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  1. Well played Rochdale. You threw the ball about in great style. You just need that finishing power. Fev beat you down the middle but you played the more attractive style FEV FAN
  2. I was saying the same thing at the match. Why hes not getting in is baffling. Rarely makes a mistake. Good under the high ball and defended well keeping Toronto out on a couple of occasions. Hes going to be a talent mark my words.
  3. I was disappointed too with the type of football played. We need an improvement in style when we go to the Rams Stadium.
  4. If we'd a thrown the ball about like Rochdale did then we would have had a massive score. Too many drop off passes in the middle of the pitch. One in rugby. Well done Rochdale. Just didnt have the execution after some delightful play.
  5. Certainly stacked against the British teams. Needs a re think next year and the final should have a regular neutral venue like the Super dooper final. It will be a selling point for Channel 4 who are interested in the championship and Headingley would be a good option (unless Leeds are relegated of course).Foreign teams who enter a British league must be made aware that the Final must be staged on British soil.
  6. You could DR with us if you get relegated.....just an idea
  7. Newman has come to prominence with the experience he had in the championship playing against the likes of Batley. Same could be said of Handley. Walters and Ormondroyd are Fev players and as for Briscoe he does play very occasionally for Leeds. The five loanees that you are using this week will too get valuable experience playing against top champioship sides. The young talent playing at Fev and other clubs around the league are gaining valuable experience. The alternative is to be sat on their backsides at these greedy super league clubs. It is they that are thwarting British talent. Like most fans noone likes DR but I shudder to think how much talent would have walked away without it. Lets hope next years reserve league system will nurture more talent that perhaps one day will be signing for the likes of Fev and Batley.
  8. Good luck to Leigh. No skin off our noses. Last week we went to Toronto with no experienced Pivots. The lads that were drafted in were amazing. With a full side we are a danger to Torontos promotion should we get into the five. I can see why Leigh are strengthening because they see Fev as a threat let alone Toronto.
  9. Teams like Batley Dewsbury and York are not going to roll over on their own grounds. They are very tough away days. Swinton are hitting form drawing with Bradford after beating Toulouse away before that. Then weve got Toulouse at home. Its a difficult run in but likewise the other top five aspirants have some of the same challenges. Its not over yet and thats what makes the championship exciting
  10. You've posted that before you've taken your medication Graham
  11. Very often season ticket holders have brought supporters who normally go just to save them money. Then has a reverse effect on the club. This has been tried at other clubs. Good luck with it anyway. Your club deserves every success.
  12. Grafters that put in a full match of effort very rarely feature in mom. People remember a piece of brilliance or someone who scores three tries rather than notice whats normal. Carey too goes unnoticed but he puts in some graft but if these sort of players suddenly miss a tackle or drop a ball then they get overlooked. All in all though I think the present mix of players are knitting together well with plenty of team spirit
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