This week and probably next weeks game to be called off. How could they be so stupid?
  8. Chisholm/Kear worked pretty well in 2018 and early 2019, some of our games in League 1 he didn't look interested but it was because the League was too easy for him probably why a few Bulls fans were critical of his performances. Final straw for the club after a number of issues was Chisholm asking for the weekend off mid-season, would you be happy if a player asked that Mid-season?
  9. It was never about the on field Chisholm that the Bulls fans/JK had an issue with, JK got rid because of how he acted off the pitch, wasn't exactly a great role model.
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