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Chizzy Suspended For 8 Matches


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31 minutes ago, sentoffagain2 said:

  Not done much good has it.

You said the club had done nothing, when they'd condemned the decision in very strong terms and launched an appeal, that's not doing nothing.

31 minutes ago, sentoffagain2 said:

Why didn't the club appeal and take it to arbitration  when the ban was announced.Threaten the RFL with legal action unless they can provide witness statements.In civil cases in USA all 6 jurors have to find the defendant guilty or they walk.you should not be able to ban or find people guilty on the grounds of probability.Get a good Brief and the RFL will fill their britches.

You have to agree to waive irrevocably any right to challenge the RFL's rulings in any judicial authority as part of the Operational Rules - as would be the case in most other sports -  so any such challenge would be both vastly expensive and almost certainly doomed to failure.

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