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  1. Did Robert Hicks just say “you’re like a fish” to Liam Marshall? about time someone said it. Terrible play actor Marshall.
  2. You can’t accuse others of bias and then claim that Isa behaved like a knob in just the one game
  3. In form Leigh to push Saints all the way as they try to extend their unbeaten run.
  4. https://www.thebusinessdesk.com/northwest/news/2065273-multimillionaire-businessman-takes-stake-in-wigan-warriors Just what is Michael Danson’s involvement with Wigan? Is he on board and does he have any control or say in matters?
  5. You’re right of course but if they could just occasionally turn off Terry O’Connor’s microphone without telling him then that would be a great start.
  6. If Wire hear Dean Bell is a possibility they might beat you to the punch mate
  7. Yeah I have heard mention of Wigan also. Not sure what is happening with Rhys Martin as he was linked with Cas but it has all gone quiet since. If Saints are looking at 2nd row then Martin would be worth a look, can kick goals as well.
  8. I like Simm but he has a lot to do if he wants to make it in the NRL.
  9. Saints are losing Coote, Naiqama, Thompson, Bentley and more than likely Fages so it looks like some juggling has been done. Two are retiring but Woolf would have liked to have kept the others but Saints just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) match the respective terms they were offered elsewhere. 2nd row would seem more of a priority as Welsby and Dodd are stepping up and Hopoate has been signed, that is why I wonder if Hurrell is seen as an option there. Regards the drop in wages…not sure what Hurrell’s options are otherwise. Can’t imagine any of the NRL clubs going for him, wouldn’t say he had justified the marquee wage enough for other SL teams to match those terms, Leeds certainly don’t look like they were offering to maintain that level of pay and not sure anyone would take too much of a gamble in the current financial climate.
  10. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/konrad-hurrell-leeds-st-helens-21344709?utm_source=leeds_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=rugby_league_lve_newsletter&utm_medium=email Konrad Hurrell may well be on the move for next season. Saints being heavily linked. Bit of an odd one, IMHO, with Saints already signing Hopoate and having Percival, although could be interesting if they switch him to 2nd row.
  11. I know harsh at 2, surely sending off sufficient. Tommy is just not that kind of player
  12. My Grandad always used to say that Wigan never let a good’un go. Not saying he was always right and there weren’t exceptions but this started to change around Long’s time (perhaps before with Goulding-although there may have been other reasons for that.) I always thought Saints shouldn’t have let Sonny Nickle go but that helped us get Newlove and Sonny came back a more consistent player from Bradford. Gary Connolly would be the big one for me. Terrific player for Wigan and Great Britain, one of the best defensive centres I have watched. Loved watching him for GB and, along with Radlinski, admired him as a Wigan player (well most of the time ) both absolute top drawer IMHO.
  13. Great game. Hats off to both sides. Played in good competitive spirit, well until the last 2 minutes Thought the officials had a very good game too.
  14. Great pressure from Isa on the Drop Goal attempt. If KR get the 1 pointer there then they really turn the screw, that could be a big play.
  15. George King (amongst others at Rovers) looks a much improved player. Tony Smith does a great job of getting the best out of his players
  16. Cracking game to watch as a neutral (well kind of neutral ) Good skills on display. KR best side to watch in Super League this year, Wigan shown real quality to get right back in it.
  17. Some score from Marshall there. Not sure what more Crooks could do as a defender.
  18. It’s games like this that will truly show Catalans championship pedigree.
  19. Ah that explains it. I knew Tommy Makinson wasn’t that kind of player
  20. Brilliant read from Eden. Saints got what they deserved tonight for some awful discipline. Sure they’ll be some delighted delicate flowers from Wigan but fair play to Cas and their fans.
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