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In Topic: Why shout SET before running forwards/backwards in a line

Today, 04:45 PM

If my child is say 10 years old and hes quite new to rugby about to play in his first match......

Going up against a hardened team who have been playing since about age 5 is not really something I would like to try myself let alone ask a 10 year old kid.

Using padding doesn't sound like a bad idea - the use it in American Football, Taekqwondo, Karate competitions. Its not as daft idea as you think. It would be interesting to raise a team from age 5 using padding, gradually removing the padding as they approach age 6 and 7 and see how much more confiident and better tacklers they become compared to kids that start off with no padding. I wouldn't say this approach is the same as wrapping them in cotton wool would you?

But in the real world, you would get children coming in at age 6, 7, 8, 9 and in your example 10 years old. When do you remove the padding? Do they all remove it at the same time? Or after they've worn it after so long?


The social impact of coming in late and having to wear all that padding would be enough to stop anyone new wanting to play the game anyway. Not to mention the points people have made earlier about people becoming reckless when they feel "invulnerable" and end up getting themselves (and others) injured still. And also, it won't make a jot of difference to joint injuries like you mentioned earlier.


And again, you still haven't explained who would pick up the tab for these tackle suits?


It's a completely unrealistic idea.


You're an outsider looking in and trying to be innovative. That's great, and I encourage that. But you can't just assert your opinion and not back it up, and ignore other people's opinions. You said you wanted to talk to the experts. I'm not saying I am one, but I've got a degree in sport, I'm a teacher of children the age you describe, and have many years of coaching experience in numerous sports. There are others on this forum with even more experience than me, and more specific to the sport. You won't find anyone that thinks it's justifiable to spend over half a grand on tackle suits to teach kids to fall.


I think you just need to call this one a bad idea, accept why, and move on.

In Topic: Bradford officially relegated

Yesterday, 02:24 PM

Sad day for the RFL who will no doubt now have to reduce the rent they can charge on the iconic ground they lease to Bradford. :smoke:

Odsal isn't the only ground the RFL own to help out a club.

As for those who think the Championship top 4 will have a chance of going up......last Year London Broncos were an utter basket case (almost as bad as this year) and yet they dealt to the 2 best Championship sides with ease in the cup.

But let's ignore the current Championship league leaders nearly beating the (then) SL league leaders on their patch this season.
Or Fev beating Cas and taking Wigan a long way in the Cup the other season.
If it doesn't suit...

To get to the 4 v 5 Play-off game, this championship team will have had to of at first qualified by beating not only the other top 3 sides from their division, but also by beating at least one SL side.......

No they won't. They could beat all three Championship clubs and likely finish 5th. A Championship club is guaranteed to be either promoted or in the final promotion clash.

a SL side with a far superior salary cap allowance and probably more "foreign" players......who they will then have to beat again.
Snowballs have a better chance in hell.........

With the increase in cap at Championship level, it could be closer than you think. Momentum plays a huge part in RL. The Championship sides may have all the momentum at that point.

Plus, how often have all the clubs at bottom of the league paid the full salary cap?

as with licencing, which the RFL gave a whopping 4 years to prove itself before canning it, the goalposts will be moved again inside the next 6 years, once the championship chairmen realise they've been fed a line and in fact, the SL 12 are even more secure now than they ever were under a non P&R Licencing system.

Well you've not even given at a second so it's quite hypocritical to have a go at others for canning things early!

Personally, I'd love the French XIII elite to get up and running as a 100% professional league financed by their own TV deal and for Catalans to join them leaving the M62 to play what would be as isolated a sport as curling is to the Scottish highlands.........Knock Down Nigel is doing to the RFL what he did to Halifax........and some of you are actually cheering him on?

Yeah, good luck with that.

In Topic: Marwan Koukash: I'll turn rugby league into a global sport

Yesterday, 10:03 AM

If Koukash wants the make the game global, he needs to set up a proper WCC tournament. The closer we bring the two biggest competitions together, the more attention they will get.

If he does that in Dubai, even greater chance of investors.

I'd go as far as having a secondary tournament for emerging nations.

In Topic: Retirement

Yesterday, 09:47 AM

I'm semi-retired!

I've not played in a year and a half since I went over on my ankle. I keep thinking it will get better, and I'll have a dabble again, but I probably won't now. (Have very little time with my job anyways).

Thinking of trying wheelchair RL. Take the ankle out of the equation!

In Topic: Who will be in positions 9-12 at next year's split?

Yesterday, 09:44 AM

If we've still got Radford, it will be us.