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  1. Wow Fev fans celebrating a player scoring a try. What next? Simon I think its you making an issue out of nothing.
  2. If we get promoted by using those talented Leeds youngsters then we could give something back to the game. By becoming Leighs parent club
  3. Good finisher. Glad hes signed up.
  4. We'll wait while he wins us a couple of matches first. Good effort though lol.
  5. Or stress on a ref who thinks nowt on given a penalty for offside in the twentieth minute of a game underneath the posts then thinks twice in the first minute of golden point. But at least getting a point out of it lessens the disappointment of sudden death.
  6. Most of the crowd will have gone after the main match then if Fev and York are on first
  7. That'll suit Fev then. Wonder if it will be on a Wednesday night?
  8. Does anyone happen to know if the "million pound game" is to be played on a neutral ground or is it still at the highest placed finalists ground as it was this season?
  9. Given what some Fev fans and players put up with at the end of last season then I would have thought a little bit more compassion wouldnt have gone astray.
  10. Wonder if there was a chance that the two clubs could have got together to ask for the fixtures reversing.? Would make sense.
  11. Probably with some leakage around the 26 th
  12. Its like a penalty shoot out whenever I watch it which is not very often I must admit. They continue to maul even though sometimes Ive spotted a six man overlap. Whats that all about? Anyhow Ive nothing against people enjoying it cos theres lots that do looking at the crowds for big games.
  13. I agree Why should Colin sweep is prejudices under the carpet because its 2019? People sometimes have deep feelings about all things in this life. If he doesnt like Rugby Union then he doesnt like Rugby Union. I dont. Not for the reasons Colin outlines. I just dont
  14. Aye and now that Dewsbury have bought Bradford you'll be further down the pecking order
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