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#3236051 BBC and rugby league

Posted by Evil Homer on 18 November 2015 - 04:53 PM

The RFL should offer the BBC the Championship, with games being played on a Saturday afternoon.

Featherstone vs Keighley at Post Office Road would no doubt inspire the nation.

#3235207 Not a single try scored by an Engalnd back in 3 games.

Posted by Evil Homer on 16 November 2015 - 10:49 PM

Were we watching the same game? No one laid a finger on a couple of scorers.
Anyway a Biff and a barge over is just as much fun to watch as a winger's run over.

It doesn't matter which is more 'fun', the fact that all of England's tries were one-out efforts from forwards outmuscling their opponents is evidence of the fact that the team and coaching staff had absolutely no idea what to do in attack. It was a total failure of attacking systems and a very worrying sign unless England are planning to get by in the future by hoping that they can just barge their way over the line and be lucky enough to come up against a team with no halfbacks every time.


As for missing forwards, Mannering is more of a director than a power player. JWH (probably) and Jason Taumalolo (quite likely) would be in the Kiwi team if they were fit, but they still wouldn't be on the pitch for the whole 80 minutes. So when they were on the bench, England would be attacking pretty much the same players as the ones they beat on Saturday.


And without England injuries and sabbaticals, we could have launched a couple more Burgesses at them too.

NZ were missing JWH, Taumalolo, Mannering and Eastwood. England were missing George Burgess. You can add Sam Burgess if you want, and equally you can add SBW for NZ. Trying to pretend that this is some sort of glorious achievement or something that can be replicated in the future by English RL is just blind to reality. The fact is that England scraped a series win against a vastly understrength team that they should realistically have beaten by a much bigger margin, and in the process showed absolutely nothing in terms of attacking play. They won the series based on the fact that they were able to physically get the better of their opponents, which is something that should be expected from this group of players, and the fact that NZ were able to string together virtually no coherent attacking moves due to them playing a winger and an interchange hooker in the halves.

#3234198 Steve McNamara

Posted by Evil Homer on 15 November 2015 - 02:23 AM

Keep him. Our defence is now excellent and I think the attack is not a million miles off. Add 2 more burgess' a jack reed, a fit sam tomkins, see how whitehead develops in the NRL and I don't think any side will fancy taking us on.

Yeah, just imagine how good that team would be with a real coach.

#3234147 Steve McNamara

Posted by Evil Homer on 14 November 2015 - 11:02 PM

I'd give him another year. He's done OK results wise the last 3 years and should be given the chance to finally beat the Aussies and Kiwis in a tournament. In the last 3 years we've conceded an average of 16 points per game against the big two. This is crazy considering.

He hasn't improved his stock this series though, we were very conservative in attack and probably second best for much of the series. However, we found a way to win when many of us thought they wouldn't.

In what way has he done ok results-wise? Prior to this series his last win over NZ or Australia was in 2011, and that was against an even more understrength NZ team than this one

Some of you people live in an utter fantasy world. McNamara is a terrible coach, has presided over largely terrible results and I'm yet to see any evidence of any 'structures' he has introduced, other than the farcical Exiles series and the equally farcical Knights team, both of which have now rightly been scrapped.


This is just not true. We've been more competitive in the last 3 years than for the decade previous. Don't forget many times it's been said that we have outstanding players only for it to be proven false. 2008 was our golden generation IIRC.
Again, what planet are you living on? The 2008 WC squad had players like Paul Sykes, Jamie Langley and Mark Calderwood.

#3233916 Why do (some) people hate James Lowes?

Posted by Evil Homer on 14 November 2015 - 04:27 PM

According to whom? What a ridiculous thing to say about someone who is starting out in their coaching career.

What? Lowes has been coaching since 2004. He's failed in every role he's had and shown himself to be petulant and incapable of handling pressure in a mature and sensible way. Great player but some people just aren't cut out to be coaches, Iestyn Harris is another. It's crazy to me that people keep appointing them.

#3233881 One of the best international games that I can remember

Posted by Evil Homer on 14 November 2015 - 03:46 PM

If you can't remember as far back as 12 months then you should probably consider seeing a doctor.

#3227793 Rlwc 2017 European qualifiers draw

Posted by Evil Homer on 04 November 2015 - 11:29 PM

I hate heritage teams, but if Serbia filled their team with 17 Aussies and qualified, I wouldn't complain, as they deserve it more than anyone. I really really hope Italy don't qualify as they will bring absolutely nothing but embarassment and ridicule to the tournament with no locals and 24 Aussies. They don't even have a domestic league there.

