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  1. Two Eccles cakes, Pie and peas and a pint of Thwaites should do it
  2. Was a bit "Meh" about this game, but really enjoyed it. Sorry, not excatly insightful comment there eh!!
  3. Think there is quite a few clubs in all sports doing em..also quite a lot of unofficial ones on Ebay etc
  4. Melbourne for me, although I hope the Panthers do it. Looking foward to it and might get on the booze early doors
  5. Apparently Tua to start for the mighty Fin's after the bye week...find that a strange one, as Fitz has been playing well.
  6. Totaly agree...and with some of the old toilet the Fins have had behind centre over the years, im loving it. Always comes across as a nice fella aswell, was loving the Fitz cheerleading when Tua came on for a coupla snaps last night. Great article about him in the Guardian today aswell, which is worth a read. Def shaping up to be an interesting season.
  7. Great win for the mighty Fins last night...didnt see that coming I must admit.
  8. Going out on a limb here, but I love a pizza with a tuna topping me...bit of oregano....lovely. Can poke the sweetcorn tho!
  9. Lenny Henry...young black fella, tells a few jokes and knocks out a few impressions....I reckon he might do quite well in years to come? I cant believe that pop combo (im led to believe they are called these days) Showaddywaddy only finished second tho..obscurity beckons!
  10. So basicaly a load of old overpriced tat on there...wait to it ends up on Ebay, would be my advce
  11. He has a point though..25 notes for a baseball cap! And not a great one at that.
  12. Is good news but also a bit ridiculous. Was listening to the wireless yesterday and they were talking to Billericay manager jamie O'Harra and he made the point that they arnet allowed any fans in, yet the cricket ground that backs on to their ground is!! Also I think its Bromley(?) and Cray Wanderers that ground share and although Cray will be allowed some fans in, Bromley wont...I mean WTF?
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