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  1. I haven't posted for a long time, but I have to say the pictures going around the world showing what is happening on the pitch now is unbelievable. A great sight.
  2. What a terrible tragedy. Heartfelt condolences to his Family and Friends.
  3. Firstly well done to Toulouse, a deserved win tonight, and good luck for next season. This will be my last post on this Forum as I have had enough of reading criticism of my Club Featherstone, our Supporters, and I know like every other Club we have our idiots, and my home town, who some on here make derogatory comments without knowing anything about the place. The hypocrisy at times is unbelievable. I hope you all get what you wish for, but just remember, everyone is entitled to an opinion even if you don't like it. Anyway, that's me done. Thanks
  4. Don't you think this is all a generation thing as well. Our group have attended the Cup Final for years on end. At one time we had over 80, now we are lucky to get 10. We used to see shirts of virtually every Club at Wembley, it was a tradition. Younger people don't seem to be up for it, too many other things to do. Also, a lot of fans have turned their back on the game in the SL era. I know you can argue other Sports fill big Stadiums for big events, but TL doesn't seem to have the pulling power anymore. I wonder what percentage of members of our Clubs are under 25?
  5. Come on, all Clubs have so called Supporters like that. You must have heard fans of your Club who make you cringe. I watch LUFC as well, and you always here some loud mouth spouting off at every game.
  6. There are people on here who make nasty comments about my town and Club Featherstone. I don't like those comments, but if that is somebody's opinion so be it, but I can disagree. Regarding my own opinion on Catalans and Toulouse, I have no objection to them being in our League and good luck to them. I want to see French Rugby League thrive. I thoroughly understand contributors wanting success in France as well, but my Club along with Leigh really have been slated on this Forum, aren't we allowed to be in SL? Anyway, on to today, hopefully a game refereed without controversy and the best team wins. I do hope it is Featherstone though!!
  7. The Toulouse lovers on here will be tipping them if they beat Featherstone.
  8. How many times have you been to watch them this season?
  9. You seem well versed in what happened after that game. Were you there?
  10. Good for you. Regarding The Grinders thoughts, he is correct, saying Toulouse have played every game away, that is because they have had no home games. If it was a normal season they would still have had to play those games, so not having home games they have had plenty of rest. With a full time squad they have played 13 games, Featherstone have played 26, with more chance of injuries. So they haven't been too hard done by.
  11. Well bet on Featherstone to win, then if they do you are in the money. If they lose, you are still happy as Toulouse will have fulfilled your dream.
  12. So they should, they have a bigger population! It amazes me why you are bothered and what does it prove if they do or they don't. Just enjoy the two games instead of taking cheap shots.
  13. Harrogate Town for example. Doing really well.
  14. Us and many others. Why can't some on here just accept that whoever wins deserve their place in SL and just enjoy the game on Sunday.
  15. Fair point, but at least the Station is next to the Railway pub!
  16. Maybe your prayers will be answered and Toulouse will be the saviours of Rugby League.
  17. If we win on Sunday we deserve to be in, as do Toulouse if they win. Why do you seem to have a problem with that? Surely it is what Sport is all about.
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