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In Topic: Making up for the short fall in funding.

Yesterday, 07:40 PM

Not as difficult as some may think. Have a register that peoples names are entered that deposit. The sum has to stay from one season to the start of the next. Interest hasn't got to be paid in money. If say a ticket holder deposits £1000 then the following season he receives a discount of £30 off the cost of his season ticket i.e. 3%. No tax no fees no trouble. If some one deposits £100 then he gets the equivalent of three pound i.e. a free pint.

In an ideal situation say 600 bought season tickets and each deposited a £1000 then the club would have £600,000 to negotiate with. The money is still the supporters and he/she is receiving the interest on it. Of course there are many variations on any scheme. But, it is a thought. 

In Topic: Bottom 8,

Yesterday, 03:45 PM

Pretty sure prize money is given out on league position after the 8s ....... although i think i read that 5th and 6th both get 200k so as long as we don't end up 7th we'll be fine......we all carry our points forwards and our reward for finishing 5th is having 4 home games and the harder games being at Fev.....Dewsbury, London, Batley, Whitehaven

Sorry, I get the 'prize money is given out on league position after the 8's' but what does the following mean?' £200k so long as we don't end up 7th?' Is this before or after the 8's? Seems a contradiction. Probably me getting the wrong end of the stick.

In Topic: Making up for the short fall in funding.

Yesterday, 02:38 PM

Now the last bank is closing how about a free cash dispenser in the ground and start a savings club. If we paid 3% interest if you are season ticket holder  it would beat all that is going and the club could use the money, as other financial institutes do, to keep their overdraft and incidental expenses down.  Non season ticket holder could use the facility with a smaller return. It would save people having to go to Pontefract and would help older folk. Of course it would need careful setting up but it could work.

In Topic: Bottom 8,

Yesterday, 02:28 PM

Can somebody just clarify for me the position in the bottom eight. I know the SL carry their points forward towards the top four and I know the middle eight start from scratch but I can't find any reference to how the bottom eight league will operate. Do we carry forward our points i.e. 26 to the eight giving us some credit for finishing in 5th position and starting one point in front of Dewsbury and two points in front of London or does our eight start from scratch? Various opinions have also been given on prize money. I know there is £50k up for grabs for the shield but do we get the prize money now for our position after 23 rounds of 5th or is that paid out to the top club and downwards  after the next 7 games?

In Topic: back to basics

27 July 2015 - 05:57 PM

One thing struck me whilst looking at all the comments. We have won quite a number of away games but lost a number of home games. Quite a few of the home games we should have won. So the question is with the same coach and the same players what is the difference between the displays at home and the displays away? What factor is in the home games that makes the difference to the displays or what factor is at the away games that is missing in the home games. You see what I am getting at, there is something different that is effecting performances between home and away. The question is what is it?