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Hey! Where's all the comment/news about the beach RL festival? 

What a great event, great turnout (from so far afield) and what a positive can-do attitude from the organisers. 

Well done to all concerned. It would be nice to see some representation from old blighty, taking part next year.

It's very exciting to see them doing all this, off their own bat's.

It just show's what can be done with the will to just do it. 

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  • Gomersall changed the title to Türkiye Rugby League
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Introducing Bakircay Saints. 

They are a new side based out of a University in our region. Our present hope is that this year we can run a regional League with three local full numbers teams (13 aside) then play a final before one challenges other conferences. 

We would then bring the best from the three full side teams together to play for our 'Elite' team Izmir Zaferi. Time will ttell whether it will work but given the economy we have to think more locally for our development. 


Saints-SPORT-LOGO-02 (1) (1).png

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On 14/08/2022 at 07:20, Izmir Zaferi said:

You can all follow at 




Hey mate,

Can you give us a snapshot of the progress of Rugby League in Turkey how many players you guys have playing, whats the response from the locals on thr sports, is their any media coverage? How many years you say before Turkey can qualigy RLWC or produce Super League calibre talent. What are the biggest obstacles for you guys.

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