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  1. Staggs is better at the Broncos but Farnworth is still decent and will be in the England squad I reckon.
  2. I thought the first half was OK but the Bulldogs play really uninspiring rugby even allowing for the conditions. Their hooker's service from dummy half is sooooo slow and Averillo isn't good enough to make up for it. Thompson was steady. The Bulldogs had to win that one as the Cowboys are wooden spoon contenders. Whether they've got rid of that soft underbelly remains to be seen IMO.
  3. Hall's best years are behind him now. If McGilvary's fit and in form I might consider him as his carries out of defence are a big plus. But as a finisher I think there are better options. Shame Regan Grace isn't English!
  4. Harry, obviously Bennett thought he had that ability and he's a better coach than you or me. I wouldn't pick him there myself even if you think I would!
  5. Welsby, Makinson, Newman, Percival, Johnstone.
  6. Same here. Only one duff game at North Queensland. The rest were really entertaining.
  7. I'm not saying I'd pick him there. I said I can see him getting picked there. We're not short of back row forwards but in the centres we lack solidity in defence. Bateman offers solidity even if he offers far less in attack out wide.
  8. The GB tour was the clincher for me if we're discussing Bennett. That was a disaster. But whoever coaches England is always going to be up against it. Australia, NZ, Tonga and possibly Samoa (if they get a new coach) are all better than England on paper.
  9. Obviously there are a lot of question marks at the moment. We've no idea what injuries players will get. I'd love to see Newman and Johnstone get a shot but they're both a bit brittle. Young, Pearce Paul, Dodd and Pryce have a whole season in front of them to show what they're made of. At the moment I'd say they all have a few rough edges - some more than others. We look pretty steady in the pack. Losing Roby is a bit of a blow. I'd go for Welsby at fullback. Tomkins has never been a great success internationally. I'd pick Lomax as skipper at stand off. Centre is a difficult position given that England will be coming up against some very big and powerful runners on the edges. It's one area where we lack a bit of quality. Newman could be a solution if he's fit. I'd probably pick Percival for the other. Farnworth and Gildart as backup. I can even see Bateman figuring there again if we need a better defender out there.
  10. Was a tough watch was that Cowboys vs Bulldogs match. Thompson worked hard but the Dogs are dullsville. Cowboys nailed on for the spoon.
  11. Bit of a pointless game this one. A foregone conclusion that nobody cares about.
  12. I thought we were comparing Barrie and Fielden.
  13. Fielden was a far better player than McDermott. He was more disciplined and made more metres. His period at Bradford 98-06 were his best years. By the time he went to Wigan he was heading for burnout. His style of play, head up, straight running, no footwork or subtlety meant he got some awful punishment. He never spared himself and it took its toll. McDermott was more suited to a previous era when you could get away with the high shots, brawling and intimidation. That elbow on Sironen in 94 was absolutely awful. He could've been more effective if he'd toned down the aggression a bit. Off the field McDermott seems to be a more well adjusted individual.
  14. Philip Ralda was the first to play over here when he signed for Bradford Northern. He made his debut on October 16th 1983 as a sub vs Featherstone. He played one other game before returning home.
  15. Walsh is an excellent prospect. If he was English he'd be straight in the national side.
  16. The club's chance of redeveloping Odsal went up in smoke in 2002 when Stephen Byers vetoed it.
  17. York have some good players but they lacked any spark from halfback or from dummy half. Those are the areas that need fixing up.
  18. Well the side making more metres is likely to have better field position.
  19. Far better? No not really. Roby has been superb but Clark is hasn't done much at international level.
  20. Are the total number of carries broadly the same or are there more by NRL players? If there are more carries by the NRL players it could mean there's is a quicker game.
  21. Well he's got poorer players around him in the England team.
  22. Mitchell has looked very good so far this season. I can see him being very effective in the centres with those quick hands. The options they have for fullback are mind boggling. I don't watch any SL anymore so have no idea if Tomkins is in the same class but I remember his lack of physical presence was badly exposed at the Warriors. Has he overcome that problem?
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