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  1. I expect another very close game - bit of a sense of grievance at York over the last two losses to Leeds (blatant hair-pull on Savanna Andrade in last year's Super League semi in front of touch judge which went unpunished, then Leeds go up the other end and score.... then the disallowed try to win the game at Elland Rd this year ) so I expect them to be even more fired up than they were against Saints. Leeds present a slightly different challenge to Saints (who are not used to being bested in the forwards, and looked a bit nonplussed at York when they were shut down). In Winfield-Hill and Roche, they have two outstanding half-backs who can win the game for them, even behind a beaten pack. Knights will be hoping for the return of Rhiannon Marshall and Katie Langan for the fixture - not sure about Kelsey Gentles, whose arm was in a sling at the Saints game after a freak hand injury in training.
  2. Bet he plays both games - looked good on Sunday!
  3. Anybody more in the loop than me got any updates on our current situation ? This weekend's break couldn't have come at a better time, given how weary and listless we looked by the end of the Fax game. With only a three day turn-around between being away at Sheffield then at home to the Broncos, we'll need to rotate as much as possible. PP back from suspension is a bonus, but has anybody got any idea on the timetable for Ronan Michael's return ? After injury at Bradford, Mase Matongo didn't come back on after his initial 20 minute spell on Sunday....... Fingers crossed too for the return of BOH and Levi Edwards for at least one of the games !
  4. Not often you get "fresh ideas" and "John Kear" put together.....
  5. For those not lucky enough to watch it live, or on the Sportsman Channel, below is a link to the sort of shuddering tackles that York put in all game to keep Saints pinned in their own half for vast spells of the game ......
  6. Magnificent performance by York City Knights Ladies to beat St Helens today (remember that this Saints side haven't lost since 2019!) York strangled the life out of Saints, battering and tackling them out of the match, so much so that a few Saints forwards spat their dummies out around the 50 minute mark. Feted Saints players like Cunningham and Hardcastle failed to make a mark, whilst the York pack, lead by Grace Field, Sinead Peach and Hollie Dodd, were really dominant. Tara Stanley pulled all the strings behind the pack. This result really opens up the comp - go Knights Ladies !
  7. A fair assessment, and a well-deserved victory for Fax this this afternoon. York couldn't set up or maintain their usual territorial control, and the interception try (followed by a re-start kicked out on the full) swung the game decisively in Fax's favour. Neither of York's half-backs will look back at this match with much pride, whilst Jouffret and Keyes were outstanding for Fax, with Woodburn-Hall and Walmsley offering a real cutting edge. The shining light for the Knights was the debut of Aussie Bailey Antrobus, who looked a really classy edition to the Knights, playing at Centre.
  8. Founding members of the Northern Union would be my fantasy last round question Any one of Tyldesley, Liversedge or Brighouse Rangers must be candidates for Pointless answers.....
  9. Will there be bucket collections as well on Sunday Gav ?
  10. Think Fax have a good chance against the Knights this Sunday - they will enjoy the big pitch and immaculate playing surface, and the Knights left Odsal a bit battered and bruised at the weekend. Pauli Pauli is suspended for the game, Mase Matongo went off injured and Danny Kirmond must be going on pure willpower at the moment. Our forwards will need patching up this week..... Good news for the Knights is we've really got our defensive mojo back - I anticipate a very tight, low-scoring game. PS this game is a double-header, with the Knights Ladies kicking off against St Helens at 12.00 - both games for the standard entry fee (£20, £15 concessions and under-16s free)
  11. It shouldn't be beyond the savvy of the SMC at the stadium to make sure the concourse TVs are tuned to the BBC Red button, but I'm not holding my breath..... I'll make sure I've got enough data allowance on my phone for Sunday though!
  12. St Helens v Featherstone Rovers Leeds Rhinos v York City Knights Can't see anything but a crushing victory for Saints, despite Fev's tremendous QF victory over Wigan (who, shorn of some key players due to injury at the start of the season, look very short of squad depth - York put 46 unanswered points past them in the group stage) The fascinating fixture is is Leeds v York - Knights Ladies really fancy this one, having clocked up 296 points in four games (6 against) so far in the Cup. Leeds had very narrow wins against the Knights last year, and I think York have really strengthened during the off-season, with the addition of Jasmine Bell, Hollie Dodd and Tara Stanley. York's starting pack of Grace Field, Sinead Peach, Jas Bell, Hollie Dodd, Olivia Wood and Rhiannon Marshall is IMO the strongest in Women's Super League. Knights' Men's team play that afternoon at home to Whitehaven, and I'm sure a good proportion of York fans will have half an eye on their phones following the Ladies during the match. Both fixtures (a double header at Warrington) are being shown live on the BBC red button/iPlayer.
