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  1. As a Saints fan, I can only applaud that from Cas. Great try. This is what finals are all about.
  2. As a Saints fan, I couldn’t care less if it is by a point. Honestly just hoping for a great open match, where we are all talking about the great skills on show. Remind me of that on Saturday when I start moaning
  3. Liam Moore appointed as Challenge Cup Final referee. Luke Gale gutted not to get the gig.
  4. I would watch England at any sport. Although when it is Rugby Union it’s definitely a struggle.
  5. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.wigantoday.net/sport/rugby-league/ex-wigan-warriors-george-burgess-signs-for-new-club-3303731%3famp
  6. I do agree that he still has a lot to offer, good signing by HKR who are building well. Saints appear to have decided that they can’t afford what Coote wants or that he isn’t worth it. Woolf seemed keen enough to keep him.
  7. Man of the Match on Our League. Would have given it to Coote myself or Miller perhaps but Dodd did well, scored a lovely try.
  8. Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination. Credit to Wakey for putting up such a spirited display when others might have ‘ducked’ the game. Saints defence has won this game but our attack looks ordinary this year and the discipline tonight was poor. Sure they’ll be happy enough with a win the week before Wembley though.
  9. Great try Wakey, they play some lovely stuff at times. If they stay in touch when back to 13 then they can turn Saints over here.
  10. I think it’s fair to say it worked out for both clubs. 2 of the best centres of their generation, of any generation. Different types of centre but both top class.
  11. What a player Connolly was, I only wish that Saints hadn’t done what they did and good for Connolly to get his side of the story out. Another excellent interview.
  12. Appreciate that there is lots more to coaching than motivation but if I was a Wigan fan, I’d be hoping that Wane would have some involvement and looking for Sean O’Loughlin in the meantime. Nothing to lose IMHO
  13. If Smith and Hastings are halves then who goes Full back for Wigan? Marshall didn’t look great there last week IMHO
  14. We’re all jaundiced mate . The scheduling is crazy, I agree on that but the clubs are to blame for that, I think.
  15. Not sure where you see the convenience really. Saints have a cup final soon and I would rather they were playing games than being handed ‘wins.’ Saints have played one league game in June and scored no tries. We need to shake off this rust and matches are needed for that.
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