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  1. Not a fair judgement of Fev Dogfather when we also paid a man our entrance fee through our car window at the rear car park in both the cup tie and league game at your ground. I can't understand how you were ushered through the gate at Fev with cash because as a Fev fan I had to buy my ticket at the kiosk then go through the open gate and have it checked via the barcode. I'm not saying you are wrong but I find it odd if that happened
  2. Nobody knows. I've known that for ages.
  3. Phildog. People are envious of you being in the know because they relish being in the know before you get to know. If you know what I mean.
  4. Batley would have preferred the bash to be at Fev and against FevTo be serious though I wonder if the Super League magic weekend would have gone down well if that was played at Headingley or Wigan for example? They never surprise me any more.
  5. Just checked December 28 1965 v Wakefield. When I tell people that this game was played at Headingley nobody of my age seemed to recall it. However checking through these summary of results it is confirmed that I'm not going mad. This was Wakefields home league game against us and was transferred to Headingley because of their under soil heating. Belle Vue was deemed unfit because of a hard frost. We lost 27-7. Memories of the winter game when winters were winters.
  6. Eric was more well known for his cricket abilities with Slazengers and didn't get in the first team regularly. Kenny came a few years later
  7. Mark it's the first time I've come across this. It's really fantastic. However looking back at my first season 63/64 brought back some great memories. Are you able to adjust something in the game of 29 Feb 1964 Cup-tie at Oldham when we lost 9-7. It should read ERIC LOXTON and not KEN LOXTON. Eric was my other cousin and didn't play many games but it was him who appeared in this game.
  8. Dropping the City name could work against you when Super League only want City teamsHope my club Featherstone City Rovers don't drop it from our monicker
  9. It was 31st August v Warrington at home. If my memory serves me right we lost 24- 32 and the crowd was 8000 plus. Happy times You are quite right matches were all played on Saturday.
  10. A dedicated fan isn't just for one season Coolie. For example I've watched Fev since August 1963 so you can imagine how many ups and downs I have seen. There are people a lot older than me and still going. So yes we have been were you have been and we can also boast we have been were St Helens are at the top of the main division. That's what is good about watching Rugby League and Fev. So I do enjoy watching a winning side and I and a lot more deserve to, because we have watched them lose on many occasions.
  11. Rumour had it that his wife wanted to go back home. So it might take a bit of convincing to persuade him back here. But he was well liked by the fans at Fev.
  12. It might be McDermott Thought I would beat Coolie to this one. He is busy though on the Fev forum
  13. He won't stunt anyone's creative ability either. And I think he is a Fans man too. The supporters loved him last time.
  14. To be fair I don't think the majority are glory hunters. When you take into account that many husband's / wife's etc will probably take a partner or a couple of children and mates will take mates who have no interest but go because of the occasion. The secret is though is to keep hold of them for the future. Over to you IMG.
  15. They will easily get around that scenario Grinder. They will upgrade the grade B club that won the league to a grade A and then any chance of promoting the top championship club goes out of the window. Sorted.
  16. I'm a Fev fan and we all know whoever came up against Leigh in the final would be massive underdogs (no pun intended) but I hope you go there with the same intensity has you did at Post Office Road and make for a good final. After last Sunday you thoroughly deserve your day out and I wish you the very best of luck.
  17. Yes but his face never alters. If we had got to the final and beaten you 66-0 he would have said something like "yeah but you don't learn anything from scores like that"
  18. Team spirit goes a long way too when you take things into consideration. This is first and foremost generated down to the players through the coach. People are different and if you take a look at clips of Ryan Carr for instance after our play off win at Leigh in 2019 he was beside himself with joy like us speccies were at the time. It enthused the players on the field. I'm aware coaches have different styles but it was just a case that Brian's style did not fit with some players and it showed unfortunately. However I blame Batley
  19. He's an entertaining little troll though. He's a Dewsbury fan but spends a lot of time on the York board though. Till now
  20. I know where you are coming from Df. The knives were out long before Batley beat us because of his unsettling nature ALLEGEDLY towards some of our top players. However the finger gets pointed to someone to blame when you are expected to win. But in reality what Batley have in abundance over Fev is Passion and togetherness and that sometimes lays at the door of the coach. But in sport things happen and it's OK when the better side prevails.
  21. "You don't learn through winning" he says. But if you've won and correct me if I'm wrong, haven't you already learned because you have actually WON. He comes across as condescending when he speaks of other teams as if they should be an inferior product. Batley and Fax on their day are as every bit as good as Fev and is only duty was to try and beat them with his tactical approach but on this occasion the coaching staff and team came up short BECAUSE Batley were better. That's Sport.
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