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  1. I’ve got my tickets for the RLWC Final plus three games at Saints and one at Bolton but id enjoy it a lot more if the Australian’s missed out. I am looking forward to the whole occasion though, but the Aussies will beat Wales in the final.
  2. I’m not up to date on how much Sky give to the RFL but do all SL clubs get the Same amount of money or does the side finishing first get more than the side in twelfth. Do clubs who win the Challenge Cup and the GF get any prize money ?.
  3. If Wellens isn’t successful im sure the Saints fans will let him know like they did with Cunningham.
  4. I just don’t understand it “G ref” those fools who are supposedly fans of those clubs now risk being banned from matches. It’s a funny way to show loyalty and love for your club by not being able to attend any games. I hope they get banned for life, but those Stone Island, North Face fooligans will probably take it as a badge of honour.
  5. My lad showed me a clip of Oldham/Wrexham fans fighting on a main road before their match on Saturday. Violence before & after football matches does seem to be getting worse. The GMP seem to be coming in for a lot of stick but i don’t know what more they can do as they’re so overstretched & understaffed as it is. Banning those fools is the only thing i can see happening.
  6. I pray the RLWC is a huge success but i guess the doom & gloom RL fans will love to stick the knife in if it isn’t. I always get people telling me about poor turnouts at RL matches as if they get some sort of kick out of it. I ask them “if they went” they say “no”, i then say back “well stop complaining about poor turnouts if you don’t go yourself”.
  7. Ch5 news were talking about the RLWC on their evening news and they had Martin Offiah in the studio.
  8. My brother works shifts gingerjohn which meant he didn’t know whether he could go the Saints/Wigan Good Friday match. He tried to get a swap without any luck but when someone offered to swap shifts at the last minute with him it was too late as it had sold out, he did try to get a ticket but couldn’t. He was really disappointed and had to make do with watching it on Sky. That’s the big negative with working shifts.
  9. The PA announcer at OT on Saturday i have heard him before but i can’t remember where. No offence to the fella but he’s got one of those voices that would be better suited at a Silcocks Fun Fair.
  10. I didn’t see the Knowles & LMS incidents, but i am pleased LMS has been banned if he made contact with the Ref. I would love to see the officials penalising players more for backchat & making contact with officials. Id keep penalising them until they got the message,
  11. There was some idiots at the Saints end as well Raging. What i did find astounding at HT was women going into the men’s bogs. If fellas went into the women’s toilets they probably would’ve been hauled out the ground and arrested. But it seems ok for some women and they found it funny. But what can you do with ###### up women. I did mention it to a steward but he just shrugged his shoulders.
  12. A cheap budget sport, id love it if they could set up Coldland kiosks at RL finals selling “African Wottle Biscuits” “Coldland Sticky Potato Pistols” “Coldland Extra Delicious Sticky Peas”. That is Rugby League.
  13. Makinson didn’t break any law the 80mins wasn’t up. What was wrong was the Leeds fans throwing bottles at him. When Leeds scored their first try right in front of were i was sat, a few of their players turned to the Saints fans, and started celebrating, whooping. Not for one second did i think “they are goading me, and because of that i have the right to throw a bottle at them”.
  14. Is he a Salford lad SS ?. You’d have thought if he had an interest in RL, Salford would be a club he’d show an interest in. How rich is he ?.
  15. I hope they wasn’t buying the PG Tips tea, it was ###### from the men’s bogs mixed with dandruff brushed up from the concourse used as a substitute for powdered milk. UTD are worth billions yet they don’t even have any UHT, keep away from the tea it’s abdominal.
  16. You could’ve bought a ticket yourself NW and lay across a few seats.
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