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In Topic: Man of Match League Table

Today, 08:35 PM

Sad that the top three players are reported as leaving us.

In Topic: M.O.M. Rovers V Batley (Ch 8's)

Today, 06:21 PM

Shaun ainscough?

I bet he's kicking himself.

In Topic: Fev vs Batley - Great value afternoon!

Today, 06:18 PM

If the ball is still in play then the game is still on. In real terms Sharpe took the opportunity that was presented. Unbelievable finish though. The fat lady must have been still singing.

In Topic: Fans forum

Today, 06:14 PM

It all sounds like a Briggs too far.

In Topic: Fans forum

Today, 11:17 AM

The ten players mentioned are: Jamey Langley, Brambini, Scott Turner, Sam Smeaton, James Davey, Pat Walker, Tony Tonks, Eddie Battye, Logo Tagaloa, and Ben Musolino.Thatmeans a disjointed team next season with ten new players. Shades of another Salford? Any chance of Smeaton and Tony Tonks coming back and why isn't Briggs mentioned, have we already signed him?