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NRL Match Thread - Round 24 - 2021

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41 minutes ago, George Watt said:

Only wore pink when I had a pair of shocking pink socks( plus a pair of shocking green)which went with my flares and Safari suits back in the 70's.

Was a Sharks fan then when I lived for 30 years near Cronulla.

I could choose the laughing, sad, or thumbs up emoji with that post 😂

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That's Wests officially done for the season. Depending on other results next week they might scrape up to 11th spot. I miss the "good ole days" when we used to come 9th or 10th every year. Ah ... the glory days.

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I would have the perfect tipping record had it not been for Brad Arthurs revenge and a new Parra attitude. I actually think that works for the Storm because if you go on a winning streak sooner or later it's coming to an end and rather now than the playoffs..

If your looking at the fixtures in particular the first three of Round 25. The playoffs are starting early with three absolute blockbusters to start the round. The Sunday games though are less inspiring....


When the pinch comes the common people will turn out to be more intelligent than the clever ones. I certainly hope so.

George Orwell

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7 hours ago, Sports Prophet said:

What happens that you changed clubs?

Came to Aus. in 1968 and followed clubs in the area I lived having joined their Leagues club. So for 2 years followed Souths in Sydney then moved to the Sutherland Shire, joined the Sharks LC and followed Cronulla for 30 years. Then in 2000 moved West,became a member of the Panthers LC and switched to Penrith.

Could be classified as a RL nut as I saw my first game in England in 1946 and have been addicted to the game ever since.

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