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Matt, these electronic cigarettes are quite legal in all places even indoor public places, as they produce steam instead of smoke and there is no passive health risk. They do containe nicotine so the smoker gets his fix but no harmless smoke is blown out.

However a lot of pub landlords will not allow the use of them because it encourages regular smokers to light up thinking that someone else is already smoking.

But they are entirely legal and you could not be stopped from smoking one in such as meadowhall for example.

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Why not simply have a designated area at PO Road for smokers. there is plenty of room for it, perhaps even allow the smoker to have a drink as well. I understand the fire risks, so they can be assessed and dealt with, as or people's health ? it's just as unhealthy riding in a car in traffic. A cigarette would kill me, but I know how much people enjoy smoking, we don't stop drinking and that causes as many deaths as smoking, drunken acts can be worse than careless cig butts. People ought to have a freedom of choice, so long as it does not interfere with those who do not wish or cannot tolerate cigarette smoke.

To be a ROVER is a privilege not to be taken lightly, with fans like ours, we will always be honoured.

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