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Hudgell - left hook for Hetherington, right cross for Chalmers, Liverpool kiss for TWP!

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We;ll thats a mistake giving Toronto a Liverpool Kiss'...now we have no choice but 'to shake it off, lace up our 'Toronto Boxing Gloves' and put the boots to him!

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36 minutes ago, scotchy1 said:

Ive said before we should merge the competitions. Its not that hard to do and i think the logistics problems are overstated and it would give a huge amount more content for the NRL to sell in Oz and SL to sell in the UK without players playing more games.

I can’t see the NRL having the remotest interest in inviting SL teams into their competition.

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1 hour ago, The Blues Ox said:

Fantastic that he has taken it upon himself to speak for everyone.

I'm glad he doesn't build houses.

These people with established track records and look at the state of our game.

Well that was an easy one because when the Championship clubs found out that the SL lot were planning to take away any funding they could, well it meant that their clubs were at risk. Lets take away some SL teams funding and see how they would survive.


I just hope its not his team that is relegated this year putting hundreds of players and coaches out of employment just like last time.

You had me all the way until your last sentence.


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