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In Topic: Season Ticket reminder

02 December 2014 - 12:52 AM

I would hope people do care Tangle.  Losing supporters is not a clever idea.  Especially a season ticket holder.  Casual supporters don't buy season tickets.  I am also more likely to attend away games where there will be a stadium and facilities worth using.  Whitebank is like a millstone around the clubs neck.  Away fans will look at the fixture list and think that's the one to miss and understandably so.

In Topic: Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust

15 October 2014 - 11:15 PM

Andy you are correct from my point of view.  In the last three seasons I have watched very little at Whitebank and am happier to watch away than at home.  This is not anti CH, nor an attempt to strangle the club, it is purely and simply that I find Whitebank uninviting to say the least.  In my opinion it is simply an embarrassment.

In Topic: Where do we go from here?

07 October 2014 - 12:20 AM

Sorry to say but after watching a fantastic effort from the team yesterday I suspect the answer to where do we go from here is most probably downhill unless we can miraculously secure both of the following.  1.  Someone willing to invest a lot of money and 2. A stadium which will attract supporters rather than put them off attending.  In particular I reckon not too many away fans turn up more than once to Whitebank and understandably so.  The place is simply not fit for purpose.  I would happily have travelled to Sedgely Park or LSV for home games next season if we had gone up. but a home match at Whitebank has no great appeal I am afraid.  The fact that York ,Gateshead and the 5 relegated teams will be in the same league next year makes even qualifying for the play offs a big ask.  More so if as I suspect key members of this years squad move on.  I hope we don't lose the coaching staff and key players but at the minute I am not too optimistic.  At least if I start off expecting the worst I won't be disappointed when it happens.

In Topic: Friday deadline!

24 September 2014 - 12:01 AM

Whitebank for me is a non starter.  I don't see any way that it can be developed to any kind of sensible standard and without doubt it is reducing attendances.  The loss of revenue through the turnstiles must at least match the cost of rent at BP.  I have watched Oldham since 1967 both home and away but since the second season at Whitebank I have attended very few matches at home.  The place is quite simply an embarrassment and I don't think the rugby league should ever have sanctioned it for more than one season if no development was going to take place.  What makes it worse is that I do believe that the coaching staff and players all deserve much better.  I don't criticise their efforts at all and I will be at Headingley with my 8 year old son because at least there he will be able to see the match from a good viewpoint.

In Topic: Oldham 68-24 Gloucestershire

10 September 2014 - 12:02 AM

Quite simply Whitebank is not fit for purpose.  That was acceptable when we moved in  and maybe for one more season if some progress was evident.  As it stands however there has been no progress and in terms of attracting spectators it is a big negative factor.  As for away fans coming not many come more than once I suspect and understandably so if they compare it to their own home stadium.