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In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate thread

Today, 04:25 PM

Bradford home attendances 2014 - down 24%
Bradford home attendances 2013 - down 27%
Bradford home attendances 2012 - down 16%
Bradford home attendances 2011 - up 67% (The year of the £60 season tickets!)

Bradford home attendances 2010 - down 14%

London home attendances 2014 - down 43%
London home attendances 2013 - down 21%
London home attendances 2012 - down 11%
London home attendances 2011 - down 7%
London home attendances 2010 - down 2%

Attendances at Catalans home games peeled away in 2010 when they finished bottom of the SL table - down by 23% (highest peeling away that season in SL).

Attendances at Crusaders home games peeled away in 2011 when they finished bottom of the SL table - down by 27% (2nd highest peeling away that season in SL. St Helens attendances peeled away by 29% as they had to relocate to Widnes).

Attendances at Castleford home games peeled away in 2012 when they finished 2nd bottom of the SL table - down by 7% (2nd highest peeling away that year in SL. Bradford's peeled away by 16% due to the withdrawal of the mega cheap £60 season ticket deal).

Attendances at Salford home games peeled away in 2013 when they finished bottom of the SL table - down by 43% (highest peeling away that year in SL).

Hull's are also peeling away year on year since relegation stopped. 14k in 2007 to 10.5k this year.

In Topic: Widnes v Cas Semi Final

Today, 04:13 PM

So 12000 was a perfect fit then?

Only if you don't want to market the event. 12,000 for a semi is very small time. The CC deserves far better.

In Topic: Salford launch Season Tickets

Today, 04:10 PM

So those thinking that crowds will be drastically low in the middle 8 may be surprised when season ticket holders bump up the crowd, unlike the play-offs currently.

In Topic: On The Road Games - back for 2016?

Today, 04:08 PM

I think double headers would be a good shout for a big event. Perhaps the big clubs in the top Super 8 could arrange games as part of their third game? Or whoever has the third fixture one year could arrange it as one of their home games the season after?

Wigan vs Saints and Widnes vs Wire would be a good one for Anfield.
Hull vs Rovers and Leeds vs Cas/Hudds at Sheffield may also be a good shout.

Catalans taking games to Toulouse/Barcelona/Avignon would get a guaranteed five-figure crowd.

In Topic: The Million Pound Game

Today, 04:01 PM

I guess it's the SL Qualifying Final really.
The £1m game should be more of a tag line than a name for the event really.

Nice to see "fans" talking down the new event yet again. No wonder we can't grow the sport.