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  1. Fastest winger we've had for some time???
  2. Tim's been the backbone of the knights for the last couple of years , the guy lives and breathes the game , we are lucky to have such a passionate guy .???
  3. A lot depends on whether chissy turns up, as witnessed at the bull's he can go off for long periods .
  4. Josh Jordan Roberts announced , lost his way a bit mid season but this guy has massive potential , looking for big things from this youngster in 2020???
  5. Great signing , thankfully superleague have not cottoned on just how good this guy can become. Up the ambitious kneets???
  6. Would love keinhorst as a centre , always admired him at rhino,s , not convinced about oakes defensive ability.
  7. Marcus stock and liam salter are massive omissions at the moment ?, fingers and every thing else crossed???
  8. Maybe Tim could round again , but we need Marcus stock to fill that roll, if signed of course, stock has the size and ball handling ability to be a great loose forward. Liam salter and another centre / winger are essential , then I feel we could really go places.???
  9. Think we need gav to come in and clear it up.
  10. Best centre we've had for some time , let's hope he comes back to a great looking 2020 squad???
  11. I thought scot had already signed for next season?. Great to have 2 hookers of superleague quality on board???
  12. Big thanks to ash and matt for their enthusiasm efforts and skill over the past few seasons , good luck for the future???
  13. Got to fancy them for top 5 with the guy's knowledge
  14. Ash definitely not a winger, doesn't have startling pace if his centre put's him clear , good to have marshy and ash challenging for the fullback roll, perry Whiteley has proved to be an excellent winger this season and if we get will sharp as rumoured plus chillo as back up we'll be well covered???
  15. ronan and jubby are essential to us next year and i still feel tims got a bit left in the tank , i feel as mentioned in previous posts a halfback and winger is a must.
  16. with james green added to a very strong looking pack we really do mean business next season.
  17. Well done Toronto , best championship side by a mile , great effort by fev , let's hope we don't get them at the Summer bash again , somebody else deserves a bashing ???
  18. Love to see martin ridyard at the knights .
  19. Ash Robson would be more than a handful at standoff ?
  20. Liam Harris is still very young , but I agree he,s got a lot to learn very quickly if He's to realize his potential.
  21. Shows the club's intentions with quality signings like this , roll on 2020???
  22. Rumored on Batley forum to be going to hunslet
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