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No change to SL. P*** poor journalists speculation

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5 hours ago, Dave T said:


What roughyedspud is advocatng is a weakening of your commercial position for little to no benefit. But that is positioned as a no-brainer.

So....the NFL signing a 10 year deal to play at spurs new stadium....is bad business is it?


the 8TH most successful team in british RL

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2 minutes ago, roughyedspud said:

So....the NFL signing a 10 year deal to play at spurs new stadium....is bad business is it?

No, we should absolutely be looking to sign long term commercial deals, and we will be doing so.

But that isn't what you suggested.

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15 hours ago, Bob8 said:

I agree the majority of fans will never be happy, because people have very different idea of what success looks like.  Even amongst the expansionists, there is a stark divide between the pessimists like myself  and the optimists

You were an optimist when this expansion stuff all started Bob, you wouldn’t hear a word against Toronto. I don’t agree the majority won’t be happy. Of course there are 20-30 fans on here with you who see the future as Transatlantic despite ducking the debates over players and the gradual replacement of SL clubs by NA clubs. Out there across the M62 are tens of thousands of fans in a clear majority who will resist their clubs, and their local rivals being shut down for a pipe dream. They will be very happy if this nonsense is nipped in the bud.

13 hours ago, JoneslessBishop said:

What’s the basis that NYC is ‘unlikely’ Parky. If for next season in SL I would agree, but are you thinking more long term.

14 teams will only happen if Sky agree. However, if Pearson and Lenegan are just stringing along the idea of a more International SL to prevent a reduction in Sky revenues at 2021, don’t we have to deliver something. Even if Sky are suckered in with rumour for 2021, they certainly wouldn’t believe anything SL said again if they didn’t deliver. 

There’s a tick list of criteria Wood is going through required for NYC entry. Paul Bennet’s “source” indicates they are not meeting it but as journo’s are being discredited here then people may wish to dismiss the comment.

On your main point (and I thank you for replying) I do not believe SKY and their army of Lawyers will ever be suckered and I guess you don’t either. On the “reduction in the SKY contract” remember what happened when SKY didn’t pay enough for the rights, and the clubs went into a £68,000,000 deficit and the league started to unravel. SKY had to come back with more money, whilst we cut to 12 clubs.

SKY have learned if they underfund us then we can’t provide the entertainment they want to see flowing from it. Next time either SKY don’t bother with SL at all and Perez can ship all the players to North America and start their own league like Caplan suggests, or SKY bother and they fund something properly. That could mean a compromise of SL going down to 10 SL clubs which they nearly did last time. We don’t (time for expansionist fingers in ears) have the players to go the other way as SL themselves said. As this very astute man says..............


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