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  1. Given what some Fev fans and players put up with at the end of last season then I would have thought a little bit more compassion wouldnt have gone astray.
  2. Wonder if there was a chance that the two clubs could have got together to ask for the fixtures reversing.? Would make sense.
  3. Probably with some leakage around the 26 th
  4. Its like a penalty shoot out whenever I watch it which is not very often I must admit. They continue to maul even though sometimes Ive spotted a six man overlap. Whats that all about? Anyhow Ive nothing against people enjoying it cos theres lots that do looking at the crowds for big games.
  5. I agree Why should Colin sweep is prejudices under the carpet because its 2019? People sometimes have deep feelings about all things in this life. If he doesnt like Rugby Union then he doesnt like Rugby Union. I dont. Not for the reasons Colin outlines. I just dont
  6. Aye and now that Dewsbury have bought Bradford you'll be further down the pecking order
  7. And very often its the contacts they have and he should have a few. Craig Hall for one.
  8. You can tell McLelland loves it at Fev. Fans love him as well.
  9. Dont need to put an event on then. Just charge 40 dollars admission into the stadium and shout out to your friends and socialise with them. The rugby is immaterial. Wonder if Mark Campbell has cottoned on to that idea yet. Save on players wages
  10. I was under the impression that Salford was a city and clubs such as Wigan and St Helens were just towns. They' ll not like you Brian
  11. Thanks. At least one way or the other Fev wont be playing toronto next season.
  12. Toronto 16 Fev 24 First try McLelland Mom Chisholm Ht 8-10 Thats my little dream
  13. Yeah. Theyve told us to get some new floodlights. Which goes without saying. Think we are all getting a bit giddy now with the enormity of it all.
  14. Ive seen it in the press that Fev have passed all criteria and that there was a meeting today that is almost a certainty that Toronto will get the nod as well.
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