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Money doesnt improve a player , although it can allow that player to become full time , which can improve them , so as long as the salary cap allows for a full time squad , that is sufficient , it is then up to the coach to find those players and improve them to a sufficient level

I agree. But there isn't money everywhere. And when we're trying to compete internationally and against rival sports, there needs to be a lot of money at the top unfortunately.

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Today, 05:37 PM

Indeed, the Hull fans reaction to Old Trafford 2006, and we sat amongst them, was their club was making great strides towards the top.

The response was such as 12,673 for the 2007 Catalans opener. Last season that was down to 10,178 for again the opener.

Wakefield 13,229 2007 up from 11,860 2006 down to 10,088 last year, Salford 13,338 2007 up from 10,107 2006, down to 9,821 last year.

Even the 23,002 Derby 2007 down to 18,103.

Symbiotic relationship? No. Statistics providing proof - sometimes yes, sometimes no sometimes never and if you don't like what they say shoot the messenger......

I'm not sure what you're trying to even prove now? That clubs that were successful tend to get bigger crowds?
I thought your point was that the derby affected Hull's crowds? What do randomly selecting games from two years out of context have to do with any of that?

If you're going to talk about the points I make, at least show the decency to address me. Or are you actually trying to antagonise?

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Today, 05:33 PM

You are right that no statistics could prove one way or the other, but to be fair, that's true of any change we are going to make. What is it that financial advisors tell you 'past performance is not necessarily a guide to future results"

Are you just going to throw your savings to the wind? let fate decide? Or even knowing that it may not be perfect are you going to make the best decision you can? Remember you don't need to get the all right, just more than sheer chance.

One of the things about sport that makes it attractive is its unpredictability. If you start controlling what happens, you take away that area. You can only control so much. There are differing opinions on this, but mine is that if you're going to hand pick the teams in the league, you might as well hand pick who wins. You may not agree, but it's not you that will get turned off by a licensed bubble wrapped league.

We would never have had the Hull Derby had we created licensing in 2006. But we also may have had something much much better. Licensing in 2006 could have seen Leeds, Bradford and Hull all knocking on 20k averages by now.

It could have. It could also have seen them plummet to below 10,000.

2006 wouldn't have seen Wigan worried about relegation, they don't take Fielden and Noble don't get the fine and points deduction and Whelan doesn't leave, Lenegan stays at London and they are getting 8/9k.

And so they stay operating as a poor club running near the bottom of the league, not forced to make changes to improve on the field and still run by an out of touch Lyndsay? Yes, a much better alternative. One of the reasons licensing was a turn off for many.

I'm not a fan of the comfort zone in elite sport. I'm hoping the new structure puts an end to that.

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Today, 05:18 PM

Wellsy I can understand completely your opening paragraph, especially as a speccy your club has spent as much as it possibly could within the cap restrictions and been rewarded with lets say some outstandingly bad returns on their investments in recent seasons, in respect of "aren't performing".

But, in that a club has the ability to spend more they are obviously as you say in a better position to recruit, if any of Bradford, Leigh, Fev etc, had another £800k added to the cap (and the money to speculate) and they could recruit the likes of O'loughlin, Brough, Hall and Hardacre, pure speculation, but you would have to say they would be in a much stronger position to challenge for promotion, wouldn't you?

They would have a better chance. I wouldn't say they "would be". They might spend it awfully. They might blow it in one big star rather then depth. There's all sorts that could happen.

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Today, 04:13 PM

Of course it is necessary, the more money spent on players the better chance a club has to compete, a £1.8M squad has far more chance against a £1.0M squad. It's something Leigh can argue for because Leigh would be paying it, arguing spreading the SKY money further will not work.

Edited for accuracy.

Money doesn't guarantee success. It just improves the chances.