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Some Good News Bradford Fans

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Naturally - I was one of the ones trying to fence with Mr Hood regarding the "recession" analogy, and I was the one who asked bluntly when he expected the "recession" to end! To his credit Mr hood parried the thrusts extremely well, mind, but people can judge whether they learned anything of note. I again just have a wry smile on my face...

As for whether he was talking about anything other than the extraordinary costs of the current recession, and the period over which he expected the club's spending ability to be very seriously curtailed by it, well I'm sure people will form their own views. You might suppose he was...I of course could not possibly comment...

Let's hope we avoid a double dip, eh?

No team is an island.........................................


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I was expecting similar to your point by point post from Mick, as he always has time to give a blow by blow account on his mobile from games. Maybe his phone was on the blink and he had no paper and pen,or they were going so fast and he hasn't passed his journalistic shorthand yet - or something else???????

I can't believe you're questioning his attendance - surely you believe he was there

given how mick is always so quick at updating scores from games via his mobile it does seem a remarkable coincidence that he didnt put a post up re: langley resigning until 10:43, approximately 1 minute AFTER I sent him a text message with news, which I found out from a post on t'other forum :rolleyes:

and then any further posts he put up with details of fans forum only appeared here after said details had already been mentioned on t'other forum by posters who had attended forum.

Although why anyone would feel the need to pretend attendance at such an event is beyond me and obviously not something mick would do. :D

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Will the real slim shady please stand up

A lot of Yorkshiremen believe that when God created the world, he made it with perfect balance.

He balanced the hot areas with the cold areas. the dry areas with the wet areas.

And, in creating Yorkshire, he created the most glorious place on earth - full of majestic beauty and sporting giants.........and for balance he created....... Lancashire.

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Quite a few people on here have met Mick to be fair. I can't say I have though

Indeed. And I remain totally open-minded. I gather he has a pretty comprehensive Facebook profile with lots of pictures.

Its just unfortunate that he seemingly failed to show for the Forum, when he professed to have spent ALL the preceding evening (and it would have taken a lot longer than that) travelling round all the large towns of West Yorkshire to gather info on how other clubs were promoting themselves, so he could bring it up at the Forum. And that is quite apart from his - obsession, you might say in the nicest possible way - with being involved in all things Bulls. Yet every time there is a public event people don't see him, and people who have tried to track him down where he says he works say they have struggled. You can understand the scepticism? There are other posters too that fall into that category, and I know there is a general feeling in some quarters that we may be looking at one guy with multiple personas, who in one guise or another has indeed met people. Or it may just be a pseudonym. Either seem perfectly logical scenarios to me, but equally may be miles from the truth.

Given "Mick's" very high profile, it is understandable that folk are curious about who he really is and if indeed he really exists?

Don't think there is any question about whether I exist, given the number of people I spoke to at the forum!

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wise people so full of doubts.

Bury your memories; bury your friends. Leave it alone for a year or two.  Till the stories grow hazy, and the legends come true.  Then do it again - some things never end.

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I deleted a few posts as they were getting overly personal and revealed far too much about a poster's personal life. No need for some of the information posted to be out there in the public domain. If they choose to publicise it themselves then it's up to them, until then, keep it off the forum.

Also, please get back on topic! I think we've covered enough about Mick.

"When in deadly danger, when beset by doubt; run in little circles, wave your arms and shout"

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