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  1. Well said Logic, the doom merchants on here really have no idea at all.
  2. That was quite witty for you Tandle
  3. Jimmy DoNut


    Nolage (nostalgia) blimey , which school did you go to tandle? I actually thought you were trying to spell knowledge
  4. Why though Charlie? I think I know who you are (from your pic) & you're a legend of a fan. So why you turning your back on them? The laughing face just seems so sad especially when it comes from you.
  5. Geez , all this doom talk saddens me greatly, almost as much as Sunday saddened me.
  6. I predict a Roughyeds win !! So there
  7. Any response to Roger's excellent post Tandle ?
  8. Let's not bracket the Skolars and Swinton games as similar. There was a massive improvement in performance and effort against Swinton - a match on another day we might have nicked - compared to the debacle in London.
  9. Tandle, I just can't work out what youre on about here, why should anyone be expected to take what you say seriously when it makes no grammatical sense ffs.
  10. Hi John, I think 100% you should come on here to give the club view. Always good to hear from you.
  11. Really good piece this on the Oldham RLFC club website. The town of Huddersfield should indeed be proud this week. I read both of Craig Halstead's books not long ago & they are well worth a read for any Oldham fans not read them, or any RL fans for that matter. I think they are both on E-Bay. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2022/05/huddersfields-capital-double-up-brings-back-painful-memories/
  12. Really good piece this on the club website. I read both of Craig Halstead's books not long ago & they are well worth a read for any Yeds fans not read them. I think they are both on E-Bay. I believe he is Roger Halstead's son, must get his writing skills from his old man !! https://roughyeds.co.uk/2022/05/huddersfields-capital-double-up-brings-back-painful-memories/
  13. Not really, the lads never let their heads drop & ended the game well.
  14. Can't play Cornwall every week mate !! I'm sure there's a song in there somewhere ?
  15. Well if the Waterhead dads said it, who are we to argue ????????????????? Pleased to hear you were there Cliff, last week you had fallen out of love with the game, that's good to see.
  16. Anyone else think young Astley looks like Sam Tomkins at the same age ?
  17. Thank you, I feel better for knowing that
  18. Anita, I'm somewhat intrigued. Someone on the Hornets forum has suggested your name 'Anita Bath' is a non-de-plume! Well this suspicious and over-active mind of mine is wondering if that is true , particularly when you relate 'blokey' stories like climbing over walls & mates with rent arrears dealing with the police . Could it be you are really a bloke in disguise? Is Anita Bath very nearly an anagram of A Tin Bath? Are you an ex-Hornets second-row forward from days gone-by in disguise? I get the impression most of my fellow Roughyeds on here see you as that nice lady from over the hill, hence the complimentary comments recently. Just my enquiring mind doing somersaults, please do confirm either way when you get a second, I would love to be proved wrong!!
  19. Give her a second chance Cliff, it was probably as much your fault as hers, a lovers tiff maybe
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