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20 June 2014 - 10:24 PM

Higgy has it spot on and it is exactly what i have said in previous posts.  The league structure in Championship one is appalling and the lack of regular home/away alternating fixtures is a factor in people getting out of the habit.  In my case the switch to summer has also been a negative both because my own sporting activity conflicts with the time and once out of the habit there are more alternatives on offer in the summer.  Of the remaining four home fixtures I can make two at most and they are both against the same team.  Not exactly inspiring.

In Topic: Roughyeds fans trust

26 March 2014 - 10:39 AM

That is so true Higgy.  I have posted previously on how the league structure and lack of regular home/away fixtures is a drawback.  10 home games spread over 26 weeks is poor.  Many people are likely to miss at least one due to holidays etc.  I am away over the school Easter holidays so the practicality is that If I had attended the Hemel game I would have had an eight week wait to see another home league game.  As you say other things fill the time and going to the match stops being part of your routine.  As things stand the maximum number of games I could attend this season looks like 5.  The league has too few teams and fixtures are spread over too long a period.  In now way is this the club's fault but I am convinced it is another factor in declining attendances.

In Topic: Roughyeds fans trust

26 March 2014 - 12:26 AM

I agree with those who are criticising the nasty comments about CH on here.  I have a lot of questions about the way the club is run and how sponsors/investors seem to fall out with the club.  However I do not think for one minute that CH is just in this to make money.  If that was his aim I am sure he would be disappointed at the returns for the effort put in.  I admit to being one of the long standing fans (45 years) who has now got out of the habit of going to matches but this is not a protest about the ownership of the club or some kind of anti CH stand.  I just find the experience of attending matches at the millstone round our neck known as Whitebank both depressing and embarrassing.  The bickering on this site and the slagging off of those who give genuine reasons for no longer attending makes me feel less inclined to go back.  It's a pity because I am sure Scott Naylor and the players deserve support for their efforts.  So does the club for continuing to run an under 20s team in difficult times.  The likelihood is, however, that the benefit from developing young talent is more likely to be reaped by other clubs whilst we wallow around in the lowest tier of professional rugby for the foreseeable future.