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  1. Oh alright then I’ll replace him with Dave Elliott/— I know he played darts for the Dog and Dart but surely that won’t count
  2. Here’s my Wire team from the players I’ve seen: Derek Finnegan John Bevan Chris Rudd Paul Derbyshire Derek Curling Paul Cullen Parry Gordon Brian Brady Mark Roskell Gary Chambers Gary Sanderson Mark Hilton Ben Harrison a bit of poetic license re positions
  3. I sort of pretended as it was in the off season it didn’t count—— I know there’s plenty of time for him to move on, but for now I’ll replace Myler with Jonny Lomax
  4. Thomas Bosc Keith Fielding Paul Cullen Leroy Cudjoe Maurice Richards Tony Myler Richard Horne Steve Pitchford Nicky Kiss Eorl Crabtree Andy Farrell Gary Sanderson Adam Milner
  5. Well said. As a Wire fan I had similar feelings towards Kelvin Skerratt, Barrie Mac, Kurt Sorensen and both Paul Round and Paul Forber in their Saints days
  6. My Wire team from the players I’ve watched Lee Penny Des Drummond Paul Cullen Toa Kobe Love Phil Ford Nigel Vagana Nat Wood Les Boyd Carl Webb Kevin Tamati Alan Rathbone Brenda Tuuta Ben Westwood Subs Mike Nicholas Adrian Morley Gary Tees Paul Bishop/ Andy Gregory
  7. Sorry mate— didn’t read all the remarks. I should have said : “ He got an ice pick ...”
  8. It’s hard to not pick a whole list of players but from all my years watching I would say from my own team, Phil Blake—- not sure he got the recognition he deserved but from an attacking aspect, he had pace, guile and never afraid to chip and run— really exciting to watch him turn out for the Wire. My highlight would be at a miserable and wet Wilderspool, seeing him score, if memory serves me right, 5 tries against Salford in 1980 something. With regards to opposition players, it has to be Offiah for obvious reasons
  9. From the 70’s and 80’s at Wire—— Philbin brothers—- Peters brothers—— Jackson brothers ( big let downs from Oz) BTW—- Andy and Mike Greg we’re from the same town but never brothers
  10. About 80 percent of the Wire v Saints games since the mid 80’s
  11. After the GB debacle and the dismal end to Wires season, I was feeling a little down with the game in general—- until last night when I watched this programme. Completely uplifting and humbling to see the players battling against adversity to play the most brutal team sport with massive smiles and great humour—- puts your own woes into perspective. I can’t explain why, but I’m feeling enthused once more for the forthcoming season
  12. There’s a lot of understandable frustration being expressed and I think most will agree that Bennett needs to go—— his lack of Super League knowledge coupled with his dull, negative tactics make this a must. From today’s game I would say that Austin, apart from the couple of errors, looked really good and it’s a pity he didn’t have a more central role. The kicking game of both half backs was again very poor. I think the starting front row were second best and in future hope to see Watts, Clarke and Walmsley/ Thompson— even Mike Cooper who has been much better than Hill this season. Both centres were inaffectual—- Hughes is a steady Eddie but not international class but I would probably keep Connor in the mix—- both Gildart and Percival are better centres. There’s not much better than either 2 nd row at present but hopefully Ben Currie will recapture his early promise. I like Tom Burgess as a middle forward but surely Morgan Knowles deserves a crack in the future. I thought Gerry did ok today and we’re not short on good wingers when all are fit. Lomax has impressed in each game and the likes of Ratchford, Widdop and Hardaker could easily challenge for full back. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom once Bennett gets his cards
  13. I completely agree but it is what it is now. What I don’t understand is why you would have an out and out stand off on the wing, in danger of being peppered by high balls, and leaving Coote — usually excellent under a high ball—/ clicking his heels. I’m also concerned how long Austin will actually last on the pitch having to drive the ball in following his recent injury woes.
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