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  1. As long as they don't go into the family stand that would be fine TPH. Because the incessant shout of "forward" would have been a little bit grating?
  2. I caught the back end of Don's FEATHERSTONE career luckily. But unluckily he was transferred to Wakefield shortly afterwards and I knew a couple of Sharlston lads change their affinity to Wakefield as a result. I remember in those days that players didn't move around club to club as often as they do now and sometimes your allegiance was attached to a player. Wouldn't it have been nice if two thousand Bradford fans had followed Chisholm to Fev. Not likely eh Robin????
  3. If it's not safe to have a scrum well it's certainly not safe to be on the field in any capacity. If it's deemed safe to play at all then it must be safe in all aspects.
  4. Ha ha When you get older you can remember things more clearly about years ago Mark. But don't ask me about yesterday lol.
  5. Round about that time Bramley came and beat us at home too. The Challenge cup had more significance over league games in those days.
  6. The biggest sticking point is if a player tests positive after a few games then will the rest of your squad be isolated? Let's hope this virus 'does one' soon.
  7. I was at that Doncaster game. If my memory serves me right it was 1967 during our cup run and remember we were languishing in 20th or lower in a league of 30. The attendance was in the 600 plus category and I think Donny won 16-10 probably their first ever win at Post Office Road.
  8. If my memory serves me right I recall Powell stating that there was no room in Super League for clubs like FEATHERSTONE. Roll on a couple of seasons and he became our Messiah and all of a sudden Fev deserved a crack at Super League. It could be that when we get rid of this present situation that some top clubs may not be top clubs anymore. These coaches have to go along with the mantra of the club that they are employed with. So in theory I go along with Kear but only if clubs are promoted by on field results.
  9. I don't remember that one Colin but I do remember Fev refusing to play Bradford in the last match of the 1978 season because of a pay strike. It caused all sorts of ramifications to the league placings. Fev lost their eighth place spot to the ninth club Warrington and so therefore missed a play off place. Bradford had their position near the top revised on percentages and caused controversy with St Helens I do believe.
  10. I watch this up to the point when Fev are leading 22-4. Do two laps of the living room and then turn the video off. The rest didnt happen???
  11. Never have I had a lump in my throat at a rugby match like the one you mention. When Townend kicked that touchline goal against Hull KR. I believe Farrar got sent off in first half and Fev trailed about 19-6. HullKR had two very late dismissals and after a great backs to the wall rally Fev won by a point. Extraordinary game.
  12. If clubs survive this financially and if the virus doesnt last too long then there could be quite a mini boom in people wanting to get out and watch sport.Weve all got to stay positive Im sure things will turn out for the best.
  13. Cancelling the season altogether also has the same effect Robin. And as I see it carrying on is out of the question. So what is the answer?
  14. Its not a case of just pleasing the paying public. Players are not exempt from getting the virus nor are their families sadly. A suspension is the best way forward. Complete the season later and if it goes on for any length of time then truncate next season until we get back into alignment.
  15. Spooky really. And how someone at Batley had the sense to set the virus off in China to deflect all blame?
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