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  1. I read that today's games are both cancelled. One due to COVID and the other because of bad weather.
  2. Damn, I can't believe they caught me there on camera... ...again!
  3. They've obviously been watching SL rather than NRL then!
  4. Yes, I had assumed that was the reason for the suggested fixture, it just didn't fit in with the premise of "all European World Cup Teams to play a game". Aren't a lot of the Greek team based in Australia as well?
  5. If you're giving all the European WC teams a match, Serbia didn't qualify, Italy did.
  6. Did you get stuck behind tractors and caravans as well?
  7. Wakefield would be fine, it's a city rather than a town!
  8. Thanks for that. So it is the board rather than the council of members that makes the decision. It seems to mean that the RFL Board has final say over what a club can be called.
  9. So the only outstanding question now is how much central funding are teams at various levels going to get.
  10. So is it the other members of the RFL (i.e. the other clubs) that have approved Cornwall as a location? If it is, then any complaints by some of those same clubs about travelling long distances seem a little misguided.
  11. This is something I found odd when Ottawa purchased Hemel's RFL membership (and it is full membership of the RFL rather than a franchise or licence as some have said): Having left the competition in 1999, Bramley retained their membership of the RFL and applied to re-join the Northern Ford Premiership (as it was then) in 2000 or 2001, but were refused. They nonetheless retained membership for a number of years after that despite not having an active team. It seems strange that Hemel-Ottawa-Cornwall are seen as having a right to be able to enter a team because they are members of the RFL, whereas that obviously didn't apply for Bramley.
  12. This would probably mean that League 1 (plus a few less ambitious northern championship teams) would become the northern regional division and the southern league 1 clubs would join the more ambitious northern clubs in the nationwide championship. We would then have W Wales, etc versus the likes of Leigh, Featherstone, Bradford and Halifax. I don't think it would work with the difference in standard - W Wales, etc aren't suddenly going to be able to recruit at the level of the club's they would compete with.
  13. Midlands Hurricanes it is... https://www.coventrybears.com/blog/iygilmm22o3e8fq1c1tjk7ctbfy7ey
  14. That's not Wigan, the stands are too full!
  15. In a straight line, I make Barrow 15 miles closer to London.
  16. Well I am told that the wrestle is becoming ever more important in modern rugby league!
  17. There are 16 pro/semi-pro rugby league clubs in Yorkshire. No single one could successfully brand themselves as representing the whole county. Besides, Featherstone have a wonderful history and it would be a great shame for that to be lost/diminished in any rebranding. Everyone loves a small town underdog... ...don't they?!?
  18. On the Toulouse facebook page there was a link to the match stream, which is being hosted elsewhere.
  19. Wow, this quote from the link stands out: "Most recently, an International game between New Zealand and England was taken to Denver in 2018 but unfortunately did not achieve the results that the NRL, who heavily backed the game, intended."
  20. If you follow Futtocks' link a few posts up, it will take you to the main match.
  21. Are you watching the u19s that was livestreamed before the main match?
  22. On the Toulouse facebook page there is a link to the match stream, which is being hosted elsewhere. You had to register with the site that is broadcasting it and it seemed like too much hassle for me so I gave it a miss too. I'm on Cascassonne v Albi now.
  23. So if West Hull beat West Wales in a preliminary round, West Hull go into your group stage - what happens to their NCL fixtures that are already arranged for that period? And eliminated West Wales just have to sit and wait for the rest of League 1 to finish the cup group stage (not getting any income). The challenge cup should stay a straight knockout. This isn't the way to get rid of loop fixtures and although it might increase income for those league 1 clubs who make the group stage, funding is being reduced for all clubs and your proposal is likely to hurt SL and some championship clubs as much as it helps those L1 clubs.
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