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Bulldogs V Rams Blackpool Bash MOM thread

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9 minutes ago, Dog forever said:

Think one of them was prob me. Forgot my glasses.


Butterworth {great service/outstanding kicking} 




Seems a lot are mixing Butterworth & Jouffrey up with similar scrumcaps. I heard a few shouting go on louey when Butterworth running with the ball. 

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1, Express train that's Ward

2, Brearley

3, Butterworth

The golden shot of the week Smeaton.

You can't take anything away from the rest of team.

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voting now closed

1) Sam Smeaton 40pts

2) Johnny Campbell 32 pts

3) Paul Brearley 23 pts

3) Michael Ward 23 pts

5) Reis Butterworth 10 pts

6) Louis Jouffret 6 pts

7) Dave Scott 5 pts

8 ) Keenan Tomlinson 4 pts

9) Alistair Leak 3 pts

points for player of the season

1) Sam Smeaton 3pts

2) Johnny Campbell 2 pts

3) Paul Brearley 1 pts

3) Michael Ward 1 pts

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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