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War Chest

Kevin Nicholas

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Just to confirm that the War Chest will be running again this year as 2021 is a year more than ever where we will need any income we can get.

it remains a sponsorship of £5 per win or £100 for the season and after each win there will be a members draw with £100 prize as before.

Any member who paid the full £100 in 2020 can rejoin for 2021 and pay as much as they wish to pay or pay £5 per win this year instead.

Anybody with any queries or who wants to join as a new member just ring me on 07831230999.

Previous members with an email address will get an email next week.

Thanks for your support.

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As we aren't a)allowed in yet and b) can't always attend it would be an idea to set up a payment method, similar to Half-Time Draw, where we can send payments. I didn't register for last year but would like to rejoin and have the option of how to send money.

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Hi there Phil, do what I'm doing save the donations up until you can get up to the club, I have already put to ne side for the four matches we have played, although we lost two against Featherstone I consider the effort they put in was worth the contributions.

That's my personal take on it.

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