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Match Day at OLP changes


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Sheffield Eagles would like to make spectators aware of some changes to the fan experience at the Olympic Legacy Park Stadium in 2024 ahead of the fixture against Batley on Sunday (3pm kick-off).
Owing to a change in policy which means that the OLP Stadium’s management now restricts our partner Extra Time Sports Bar from setting up more than two hours prior to kick off, and meaning that they must clear the concessions booth of all products and equipment after the match, there will no longer be the provision of hot food or drinks on draft at the game.
Extra Time will be selling:
Hot Drinks (Hot Chocolate / Bovril/ Tea / Coffee)
Cold Drinks (7UP / Pepsi Max / Oasis)
Bottled or Canned Lager and Cider
As a club, we are disappointed with the situation and would like to apologise to fans but would like to stress that this is beyond our control and is the decision of the OLP Stadium’s management.
We would like to put on record our thanks to Nathan and the team at Extra Time for their continued support and we will continue to petition the OLP Stadium management to understand the reasons for the change.
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As a visiting supporter I have to say your match day experience is pretty awful .Even getting into the ground is an experience in itself ! 
Then you encounter surly stewards many of them having an attitude problem.

Surely you as a club must realise your match day experience is poor at best ! I for one won’t be visiting again 

You have a really good squad but you’ll not expand your numbers with the game day you currently provide 

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On 01/07/2024 at 16:05, bentleyman said:

What is the best Tram Stop for the OLP ?


Travelling from the City I suggest the Attercliffe stop, carry on in the same direction, the Stadium is about 5 minutes walk.

Travelling from Meadowhall, the OLP stop is about 10 minutes walk, down the road and turn left.




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Just to pad out what Hawkeye has said.

From the city (station) get off at Attercliffe then walk forward the way the tram is going and you should pass a Virgin Media building. Continue down and it should bring you to where the car park is. If you want a drink then the Library bar should be open. 

from the Meadowhall end there is the Arena/Legacy Park stop. Cross over and bear left then right past the Institute of Sport or Attercliffe.


To be honest there isnt much in it either way.

If you’re coming for drinks then I’m sure you’ll be aware of the Sheffield Tap on the station!


Bear in mind though that the tram from the station is the blue route doesn’t go to the OLP, you’ll have to come a stop back into town to Fitzalan Square then change to the yellow route or tramtrain to Rotherham - same stops.


Fare is £2.80 single or all day is a bit less that 2 singles, ask the conductor, you can pay by card.

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