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  1. As said above it's a one off , both sides will have numerous players returning this saturday , york when and if they do click there a match for fev , close game I hope, fev by 8.
  2. You're right , but swinton are rock bottom and we have already beaten them twice which does give me hope
  3. Well that was what I expected , just so disappointing the manner of that defeat , anyway will enjoy our day out at Wembley , then back to this mess , need to and should beat swinton the week after and maybe scrape another win or two , then it's on to next season thankfully , who knows who will be playing or coaching for us . up the fantastic kneets
  4. Seems to be a secret at our new stadium , York press used to publicize but alas no more
  5. At last the bookies don't fancy the knights , must be due the win then
  6. Looking forward to this one , great news on jubby plus a couple of promising lad's on loan also sounds like cuthbo , Brendan and Kris are nearly ready , up the kneets
  7. Now George Williams has signed a long term deal with Warrington , could we look at getting Riley on a longer term agreement
  8. Great news for you guy's , good luck for the season.
  9. Stick with sheep shearing coolie.
  10. them porkies are still flying over
  11. would big changes be large enough to cover this mess that even fordy cannot acknowledge.
  12. so we go again , hoping for the same commitment we showed against batley , looking forward to a good game up the kneets
  13. Good to see the young lad back , been our most creative player this season , yeah I know that's not difficult but roll on Sunday and look forward to some entertainment
  14. What use is a top six finish , this side on it's best behaviour cannot compete with the top four.
  15. Moaning and groaning done , start of a new month , club and players need us now more than ever , the good times will be back
  16. Exactly , most teams still do this from inside the opposition 20 , a bit of variety would be good.
  17. When a penalty is given , why do ALL teams use a forward to aimlessly wander in with little or no effect to start the tackle count , surely a planned move would be beneficial to spread the defence then a forward crashing onto the ball would have more impact. ?.
  18. Gutted , last week was an improvement , like pulling teeth listening to that on the radio , does he stay or go , fordy or players will walk . embarrassing.
  19. Sounds like me gran could've scored tonight
  20. Don't forget the fantastic Andy Atkinson on radio York
  21. Great news , Wembley will be a sea of amber and black with some red and white and a small smattering of blue and white .
  22. Funny that , most York fan's felt we got nothing today from the officials , obviously they must have been o k as both set's of speccies obviously favouring their own sides.
  23. Really enjoyed today , proper game two well matched sides gave it their all , felt the result was irrelevant as neither side are going up or down , thanks Batley for the experience and enjoy your fortune in the playoffs.
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