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Player Issue Summer Bash Kits For Sale

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7 hours ago, ajrover said:

In case anyone doesn't have twitter or Facebook the club are selling off the player worn summer bash shirts.

Who wants to buy a bash shirt.

Do they come with the words LOSERS AGAIN on them nothing whatsoever to celebrate about any of the lets bash fev matches.

No doubt fev will be selling the plate final shirts whereas it should of been much better.


Need I remind fans of our abysmal bash results

2015 Lost 31-12 to Leigh

2016 Lost 37-0 to Halifax

2017 Lost 42-16 to London Broncos

2018 Lost 24-18 to Halifax

Total for  46

Total against  134

We are joint bottom of 18 teams in the league table for the bash results so buying a shirt which has not done anything noteworthy is beyond me unless you want reminding of fevs failures.

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Already got one as this shirt is a classic shirt which can be worn time and time again as it evokes memories of good times when we had THE best player Paul Newlove in our Team and beat Teams easily.Agree with your pessimism of the bash as it is an embarrassing fact .Perhaps before the kickoff of next years Bash we can get a decent Hypnotist in as I believe some of it is a mental thing.I can supply MC with a brilliant one from Pontefract who after one hour session made me stop smoking when I had tried countless times to do so in the past without success  and that was thirteen years ago ( best thing I ever did).

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16 hours ago, Blue Pike said:

 we can get a decent Hypnotist

Yeah he could hypnotise the team into believing their Leeds Rhinos! Oh hang on...

Touch Rugby W(h)inger and part-time Super Hero (Thursday mornings by appointment) :superman:










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Perhaps they should just bin the shirts, rather than try and get some money for them? ?

13 of the shirts have already attracted bids on Ebay. At a time when money is clearly a big issue at Fev, this sale is going to raise at least £500 based on bids already submitted and might end up significantly higher. Nobody is forcing anyone to bid, but many people thought it was a terrific shirt when they were issued and I'm not surprised plenty of people have been putting in bids.

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