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Where Now - off contract players?

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According to Fox Sports NRL (Aus) there are 40 players with NRL experience who are currently without a contract for 2024, including some former Test and Origin stars.

There are still some high-profile players without a deal locked in for 2024 as clubs finalise their top 30 rosters.

Most according to FoxSportsNRL will have to take a pay cut to earn another deal while others won’t even be offered that and could be forced into retirement.


Jordan Pereira (45 NRL games)


Corey Wadell (95 NRL games)

Declan Casey (6 NRL games)

Samuel Hughes (5 NRL games)


Brenko Lee (88 NRL games)

Poasa Faamausili (43 NRL games)

JJ Collins (19 NRL games)

Kurt Donoghoe (7 NRL games)


Joseph Vuna (15 NRL games)

Sea Eagles:

Aaron Woods (267 NRL games)

Morgan Boyle (48 NRL games)


Tepai Moeroa (130 NRL games)

George Jennings (56 NRL games)

Dean Ieremia (21 NRL games)

Grant Anderson (10 NRL games)

Jordan Grant (7 NRL games)


Hymel Hunt (113 NRL games)

Fa’amanu Brown (81 NRL games)

Brodie Jones (53 NRL games)

Jack Johns (16 NRL games)


Jordan McLean (201 NRL games)

Ben Hampton (117 NRL games)

Brendan Elliot (72 NRL games)

Mitch Dunn (58 NRL games)

Gehamat Shibasaki (29 NRL games)


Waqa Blake (164 NRL games)


Richard Kennar (38 NRL games)


Eddie Blacker (2 NRL games)


Tautau Moga (87 NRL games)

Tyrell Fuimaono (66 NRL games)

Billy Burns (41 NRL games)


Nathan Brown (148 NRL games)

Connor Watson (125 NRL games)

Jake Turpin (75 NRL games)

Corey Allan (62 NRL games)

Billy Smith (27 NRL games)


Charlie Staines (47 NRL games)

Alex Seyfarth (47 NRL games)

Brandon Wakeham (40 NRL games)

Tukimihia Simpkins (5 NRL games)

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Remember watching Charlie Staines debut 4 tries against Cronulla. Must have thought he had the world at his feet then stood down two days later for throwing a party and breaking covid rules.

Obviously hasn't worked out at Wests Tigers he was only there a year.

Poverty exists not because we cannot feed the poor but because we cannot satisfy the rich.

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