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  1. I can't remember crying 126 times while Peter Fox coached us
  2. Webster's record will be hard to follow for any new coach. Losing against just one other club will be a hard act to follow next season and I can see the knives being sharpened for if and when that record is blemished. Enjoy the ride in 2022
  3. Sorry for swearing and using that C word on the forum
  4. If you keep signing our talent Coolie you could end up above Batley. At the same time we've moved on from signing your players we have gone up in the market. Dare I say it ' Castleford'
  5. As a Sharlstoner myself I can tell you it is TRUE.
  6. You be sorted Robin if Fev joined a French league and you could go over every fortnight
  7. We need exposure.I would have preferred a deal at any cost with a terrestrial channel. It was rumoured once that Channel four were interested. Monday nights shouldn't be a worry. It's not as though the same club will be televised every week. Will it?
  8. Ooh 'eck Have you burnt some cakes in the oven
  9. We just put a big coat on
  10. If those first two tries that Toulouse scored had been scored by Fev I would have wanted them to be given. No complaints here best team won. Let's have a covid free season next year cos with the likes of Leigh entering the fray and having three Cumbrian teams in the mix. They are not everyone's cup of tea but I want the scrums bringing back if it's only to give players time for a breather and keep some of these cricket scores down.
  11. We can make every excuse in the book but they have beaten us well in both games. One days disappointment as probably saved us 23 weeks disappointment next season. Harsh for Mark Campbell and the club but we have to dust ourselves down and start again. Well done to all the Fev players for giving us fans something to shout about all season.
  12. I know.Oxy. You can tell by the torrent of Good luck messages we've got on here what other fans think of us. Thanks. If we lose it makes no difference to our present status but if we win it will leave a lot of other fans crying in their beer
  13. Its just to hoodwink Toulouse. Cooper is actually there in disguise at the moment
  14. The added bonus if we lose then we can still visit Batley.
  15. Scuppered already. Wigan say he has to do his time with them next year despite Zak not being happy
  16. The quote came from someone who said he would be Huddersfield bound if Fev were in championship. These rumours are getting tastier
  17. Have you heard the one about Hardaker to Fev if they get promoted?. I read that yesterday Mark
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