This is so badly wrong on several counts, Italy have two domestic leagues, they would be unable to field a squad of "24 Aussies" (and didn't do that at the last WC) and the only people to 'ridicule' the tournament would be RL fans who seemingly take great pleasure in obsessing over largely irrelevant details.

#3224588 49ers release hayne

Posted by Evil Homer on 31 October 2015 - 10:17 PM

Jarryd Hayne has been released by the San Francisco 49ers. Guess it hasn't quite worked out for him so far it's a shame but would love to see him back in league.

In fact you'd probably say it has worked out great even if he doesn't join another team and returns to RL. Playing 6 games is a huge accomplishment, the vast majority of American football players could only dream of having the sort of NFL career that Hayne has had.

#3220378 24 Oct: England v France - Match Thread

Posted by Evil Homer on 24 October 2015 - 08:33 PM

But its not a pool is it, its a puddle, and a small one at that.

1. Escare

2. Yaha

3. Gigot

4. Duport

5. Pala

6. Fages

7. Bosc

8. Elima

9. Pelissier

10. Casty

11. Larroyer

12. Simon

13. Baitieri


14. Bousquet

15. Garcia

16. Springer

17. Boudebza


That team if coached properly and playing to full potential could give England a pretty good game, maybe even pull off a shock.

#3217464 England v France - 10k crowd or its a failure

Posted by Evil Homer on 19 October 2015 - 06:05 PM

Sadly, I think it will be because they will allow rolling substitutions and more than 17 players. I hope I am wrong because it should be a test match.

Surely this isn't going to be the case? Although I wouldn't be surprised because it's quite clear that the majority of English administrators and the wider RL community have nothing but disdain and disgust for the French and the other European nations.

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#3216202 Greece v Spain

Posted by Evil Homer on 17 October 2015 - 10:05 PM

It looks to be a bit of a round about format for qualification but keeps everyone a chance of at least a decent match and should avoid the blow out scores. Does anyone know whether italy will have their big names for the qualifiers? If not, and they are drawn with Spain,could there be a chance of spain making it to the cross group playoff for the 3rd spot? That would be an impressive journey.

Speaking from a position of no knowledge whatsoever, I'm not sure I would like to see Russia make it after the troubles I have read about over there.

They didn't have their entire squad but they had some players like Ciraldo, Mantellato and Minichiello for the qualifiers last time, I imagine it would be similar again.

#3215669 European Championship v World Cup

Posted by Evil Homer on 17 October 2015 - 03:34 AM

It's the fact that the competition is treated as an afterthought and a joke by the wider RL community. Most English fans dismiss these teams as a waste of time and unworthy of a higher level of competition than perennially playing against each other in a meaningless tournament in front of 500 fans in some ###### community stadium somewhere, which apparently is "allowing them to develop" and "protecting the sport" in some way. And of course this reflects in the crowds and interest level. It's the same reason England vs Fiji and England vs Ireland had sell-out crowds of 25,000 in the WC, whereas England vs France next week is being played in Leigh of all places and will be lucky to crack 8k. If you treat international matches as a big deal they will be seen as a big deal, if you treat them as a joke then they will be seen as a joke and the sad fact is that RL seems to specialise in the latter.

#3207729 England v New Zealand - West Ham fans

Posted by Evil Homer on 04 October 2015 - 08:02 PM

I agree with all of this. In fact many hipster trends such as the adoption of non-league football clubs, is really just middle-class people appropriating working class culture. RL should be a prime target for "hipsterfication" but you'd have to get the balance right between getting new money and people in the game and not alienating the grassroots.

Agreed, unfortunately the sport's profile in this country couldn't be any less 'cool', mainly due to the lack of any tangible London presence and the fact that Sky Sports fill their coverage with embarrassing caricatures like Barrie, Terry and Stuart Cummings instead of presenting the sport in a meaningful and realistic way.

#3198511 Is Toulouse in the 2016 League One ?

Posted by Evil Homer on 22 September 2015 - 09:34 PM

Vichy lives.

#3197994 NRL Club budgets: I don't get it, someone please explain something to me

Posted by Evil Homer on 21 September 2015 - 10:57 PM

Just looks like another attempt by the Murdoch-influenced Aussie newspapers to destabilise the ARLC and Dave Smith. I wouldn't pay much attention to anything they print TBH.