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  1. Those dastardly Saints misbehaving as usual and upsetting all these poor innocent Wigan fans.
  2. Knowles drops out of Saints 21 after picking up a knock. Bentley returns though and Woolf says he will feature.
  3. Thanks for that. Sad for Smith, I don’t like to see any player struggling with that sort of issue.
  4. Agreed. Some don’t seem to rate him but then they probably didn’t rate Naiqama either. Not exactly like for like but a good replacement IMHO who Woolf knows well. The Lussick one is interesting. Not sure where that leaves Smith with Eaves also pushing through?
  5. Leigh really need someone to step up and earn some repeat sets to tire HKR out, especially whilst down to 12…make that 11
  6. Pretty sure Kay covered at 9 against Saints earlier in the season, admittedly due to injuries but he did well enough.
  7. Yeah some of our idiots (we all have them) got that badly wrong. The decision you should boo, the player did nothing wrong.
  8. Yeah but that won’t get mentioned by some on here mate. A Leeds fan talking about another team getting all the 50-50’s is a particular highlight so far.
  9. Scruffy/lucky try by Saints but they’re playing the conditions better so far. Hopefully Catalans step up.
  10. Great to see so many French lads in the Catalans team. This game doesn’t really decide anything but it could be an important marker, especially if the Dragons can play well in these conditions. Hoping for a great game from two of the form teams.
  11. That is sad news at such a young age. Really good winger IMHO. I wish him all the very best with his post playing career and life, I am sure the Wigan club will do all they can to help.
  12. Big let off for Saints there, Hull desperately unlucky with the kick just running out
  13. Every season Hull are my dark horses…that either shows my lack of knowledge or that Hull flatter to deceive. Anyway here’s hoping that late surge pushes Hull on so we can watch a better second half. One thing that does stand out to me, Saints desperation in defence. That effort to push players back even when they are well up on the scoreboard. The desperate efforts to tackle in to touch or to stop Swift grounding. If Hull match that then this could be a game.
  14. Laughing at you turning back on pal, we’ve all done it I’m sure. The VR call was harsh, especially as sent up as a try but such is life. Glad to see Hull upping the tempo late in the half, just close enough to stay in it for now.
  15. Saints look fresher for obvious reasons, glad to see Hull up the tempo before half time, they are still in this but need Reynolds and Sneyd to manage the game better.
  16. I think 8 times out of 10 it’s a try. Well watched and tackled by Young Jack Welsby Junior
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