  13. Love seeing Rhiannon play for Knights Ladies - old school ball-playing loose forward (a dying breed). Suffers from not being the fastest thing on two legs, but a very sweet timer of a pass, and if the pass isn't on, capable of sticking it up her jumper, dipping the shoulder and making yards like a prop.
  14. Excellent news - critics of PP should remember that Fordy started the season playing him as an edge forward, looking a bit lost and uninvolved. It's no surprise to me that, reverting to his natural role as a big middle, he had his best game in a Knights shirt against Widnes. We now have a real stock of middles to draw on - two Ronans, Jack Teanby, Mase Matongo and PP (think Joe Porter should be played wider myself). It's a long old season, and when clubs are crying out, both in Superleague and the Championship, for big durable props, bodes very well for the Knights. Personally, I'm looking forward to Levi Edwards playing again - he really ripped it up on his debut
  15. At the risk of going off topic, the current liberal interpretation by referees of where the mark is, and allowing players to make no real attempt to play the ball with the foot, makes the ruck area a bit of a mess at the moment. This is in stark contrast to ensuring that players actually regain their feet before playing the ball, which is still vigorously policed.....
  16. Personally, I'm not sure that including a 35 year old Aussie who's barely lived here four years will fill the youngsters coming through with much enthusiasm...... From a York perspective, how Grace Field (established international, great ball-playing prop) and Sinead Peach (banging hooker, candidate for WoS last season) don't make that squad is a complete mystery Is there an attempt here to share out squad places to other clubs ?
  17. Any thoughts on the squad announced this week ? Dannielle Anderson (Leeds Rhinos) Savannah Andrade (York City Knights) Caitlin Beevers (Leeds Rhinos) Keara Bennett (Leeds Rhinos) Leah Burke (St Helens) Caroline Collie (Bedford Tigers) Chantelle Crowl (St Helens) Jodie Cunningham (St Helens) Hollie Dodd (York City Knights) Kelsey Gentles (York City Knights) Fran Goldthorp (Leeds Rhinos) Rebecca Greenfield (Wigan Warriors) Amy Hardcastle (St Helens) Shona Hoyle (Huddersfield Giants) Amy Johnson Tara Jones (St Helens) Chloe Kerrigan (Leeds Rhinos) Emma Lumley (Leeds Rhinos) Vicky Molyneux (Wigan Warriors) Carrie Roberts (St Helens) Georgia Roche (Leeds Rhinos) Emily Rudge (St Helens) Tara Stanley (York City Knights) Beth Stott (St Helens) Rachel Thompson (Wigan Warriors) Paige Travis (St Helens) Vicky Whitfield (St Helens) Naomi Williams (St Helens) Georgia Wilson (Wigan Warriors) Courtney Winfield-Hill (Leeds Rhinos) Olivia Wood (York City Knights) Rachael Woosey (St Helens)
  18. How Grace Field and Sinead Peach miss out I just don't know
  19. Maybe casual sports fans with Sky, having seen Leeds so many times, are just assuming that all teams must be as bad as them, and are turning off.... Perhaps we could get a separate contract with the Comedy Channel for future Rhinos fixtures.
  20. York's pack this year, with the addition of Hollie Dodds and Jasmine Bell, will give some serious grief to Leeds and Saints.
  21. Great performance all round, with PP having his best game in a Knights shirt, our defence back to its best, and some really classy tries. Levi Edwards - a VERY impressive debut. Had to keep reminding myself that our centre/wing combination on the left was two teenagers!
  22. Walmsley injured, Joe Batch missing due to HIA, Mautautia injured/suspended ..... still had 1st choice half backs - it really wasn't anything like the weakened Saints sides that lost at London. Toulouse also had five 1st choice picks out too......
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