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  1. The other problems are finances and playing standardd (you can't just ship in Aussies now), the RFL seem happy with Hemel's junior development work especially that they enter a National Youth League side. I'd imagine when Championship licensing comes in the standards would be lowered enough for Hemel to slot into whatever replaces C1 (though depends how big the Championship becomes)
  2. Eastern Rhinos from Colchester are the only other one. Brentwood Elvers were run by the same people as Essex Eels but when the original reckless owners bailed (who had not only taken them into NL3 but left them there after a year when they were obviously not even close to up to it and moved them from their home base in Basildon to a 5000 capacity ground in Romford) the new more responsible ones realised they had to separate the juniors as that was the part most worth keeping. They tried to save the adults but it was too little too late and with the rise of Hainault Bulldogs the area was well covered
  3. Really? Players can be replaced more easily than a place to play. If Quins chuck you out or up the rent then suddenly it's much more serious to worry about. Plus crowds are poor and if anything falling and so the chance of somewhere cheaper to rent with bigger crowds is a huge deal
  4. Sounds like a potential for a Championship side some time in the medium to distant future maybe?
  5. It needn't be the same setup, but I don't see how sides going into administration on promotion every year is doing anyone any favours. Should be one bigger division open to all sides meeting criteria, not the lets put 2 or 3 clubs into administration a year setup Barrow would never have gone up, they'd fail ground criteria.
  6. You'd have to take into account C1 clubs having lower crowds, but yes something along those lines, though turnover may need reducing. I'd call it National 1, but same sort of lines. Believe the aim is 2 National divisions below the Championship then it splits West, East and South. But the South part of that needs working towards
  7. http://www.totalrl.com/index.php?showtopic=205127 Seen this claim elsewhere as well and given the silly money thrown about especially early in the season and the
  8. Whitehaven got problems chasing promotion when it was there I'll agree, not sure how it weakens my argument of the damages of P & R though. I'd have flexible numbers of teams in the Championship so any club meeting a certain standard could enter (but obviously not the Blackpools, Gatesheads, Skolars etc. at least as those clubs are)
  9. Because of the salary cap difference relegation is already decided before a ball is kicked that it will be the promoted sides, unless as in this season a side hits financial troubles. If it weren't for Whitehaven's financial problems Dewsbury would be going back down after their 100% record in C1 last year, to be replaced with a worse side that will go back down in worse financial state. Who does that benefit?
  10. Technically speaking it is, the South East has a strange border that includes the Thames Valley area.
  11. I'm not a York supporter, though thought the way they were shafted when they'd made lots of improvements by having the rules changed on them was very damaging. The thing is every year we see clubs going into administration on promotion and it really isn't in Hunslet's best interests to be the next one, whicht eh 2-up-2-down will certainly cause. The Hunslet chairman as good as said if the crowds don't go up with the better team then that's it, whereas to me rather than one damaging season in the Championship it's better to work towards a more sustainable set up at the appropriate level for the support of clubs. French sides in the Championship wasn't the best idea, but if they're additional to English sides it's not so bad, South Wales can probably support a Championship side at some point, just not SL. The game is due a restructuring soon and which division the likes of Hunslet and York go in depends on how big the Championship is intended to be, but would expect the likes of Skolars, Gateshead, Doncaster etc to be in a National 1 with the best of the NCL.
  12. Yes but 2-up-2-down is an unmitigated disaster. Should have changed to 1-up-1-down if anything. The playoff was often relatively close (Halifax-York and Batley-Dewsbury come to mind). It didn't change til the exact year Crusaders joined anyway
  13. There would be if they could have time to strengthen as a club, the likes of York and Dewsbury aren't given enough time. The current set up is designed to destroy clubs as much as possible and P & R only went to 2 teams so Crusaders could get promoted more easily anyway (some would also say for Sheffield but they didn't change it back afterwards). A lot depends on how high you set the bar and what you do with the excluded clubs. Remember Widnes will be in SL by the time this is introduced and the other clubs won't be SL ready for a long time. Also you would probably see an Aude club (either together or an individual club from there) in as a 2nd French team, but maybe fewer teams and have it British only.
  14. They're far too poorly supported to be financially viable at that level
  15. 1-up-1-down with strict minimum criteria to keep the likes of Hunslet and Blackpool out of the Championship might work, but I'd rather they go for 14-16 team franchised with a national league structure below
  16. Yes but: 2004: Keighley straight down 2005: Barrow straight down 2006: York straight down 2009: Doncaster and Gateshead straight down 2010: at least one of Dewsbury or Keighley to go down, would be both if ti weren't for Whitehaven's meltdown The only teams so far to stay up on promotion areL 2007: Dewsbury and Sheffield (Dewsbury went down the year after anyway, survived because of Doncaster and Rochdale's financial troubles) 2008: Celtic Crusaders and Featherstone (big backer in the former, the latter were a relegated side not long before plus there was only one relegation spot) 2009: Barrow (big backer) Really not a good record as only Sheffield and Barrow have established themselves from the lower division ever, Crusaders were using it as a stop gap to a franchise and Featherstone were a team just regrouping for a couple of years in NL2
  17. Batley were in the right place when the cut happened. The gap in salary cap between Championship and C1 and the ridiculous amount of relegation make it next to impossible to establish yourself without spending loads which unless you have a backer sends you into ruins. Most seasons Batley have stayed up by either the promoted sides or sides that are in financial ruins being behind them. York were run sensibly and got relegated because of it never to recover. Dewsbury could have managed it if it weren't for their financial problems in 2003. If Batley were in NL2 as was at the time of the cut they'd never have become an established Championship side
  18. Oxford would be more logical due to Leneghan being a shareholder at the soccer club there. But Milton Keynes could work too, anywhere's got to be better than West London though
  19. Do Workington have many clubs? Think there's just 1 (Seaton?) in the area but yes Maryport is the real RL playing area up there as well as Whitehaven
  20. Guess 2012 is the logical date for this to start with the new SL franchise period starting then, the NCL maybe switching then and rules already being in place for P & R this year
  21. Yeah around 1990 there were 5 Gloucestershire sides in the MASWARLA going head to head with RU plus Bath and on and off Plymouth (sometimes running their own mini league sometimes in the main league but the travel was bad), most of these had been in since the league was founded in the mid 80s. By about 1995 the MASWARLA had folded and the remnants split between the EMARLA and London ARL division 2 (South West) but don't think any from further west than Basingstoke. Cheltenham Warriors (now Gloucestershire) joined the RLC in 1998 and Bristol and Somerset joined in 2003, Plymouth in 2005 and they got a few teams playing friendlies in 2006 as preparation for the full division in 2007 which has grown since. Of course the big story was the early days with the attempted pro league about 100 years ago that never quite worked. Though the full details are on the Plymouth site
  22. If a rich benefactor can be found to run a thriving London club then it would make more sense that they'd replace the basketcase that is Quins
  23. Widnes replacing Salford would make more sense, unless Harlequins fold then they can replace them
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