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In Topic: Wakefield Stadium

Today, 12:00 PM

Surely you're playing a dangerous game if you ask clubs to resubmit with better applications? A deadline is a deadline. If you get it wrong, you should have tried harder.

In Topic: Hull FC and Hull KR to merge...

Today, 09:37 AM

You really mustn't tell everyone what they "all know" unless your evidence, logic and reasoning is sound.

What we know is Hull FC are capable of 13,000 crowds whether 1981 or 2007, Rovers are good for 8,500 whether 1981 or 2008.

But they are also capable of crowds of 3,000 and 2,000 respectively and those fans were die hards of their traditional sides.

In Hull success can bring 21,000 through the gates for their beloved FC and Rovers, but combined that will not happen, and we have the evidence of that in the Australian mergers, Merger turns thousands off. The sum of the whole is far lesser that the sum of the two parts.

This is the evidence. It won't matter if 6,000 stay at home as 15,000 will sustain a top side, but top sides only get 15,000 if they win trophies regularly.

Hull have stopped doing that after winning just one and HKR have won nowt for years. Combining two failing SL clubs doesn't give you a winning side and that is logical reasoning. Put Cas and Wakey together and does that guarantee trophies??

It doesn't does it. Nor does putting Hull & HKR together.

If success doesn't come what is the magnet to keep the fans? Is it loyalty?? Well 3,000 and 2,000 clung onto that loyalty in 1996 when the clubs were outside Superleague but they had an affinity and a history with their clubs. If a merged side continues to struggle the "fans" have an excuse not to stick about.

Even on here some of the long time die hard Hull fans threatened to walk due to Hull not winning and same for you - you walked. That's not having a go at you fine chaps. It's just how it is and you can all do as you wish and not be admonished for it.

You underestimate as most do, "the importance of being in the eight" as HKRBob observed yesterday. Merging the sides would be OK if you could merge the Salary caps to £3.8M but you can't and reforming and starting again would take some doing and won't be enthusing many if the club is merged outside the eight? It even begs the question does this new club have to start in CC1?

If you want one big trophy winning club try the successful Leeds/Hunslet model. One grows steadily at the expense of the other before finally they get all the best players and most of the fans. Before you jump at this, think hard.

It was only in 1999 when Hunslet won promotion to SL and attracted investment. It was not long after when during HKR's demise they got just over 1,000 playing Chorley in CC1.

Hull took advantage to grow crowds to 13,000 (taking out the KR match attendances) and they won the cup and got to Old Tradfford without merger.

The reality is if anyone has spoiled the advancement of a "one club in Hull" winning trophies it is Neil Hudgell's "rescue" of Rovers, Hudgell and Crossland's resignations would be a far far better and proven plan than any "merger".

And that argument is based on fact, logic reality and reasoning.

You have posted only a slogan and if you want to win this debate set out your plan for a merged successful Hull side and the mechanisms by which this can logically happen??

Some details for once my fine friend...

Got to give it to you, that's a pretty good post.

In Topic: Wakefield Stadium

Today, 09:13 AM

Because it's traditionally a working class sport where people have lower disposable income, and has struggled to broaden its base and horizons beyond this due to too many inward thinking people

Needs glamming up. Should get Eddie Heard involved. If they can turn darts into a worldwide sport attended by tens of thousands, imagine what they could do to RL...

In Topic: Hull FC and Hull KR to merge...

Yesterday, 09:45 PM

No-one ever has any evidence when venturing into the unknown so that's not any kind of rebuttal of the idea.

What we all have, however, is intuition and basic common sense, which tells me that all 3 of those are easily achievable.

A merged Hull side in the not-too-distant future is inevitable and deep down we all know this.

We have no evidence that if we send the players into space for high altitude training beforehand that it will benefit them, yet it doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Basic common sense would tell you to leave well alone. It's not inevitable. You can try and create hype all you like, it's only you that's doing it. Get over it. You lost by a heavy score to Wigan.

In Topic: Warrington Wolves rebrand

03 July 2015 - 06:15 AM

I preferred the old wolf. I never liked the triangle though. Old wolf on new shield would have done well I reckon. I think it just needed an update rather than completely changing.

Not sure why they did this mid season rather than at the end. The club website and the club shirt will have different logos for the rest of the season now. Could be confusing for some.

They'll have to change the seat design in the corner of the HJ now.