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In Topic: Toulouse

16 December 2014 - 11:23 PM

I did reply to all of your points scotchy, but my screen crashed and I lost it all. Can't be bothered to type it again.

I take your point about the middle eight being open to criticism if there is a club involved that cannot be relegated yet can still effect the rest.

A possible solution to this could be that, come the split, they go straight into the Championship Shield (a competition with no promotion) and that an extra club from the Championship has the opportunity to get into SL.

My preferred option was for them to play in a French Cup competition and not in the middle 8.

In Topic: Toulouse and Carcassone raise the bar!

16 December 2014 - 11:03 PM

With Narbonne RU in a steep decline I would think some games could be taken there also.

I remember they took a game or two there in 2006. My one and only Catalan away game was when they played in Naarbonne. I think it only drew 3,500 though. Mind you, that was the early days of the Dragons.

In Topic: Toulouse

15 December 2014 - 08:05 PM

no, it would be because of the million pound game,

If they won enough games, they wouldn't be involved in it. They'd be relegated because they didn't win the right games, just like the team that becomes the champions are the champions because they won the right games.

Theoretically, you could become SL champions by losing more games than you win under the old system.

the wins they had in SL over 10, 11, 12 would be entirely meaningless, as would the points they had scored over 4th/5th in the qualifiers.

Just like in any play off scenario.

It would be an absolute nonsense to argue that a team who finished 9th of 12 in the first part of the season, and 3rd of 7 in the second part were relegated for the entire seasons results and not one game, they would receive absolutely no benefit and it would be entirely meaningless that they finished 9th of 12 instead of 10th, 11th, 12th, and they would receive absolutely no benefit and it would be entirely meaningless that they finished 3rd instead of 4th or 5th. They would be relegated where as 3 teams who finished below them in the first part of the season weren't, and 2 of the 4 teams 'promoted' from the qualifiers would have finished below them in the qualifiers. But remember, every second counts!

Every second does count. If they won one more game in the second 8, they wouldn't have been in the million pound game.

If you are to guarantee that there are two French spots in a European SL, then in order for a British club to qualify for a European SL spot, they have to be one of the best 10 British SL clubs. If the top 8 have already qualified, then they're fighting out for the last two.

except of course the 30 games they had played up to the end of the season which are seemingly pretty worthless.

Isn't that the same when a club from 5th wins the GF and becomes champions?

That also only works if we have only 1 side exempt from Relegation, if we had 2 or 3 it would be even more ridiculous. If Les Catalans and Toulouse were both exempt, there is a realistic possibility that a team winning 6 of 7 games in the 2nd part of the season are then playing for promotion against a team who won a grand total of 1 game in the qualifiers.

A very unlikely scenario, which would create huge headlines through its unlikeliness and be controversial, which is how you get this headlines.

The worst two British clubs have to play off to get in. It is possible to do.
If you put more emphasis on that two French clubs qualify automatically for SL, and not emphasise the "possible" negative of then being exempt for relegation, people won't look at it as negatively.

In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

15 December 2014 - 07:44 PM

and yet it was felt necessary that the reintroduction of P+R be accompanied by an increase in the overseas quota. That's pretty compelling evidence.

Compelling evidence for what?

I think the decision to change a system that was finally beginning to work (the non-fed quota) was stupid and unnecessary.

In Topic: Toulouse

14 December 2014 - 08:49 PM

Because it would make it more ridiculous than it already is. You could end up with a club who finished 9th, and won 5 of 7 in 'the qualifiers' playing in the million pound game that isn't for a million pounds and relegated on the basis of losing 1 game.

Surely they would have been relegated on the basis of finishing in the relegation group (losing plenty of games during the season), and enough games during that period to slip into the million pound game?

That would be relegation because they lost a fair few more than one game.