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  1. If clubs survive this financially and if the virus doesnt last too long then there could be quite a mini boom in people wanting to get out and watch sport.Weve all got to stay positive Im sure things will turn out for the best.
  2. Cancelling the season altogether also has the same effect Robin. And as I see it carrying on is out of the question. So what is the answer?
  3. Its not a case of just pleasing the paying public. Players are not exempt from getting the virus nor are their families sadly. A suspension is the best way forward. Complete the season later and if it goes on for any length of time then truncate next season until we get back into alignment.
  4. Spooky really. And how someone at Batley had the sense to set the virus off in China to deflect all blame
  5. Jeez. Crownflatter. First of all on behalf of Fev thankyou for your help. Now its time for you to predict Dewsbury to win the league
  6. Wow. Did you see us play Barrow though? Not taking anything away from Barrow they were great and tonked us last season. But this could be the end of your Mystic powers.
  7. I stand corrected. Still it was an excellent forecast. Hope hes got Fev down as a win on Friday
  8. Think he means first try scorer. Mystic Meg
  9. Blackmore by a mile Worthington Bussey
  10. To be honest McLelland deserves a go with Leeds. I'm glad hes been given a go. Well done to him.
  11. I havent got SKY so I dont know if hes actually on the pitch. But is the rule that they have to actually take part in the game??? Anyway as good as McLelland is we still have the excellent Joufrett to call upon
  12. Good team even last season. I thought Dewsbury were one of the best teams to play Fev. Good organisation without being flashy. You need to do the basics at half back and the rest follows.
  13. You did draw a game at full time and were given what amounts to a bonus point. The draw column will be used for the teams that actually do draw after extra time I would imagine. But you would think the point that Batley got could be shown innthe draw column.
  14. At least Batley got a point under the new golden point rule. So all is not lost.
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