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  1. It was only game one. Huddersfield were quite poor at times, but still scored 42 points though.
  2. Hope Huddersfield win, just so it's upsets the very annoying Sir Kevin.... Come on Giants !!!
  3. Another 3 players missing for Leigh after the Fev game. Wonder how many players we'll be borrowing ? Leigh win by 12.
  4. Obviously the actual Premier Sports deal isn't worth boasting about by the RFL, the fact that there is some kind of deal is good enough.
  5. No, 2018 squad was better. We did go 15 games unbeaten and knocked Salford out of the Challenge Cup, but lost 5 of our first 6 games.
  6. Featherstone have added quality players (don't think they lost any that they wanted to keep) to a squad that only lost one league game last season, Leigh have more a less built a new team from scratch. If Fev don't get promoted this season, then they really have blown it...and yes I know it's not a 2 team league.
  7. I agree, we don't know if this applicable this season, but asking Catalans to pay a £500,000 bond was ridiculous in itself. Are they owned by PSG football club ?
  8. Okay smarty pants, they should want to take part in this historic prestigious cup competition, but then again they are a French team so they probably don't give a monkey's about the challenge cup.
  9. Yeah. Shouldn't be allowed to 'pick and choose', they either want to be involved in our competitions or they don't....end of discussion.
  10. Can't resist can you? Whatever happened to you in Leigh, must have been bad !
  11. York's backs did very little, first game of the season I know though, Jordan Thompson was immense though. Only one winner once Fev made it 18-6.
  12. Ha Ha Brilliant stuff, you try and take the mickey out of an M62 club, but in the end all you have done is prove that you are a Super League/Expansion loving 'silly person', and nothing more.
  13. Who's hoping ? It was only a friendly anyway. So glad you don't go on RLFANS VT anymore, because you are one annoying sunshine
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