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  1. The two things personally believe would go a long way would be a statement every time a player leaves the club just so fans know and players are thanked for there efforts and ends speculation, and a weekly physios update on how injured players are recovering after the 21 man squad has been named but everything is a fine balance and as supporters we have to appreciate thats not always possible
  2. In past seasons its always been the case that if the 2nd place team loses the qualifying final to the team who finished 3rd they lose the privilege of hosting the final
  3. Best we can hope for is that we get some injured players back but feels like the pack is feeling not having guys like Scholey and Curwen around. The team needs Marwood also……
  4. I disagree, Given the participation numbers for Workington and Whitehaven to run an A team youd have to decimate the local amateur game as the numbers simply arent there. First building block that should be addressed is the massive player loss from under 16s to open age if the game can find a way to retain players from 16-18 then it will be far more feasible to reintroduce the A team structure across the game.
  5. By comparison to the away numbers we get in League one? Yes. Those three plus Bulls at least are going to bring 200 more paying spectators than anyone in this league has to date. Then factor in two Cumbrian derbies.
  6. Im sure the increased central funding and crowd revenue from games against Leigh, Widnes, Featherstone etc would go a long way to mitigating the extra cost, Im sure we would be sensible enough to know which teams we are competing against. Hopefully you arent going to anymore games this season if you bring out the worst in the team
  7. Think we need to put into perspective that it’s been one very poor performance from an honest group of players who’ve got us all daring to dream. onto the next one with hopefully a couple of bodies back
  8. And he will only be 22 if were looking at a young local squad
  9. rumour is Goulding has left but Browny is definately still at the club
  10. True mate. The Cumbrian NCL has been a farce. Its such a tough spot for the club ideally you want a big squad cos being down to bare bones like we have in the past is no good but then its an impossible task to keep lads happy when theyre not playing and we must have 10 lads who've fell in that bracket through nobodies fault.
  11. On the obscure side I can remember I think it was Tariq Bliel and Wilfried Bananger at Workington Town
  12. Gadwin Springer Levy Nzoungou Illias Bergal Justin Sangare
  13. The club have just issued a statement on the tragic passing of Gabes father last week. Thoughts are with him and his family at this difficult time.
  14. whoever plays full back will do a great job weve three great options
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