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  1. He won't stunt anyone's creative ability either. And I think he is a Fans man too. The supporters loved him last time.
  2. To be fair I don't think the majority are glory hunters. When you take into account that many husband's / wife's etc will probably take a partner or a couple of children and mates will take mates who have no interest but go because of the occasion. The secret is though is to keep hold of them for the future. Over to you IMG.
  3. They will easily get around that scenario Grinder. They will upgrade the grade B club that won the league to a grade A and then any chance of promoting the top championship club goes out of the window. Sorted.
  4. I'm a Fev fan and we all know whoever came up against Leigh in the final would be massive underdogs (no pun intended) but I hope you go there with the same intensity has you did at Post Office Road and make for a good final. After last Sunday you thoroughly deserve your day out and I wish you the very best of luck.
  5. Yes but his face never alters. If we had got to the final and beaten you 66-0 he would have said something like "yeah but you don't learn anything from scores like that"
  6. Team spirit goes a long way too when you take things into consideration. This is first and foremost generated down to the players through the coach. People are different and if you take a look at clips of Ryan Carr for instance after our play off win at Leigh in 2019 he was beside himself with joy like us speccies were at the time. It enthused the players on the field. I'm aware coaches have different styles but it was just a case that Brian's style did not fit with some players and it showed unfortunately. However I blame Batley
  7. He's an entertaining little troll though. He's a Dewsbury fan but spends a lot of time on the York board though. Till now
  8. I know where you are coming from Df. The knives were out long before Batley beat us because of his unsettling nature ALLEGEDLY towards some of our top players. However the finger gets pointed to someone to blame when you are expected to win. But in reality what Batley have in abundance over Fev is Passion and togetherness and that sometimes lays at the door of the coach. But in sport things happen and it's OK when the better side prevails.
  9. "You don't learn through winning" he says. But if you've won and correct me if I'm wrong, haven't you already learned because you have actually WON. He comes across as condescending when he speaks of other teams as if they should be an inferior product. Batley and Fax on their day are as every bit as good as Fev and is only duty was to try and beat them with his tactical approach but on this occasion the coaching staff and team came up short BECAUSE Batley were better. That's Sport.
  10. Kind comments but realistic ones. Good luck next week against the most formidable side that's ever been in the championship. Enjoy your day and who knows?
  11. A bit more composure in the last ten minutes and Fev might have pinched it. BUT it would have been the biggest steal of the century. On three occasions you have been proven that you are a match for any club in the championship (I'm not counting Leigh as a championship side) but I hope you go there with as much hope and give them a decent game. But for heaven's sake let them win then we can still play you next season.
  12. Ha ha PM. Some on here were just 60 points off so you've got the gold medal. Well played.
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