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  1. I think this is just wrong, you're trying, and failing, to twist your Rugby League agenda to a wider point. Gritty reality remains of great interest to documentary makers.
  2. Quite. It's from the same sort of construction that gave us "rugger", i.e. Association (soc) football.
  3. OK you can discuss the silly issues soccer fans with their game being called soccer all you like. But coming on here and blurting out rugby union propaganda, its made-up creation myth, something devised specifically to remove the working classes and therefore the breakaway Northern Union as having any role in the development of the sport, is absolute ###### and you ain't getting away with it.
  4. Yes, one about a winning team would be a bit tedious. You need failure and heartbreak and disasters, plus some stupidity, miscommunication and comedy, maybe a bit of hope and success and finally a shocking ending. The documentary of Radford's time at Hull is just begging to be made.
  5. But the odd thing here is how soccer fans get so uppity about their sport being referred to by one of its historic names. Yes, sure in Sydney you might say "footy" and mean NRL, in Melbourne AFL etc. But no-one in those places would react with childish outrage if you called them Rugby League or Australian Rules. There is a comic combination of superiority and ignorance on display when soccer fans are confronted with the reality that their sport doesn't, and never has, had a monopoly on the word "football" - and that "soccer" isn't some terrible Americanism but a name which goes back through the very history of the sport in England.
  6. Correct, it's the second-lowest ever crowd for a regular season Leeds-Catalan game.
  7. Fingers crossed! Well, not bothered about them coming to Headingley but seeing Holbeck's unfortunate soccer offspring relegated would be funny.
  8. Yes it's perfectly normal for a coach to seize on the opportunity to give his half back a rest in the middle of a game.
  9. It seemed a bad appointment when he got the job and it's looking worse and worse as time goes by.
  10. Bill Arthur now onto the "difficult foreign name" stuff. It really is pathetic. It's not hard to do the players the courtesy of learning how to pronounce their names without putting on a silly voice.
  11. If a player knocks on does that make it open house on them, including tackling in the air? I doubt it.
  12. O'Connor and Mcdermott are such dinosaurs, egged on by Arthur. We desperately need someone who actually understands the game and the decisions being made. Bring back Cummings if that's the only option.
  13. I'm sure he's a nice bloke but the more I listen to Bill Arthur the more annoyed I get that we don't have a top quality commentator as the voice of the sport.
  14. Aren't Catalan missing a few as well? May level it up. It's hard to think it'll happen but I'd love for us to get one over McNamara.
  15. Arrived at Wigan on Friday 30 minutes or so before kick off. There was no sign of programme sellers either inside or outside the away end - the place they used to sell from in the stand was empty. A bit of a disappointment after coming armed with four pound coins.
  16. Didn't Brian Smith at the Boulevard climb up some sort of crows nest to get the best overall view of the pitch?
  17. I was there in the 80s and 90s and it was definitely being sung at Headingley then.
  18. Totally agree, maybe Rhinos should get one. The old Leeds club song, which possibly still remains the official one, is 'Keep right on til the end of the Road' There are others - both the ones I know of are best forgotten: 1994's 'Leeds have Thirteen Wonders' ("Oh Leeds have thirteen wonders, that the Rugby fans know well, some young ones and some old ones, it's a mixture that works well... Douggie Laughton's Barmy Army are shouting from the stand, so give a cheer for the Loiners, they're the best team in the land."). And 97 or 98's 'Forever Rhinos'- of which I can only recall, "Gonna get right to the top, we're Forever Rhinos."
  19. Yes this is definitely the case. It was being sung by Leeds fans at Headingley in the 80s and 90s so it's nothing new. Leeds started playing it at the start of games sometime in the early or mid 2000s.
  20. The very phrase "pull the plug" is both insecure and ridiculous. Our relationship with Sky is a business one. We sell our TV rights for a lot on money because they are valuable. Sky pay a lot of money for them because the eyeballs watching have a lot on value to them. If that stops being the case then we will have a problem. But it isn't so they won't. And criticism on social media will have nothing to do with it either way.
  21. My uncle says it to their faces as well.
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