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  1. Whoever wins ON the pitch in the final will deserve it. That's the way it should have always been
  2. I think I would go for Craig Lingard as coach of the year. Halifax have done well of course especially when the likes of York and Widnes and London were widely tipped to be up there. Whitehaven have made a stunning late surge. With the class in squads at Toulouse and Fev it would be unfair to short list those two coaches albeit probably the best two in the championship.
  3. It might be at Post Office Road against Whitehaven yet Coolie
  4. Aye, when you go home from a game you've got to get a slide rule and then ask a nine year old kid whether you've moved up the league or not
  5. I know. We will have to see what and if two tens will offer. Apologies to York fans for hijacking your post. I will bu**er off now
  6. I agree. You can't rest players for the final. That particular fixture might or might not come to pass.
  7. Fans tend to ride on the back of euphoria just like us at Fev. Trouble is when you fall off your pedestal there is always some fans queueing up to deride your efforts and that's why I'm a moderate as I am in all walks of life
  8. If by chance it is a Toulouse and Fev final and nobody can be sure. ( It's a funny old game) And if Toulouse beat Fev then they will have beaten us home and away (nuff said).
  9. Its a good idea that Mo. At least the fans who vote on here will be in attendance at the game. All he needs to do is get permission from Mark Campbell.
  10. You are getting too pally on this York board. Where's your common decency? They expect you to be nasty
  11. I was well impressed with Welhams centre play today as well. Some very crisp passing. Ferres Welham and Hall gelled well. Ferres tried his best to get Hall is sixth try but found himself over the try line before he could pass it and had to put the ball downHalton had his best match in a Rovers shirt. Pity he is on his way.
  12. Yes You just get your ticket at the ticket hub outside ground then have it checked at gate.
  13. Quite right Mark so he knows where the problems lie and it's his job to fix it. I'm confident that he knows how to remedy any weaknesses. I think we need to get a plan on how to break down Toulouse if and when we are fortunate to meet them in the final. If we can score 48 against them then problem solved
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