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thunder pete

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It's been a tough week for everyone involved with the club.Β 

What I know is we have good people who care about the club involved.

Keith Christie said in his programme notes on Sunday there's going to be news on the community side.

As fans we can look to organise events in the off season.

For me personally I think there's loads of scope for growth still.

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To be honest, I think this is a good move from the club. It takes strong leadership to admit something isn't working, and I think they realise that they may have gone too big too soon.Β 

Going back to part time is the sensible thing to do. Yes, some of the players may leave if they can get full time contracts elsewhere. But to be brutally honest the playing roster needs a bit of a clear out, with the partnership with Wigan, I would guess, ending also, so the club and whoever comes in as head coach can concentrate on bringing through more of the club's academy players, supplementing them with championship experience.

Long term this kind of move can only be good for the club, and the fans will see this and stick around, with maybe even more coming out of the woodwork.

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