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  1. Aye and Rugby papers Addy-m down for Fev.
  2. People need to be educated about half backs. There are different types. Chisholm is one of those who doesnt really need to get changed before a game. He could orchestrate matters in his suit and is the best signing Fev have made in years. Just my opinion.
  3. Thanks.There was no trouble but us Fev fans were all thoroughly body searched before entering the ground. Even children and babies. It was humiliating ti say the least.
  4. Better than any recent super league contest even in terrible conditions. Both sides were a credit to the game. Some of the defensive stuff was out of this world. If SKY dont want the championship then let channel 4 have it in 2021.
  5. They were quite fortunate at Fev last week in controversial circumstances. However I will say that they play very attractive rugby.
  6. Hope he was right first time and hes got a crystal ball Bsj. (Fev fan)
  7. And if the referee lets us score from our flowing football attempts then added to individual efforts we could be alright. Leigh are a top side and recent form will mean nothing.
  8. Think thats a bit Dewsburyist
  9. Maybe they werent Kiggy. But they should have used a bit of decorum in the heat of what just happened moments earlier and it would have been best to stay away while the home fans were trying to fathom exactly why the try had been disallowed. Common sense should have prevailed on this occasion.
  10. When referees make a couple of howlers like Dolan did today then they become the target of blame. However the game began to turn late in the second half when Toulouse were given too much space and time to get to grips with the game. A controversial decision to disallow the Sutcliffe try and the one by Ormondroyd late in the game were just two reasons why Fev lost. But the main one was the inability to be able to stop Toulouse once they reached the red zone. All is not lost and Fev can be proud of their season after a very turbulent pre season. Well done to all the players. And with a play off place brings us a bit more excitement to look forward to.
  11. Clueless in second half until they realised that they ' d let the game go. Then suddenly decided to let the ball go and run strong which resulted in what was almost certainly the winning try. A bit of ill discipline and a referees whim costs you games against quality opposition like Toulouse.
  12. The treatment Brad Day receives with head highs from his aggressive runs are commonplace and never once have I seen him react to any. He simply gets up and carries on. So it would be hard to believe that he would do any harm in a deliberate manner. There was no reaction from players or officials with the incident.
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