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Match Thread: Challenge Cup Third Round, Featherstone Rovers v Hull Saturday-10th-April-2021

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6 hours ago, RobLambert said:

Salford didn't take their foot off the gas against Widnes.  Most of their 68 points were scored in the last quarter.  

Agreed but that's  been my  whole point teams with the game won at half time  come out in the second half  with the mindset lets  put the pedal to the metal and Hull would have wanted to do the same only difference in the two games Widnes rolled over and died FEV didn't

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Watched the game back last night. It was a lot easier watching the first half when you know what the limitation of the damage was, compared with watching it live when you were thinking, crikey, Hull a

Time for Hall to give up the kicking tee.

I think you are right.Hall has had three average to poor games and his goal kicking not up to scratch,let Chissy take them.We did play well in the second half but HullFC took theirr foot off the gas k

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Had a closer look at the figures on the RFL game centre website.

According to them, Hull made a total of 1397 yards on 182 carries, whereas we made a total of 1119 yards off 146 carries.

That means our yards per carry were 7.66 compared to Hull's 7.67, almost identical.

I am assuming that those numbers don't include yardage off offloads - they managed 20 compared to our 8, which was one of the main differences between the two teams ie their size and strength meant we couldn't put them on the ground immediately.

The other of course is that they had a lot more plays/carries than we did thanks to our error count. As we all know, that's where we need to improve.

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After Hull's performance today against Wigan I feel we did very well in our cup tie against them.

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