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Could the playoffs become the new WCC?

28 September 2014 - 04:31 PM

A lot has been said in recent days about upgrading the status of the the LLS, as well as stay of the WCC.

With the season changing into two parts, could this not possibly allow a joint format with the NRL for a WCC for the last part of the season in the future? The LLS then becoming the SL championship.

Not quite sure of the technicalities, I'm just thinking of loud here!

McDermott Digs at Hull Fans

14 September 2014 - 04:27 PM

Speaking after the game at the KC Stadium, McDermott said, "I thought our supporters were outstanding at the KC Stadium last night. Their reception and appreciation for Richard Horne on his final game before retirement was exemplary and singing for Gareth Ellis, even after he had scored against us, shows what a special club we have. Contrast that with the abuse that Tom Briscoe received throughout the game and I think it shows the class of our supporters.

"Even when the momentum turned against us, they did everything they could to try and lift the side and it was bitterly disappointing that we could not get the win for them. It was interesting at the end that Hull did a lap of honour but were soon off the pitch in contrast to our own lap of thanks a fortnight ago after the heartbreaking loss to Saints. Some of our players didn't leave the field until nearly midnight which shows the special bond between our players and our fans."

What a load of tosh!

Change That Bloody Stupid Rule!

28 August 2014 - 08:21 PM

Worst rule in rugby league. One foot over the line so you can hit the ball out. But inly if the ball's moving.
It's confusing. It's negative. It doesn't reward a great kick. Why the hell was it brought in? Everyone was happy when it went after 2002.

Battle for Eighth...

12 July 2014 - 08:40 PM

Seven rounds to go. 4 points separates 5 clubs.


8. Widnes Vikings (19pts; -114)
9. Hull KR (18pts; -30)
10. Wakefield Wildcats (17pts; -139)
11. Hull FC (15pts; +89)
12. Salford Red Devils (15pts; -100)

Fixtures remaining...

Wire (H)
Saints (A)
Rovers (H)
Hudds (A)
Wigan (H)
Bradford (A)
Salford (A)

Hull KR:
Salford (H)
London (A)
Widnes (A)
Wigan (H)
Hull (A)
Catalans (H)
Wakefield (A)

Catalans (A)
Wire (A)
Hudds (H)
Saints (A)
Salford (H)
Cas (A)
Rovers (H)

Hull FC:
Wigan (A)
Cas (H)
Saints (H)
Bradford (A)
Rovers (H)
Hudds (A)
Leeds (H)

Rovers (A)
Leeds (H)
Wigan (A)
Catalans (H)
Wakefield (A)
London (H)
Widnes (H)

Structure of Championship 1

05 July 2014 - 10:21 AM

Any news on the structure of this league yet? Not really any mention of it in the Policy Review.

With Coventry Bears inclusion into the league, I think that brings us up to 14 clubs, likely...

North Wales
South Wales

Are they going with 26 fixtures for the year? How many going up? Any more clubs to be announced (and if so, may they go with a split league?). If two more southern based clubs are included, then that's an 8:8 split.

Seems to have been kept quiet.