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Today, 06:34 PM

Comin art in wesh ah were torking abart.

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Today, 06:29 PM

It would if tha were turnin t'mangle

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Yesterday, 10:44 PM

Who are they anyway? Not names I have heard of.

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Yesterday, 06:37 PM


Colin... we do not know if there is a transfer list. you assume that cos a fan from another club posts something on the forum.... With absolutely no evidence to back it up... Its correct???

 Your right! It was with you saying you would be sorry to see Ellis go that caused my reaction. If it is posted without any substance then it is very bad form. I wonder if the bloke made it up or it is just a rumour. Perhaps he will come back on the forum and tell us where his info came from.

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Yesterday, 05:31 PM

Incidentally I am in agreement with OR. I like the Batley club and its supporters. When we did the walk to Batley a couple of seasons ago to raise funds we were cordially welcomed and made comfortable and drinks and a meal were provided. This is the way all RL clubs should be for RL and stick together. The ruddy hill gets steeper though.