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Dramatic Exits

11 January 2015 - 11:09 AM

Why do some posters who have had enough feel the need to go out with a big jab at the forum? What do they think they're actually achieving?

We seem to be seeing this more and more. Just wondering if it's just me that is getting fed up of the prima donnas on here?

If There Was An NRL2...

15 November 2014 - 04:19 PM

OK, this ain't ever going to happen. The Aussies don't like P&R. But if in a parallel universe they did and there was an NRL2, what sort of teams do you think would be competing in it? What areas could possibly run a small NRL club that could potentially become a large one?

I've gone with a 16 team league for no particular reason other than NRL1 is, but here they are. Feel free to rip into it!
Adelaide Rams (SA)
Brisbane Bombers (QLD)
Central Coast (NSW)
Christchurch (NZ)
Darwin (NT)
Geelong (VIC)
Illawarra Steelers (NSW)
Ipswich Jets (QLD)
Newtown (NSW)
North Sydney Bears (NSW)
Northern Pride (Cairns, QLD)
PNG Hunters (Port Moresby, PNG)
Sunshine Coast (QLD)
Wellington Orcas (NZ)
West Coast Pirates (Perth, WA)