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  1. That would be a perfect name for one of the new stands "The Scarborough Terrace"
  2. I don't know what the situation is with Render but he would be more than capable.
  3. We might now see some young players wanting to sign for championship clubs to put themselves in the shop window so to speak. Glad to see the back of it even though we used it well to our benefit.
  4. Filled the shoes of King at a critical point in the playoffs. Instrumental in the run up to the final. Great re-signing and a fans favourite.
  5. Probably so. Cos I do believe some SuperLeague clubs don't recognise that the game goes on outside of it
  6. I think it's because the game as speeded up because of the lack of scrum stoppages and the passing almost seems frantic making the defensive lines panic more.I know the scrums have been a bone of contention for years but players need a breather and to do away with them will result in more injuries
  7. Leeds send them to us as promising young talent. We send them back as Super League standard
  8. The irony is Steve that they are going on about the 10.000 average gate that Toronto would lose should they lose their RFL status and whilst everyone were fed up of the incessant Bulls mismanagement it's true to say the domestic game here lost more than that when punishment was inflicted on that particular club. SKY run our game not the RFL. The pity is super dooper wouldn't be so dooper without their money.
  9. Wakey will be OK. It is a City
  10. You can go to the pub with him You can't go to his house or sit in his garden though if six or more people are in attendance
  11. BSJ The Autumn Cup or whatever it's called was originally devised for sixteen to take part. I think that's what Grinder maybe implying. It's no use fans falling out with each other. It's a difficult time and there's no easy solution.
  12. Wow! Good guess. We were thinking if you were allowed in grounds on the basis of good looks then Fev would retain most of its fan base However me and Robin are tall enough to look over the fence
  13. I knew that it knows if more than six are in your garden. But it doesn't know if twenty people are at a wedding. It can't get you in a supermarket. It doesn't spread easily outside....only at rugby games. BUT if it can't infect good looking people then some clubs will have an added advantage when Boris gives the nod
  14. What happens if you aren't young and fit but you still qualify in the good looking category? Will the virus know? Just asking for a friend .
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