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In Topic: France mid-season test back next year

Today, 09:49 PM

Don't put it in a small northern ground and it'll succeed.

If it's gonna be in the north, either DW or KC to get a good crowd.

But really, it should be at either Avignon or Toulouse.

In Topic: If There Was An NRL2...

Today, 12:45 PM

Maybe they should just go for 20 teams and bite the bullet. Yeah, they won't have the players at first, but they'd come through eventually and would be massively attractive to TV with the areas they hit.

They could also shorten the season down to 20 games (play each other once and one team twice on the road) and have an increase to the rep season. Everyone wins.

In Topic: New Kits 2015

Today, 11:16 AM

Hull KR home and away...


In Topic: Time for another NZ NRL team?

Today, 10:15 AM

Even more reason to do it. It can give a financial input into a much needy area. It could give children of that area a direct path for their futures getting paid to play the game they love WITHIN PNG. If it was the PNG government investing then why not?

I think people focus too much on the playing aspect here. Think coaching and community opportunities. Retail jobs. Management. Events. There are so many jobs that would become available and at a high level. It could really regenerate the area.

In Topic: If There Was An NRL2...

Today, 10:12 AM

Worst idea I have ever heard in regards to Australian RL! i'm missing the joke hear rite? I'm fairly shore the 30+ thousand paid up members of Souths along with Dragons/Bulldogs 20-25 thousand etc might have a problem with this idea. what the NRL needs is to stop changing things the game is fine just leave it as it is for a while aye.