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Change That Bloody Stupid Rule!

28 August 2014 - 08:21 PM

Worst rule in rugby league. One foot over the line so you can hit the ball out. But inly if the ball's moving.
It's confusing. It's negative. It doesn't reward a great kick. Why the hell was it brought in? Everyone was happy when it went after 2002.

Battle for Eighth...

12 July 2014 - 08:40 PM

Seven rounds to go. 4 points separates 5 clubs.


8. Widnes Vikings (19pts; -114)
9. Hull KR (18pts; -30)
10. Wakefield Wildcats (17pts; -139)
11. Hull FC (15pts; +89)
12. Salford Red Devils (15pts; -100)

Fixtures remaining...

Wire (H)
Saints (A)
Rovers (H)
Hudds (A)
Wigan (H)
Bradford (A)
Salford (A)

Hull KR:
Salford (H)
London (A)
Widnes (A)
Wigan (H)
Hull (A)
Catalans (H)
Wakefield (A)

Catalans (A)
Wire (A)
Hudds (H)
Saints (A)
Salford (H)
Cas (A)
Rovers (H)

Hull FC:
Wigan (A)
Cas (H)
Saints (H)
Bradford (A)
Rovers (H)
Hudds (A)
Leeds (H)

Rovers (A)
Leeds (H)
Wigan (A)
Catalans (H)
Wakefield (A)
London (H)
Widnes (H)

Structure of Championship 1

05 July 2014 - 10:21 AM

Any news on the structure of this league yet? Not really any mention of it in the Policy Review.

With Coventry Bears inclusion into the league, I think that brings us up to 14 clubs, likely...

North Wales
South Wales

Are they going with 26 fixtures for the year? How many going up? Any more clubs to be announced (and if so, may they go with a split league?). If two more southern based clubs are included, then that's an 8:8 split.

Seems to have been kept quiet.

Daryl Clark

03 July 2014 - 08:57 PM

Hottest property in the league at the moment. What a fantastic player. England cap beckons.

Which clubs will be moving heaven and Earth to sign him? Can Cas keep hold of him? I'd love to see him stay at Cas (assuming Hull can't get him under the cap), otherwise chance his arm in the NRL. Would hate the likes of Leeds, Wigan or Saints to sign him!

USA and Super League

28 June 2014 - 06:33 PM

Just before I start, this is not in discussion! I've not read anywhere that any American clubs are considering entering SL, nor are the RFL considering entering any. I just thought it would be worthy of discussion!

If an American club (or any North American club for that matter) decided they would like to join the European system, should we accommodate them? Whether that be straight into SL (like Catalan), or into the next tier (like Toulouse)?

I've not really thought much about this but I'm interested to read other people's views. It is the "European" Super League after all. But with the right persuasion, could it be made into a Northern Hemisphere Super League? And what would "the right persuasion" be to you?