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  1. Can see London surviving at the expense of Salford who have lost a lot of quality and replaced it with average players in a paper thin squad.
  2. I think Salford will be relegated this season, any injuries and suspensions and they are toast.
  3. Wonder who Hudds' new coach will be in 2025 if they underperform again this year, it won't be the current coach that is for sure.
  4. Salford are clearly in the mire financially, debatable if they truly belong in the Superleague tbh.
  5. Would have thought Salford might have picked up Kasiano on a free but clearly they can't even afford that after further cost cuts with the 'sacking' of Burgess.
  6. Kassiano released by wire, Salford need a big quality prop and should be all over this but they are obviously skint.
  7. Nothing to do with disciplinary matters, other players have done much worse in the past, Hock, Chase come to mind, sounds cynical but this is purely about money and cost cutting.
  8. Burgess leaving Salford isn't a surprise, just more cost cutting than any other reason to be completely honest, on the field, they won't be anywhere near the play offs in the coming season.
  9. Cross to move to the wing, Mcdonald and Lafai in the centre I think?
  10. Next season will be the usual suspects at the top, while fully expecting Salford and London tussling to avoid the wooden spoon.
  11. Matty Foster to Salford, could be a game changer, an inspirational signing by Salford...
  12. Imagine donating some of your hard earned cash to Salford earlier in the year on the proviso that the club will not be selling its best players, sorry, but that's just very poor on so many levels, Dupree, Croft, Ackers all gone, who's next?? embarrassing.
  13. Kennedy leaving KR, decent enough player tbf, you would think Salford would be all over this given there's no fee involved, unless they are utterly skint of course regarding a salary.
  14. I know Salford have had something of a purple patch in the last few years but moving forward something has to give, it's become a 'Super League' club in all but name.
  15. Saints have the pedigree and are not phased by the big occasion, they have definitely got what it takes to win, Saints by 12.
  16. First it was Dupree, and now possibly Croft, Brierley and Lafai all leaving Salford who get other clubs rejects in return, I'd be livid if I had invested in Salford earlier this year when they were saying we no longer sell our best players, shocking on many levels.
  17. If Croft goes then I think those people who donated some of their hard earned money to Salfords cause earlier in the year have every single right to be aggrieved, the club appears to have been acting somewhat dishonestly by saying it is no longer a selling club, Dupree and seemingly now Croft being sold makes a mockery of that particular statement, its simply not good enough and lacks integrity.
  18. Croft to Leigh wouldn't be a shock given the never ending financial issues at Salford, the rumour however has been rubbished by the Salford ceo but that's no surprise, given they need to sell season tickets and promote the club in a positive way.
  19. Good post, don't think the dour displays on the pitch are doing much for the cause, perhaps Mr Davy has miscalculated somewhat regarding the coach?
  20. Good post, don't think the dour displays on the pitch are doing much for the cause, perhaps Mr Davy has miscalculated somewhat regarding the coach?
  21. Salford are 2/3 quality bulldozing props short of being where they aspire to be, even without injuries.
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