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Next Defection...

10 September 2015 - 11:29 PM


That will be interesting!

NRL Likely To Stick To 16-teams

02 August 2015 - 10:54 AM


"Davison suggested the ARLC may opt for a 17-team league, meaning a bye each weekend. But the Central Queensland and Brothers bid teams told The Courier-Mail they did not think that outcome likely.

Brothers bid chief Justin Barlow said he believed the most likely outcome was a 16-team NRL, with increased investment in the Queensland and NSW Cup competitions.

An increase to 17 or 18 teams would mean the NRL competition would need another 25 or 50 players of first-grade quality at a time when it wanted to maximise earnings from the new television rights deal from 2018-22.

I personally think it will remain the same amount of teams we have,’’ Barlow said.

“There may be two new identities, (with) relocation (of existing clubs) or partnerships, and more investment in the second tier.”"

So... who's getting relocated then?!

The "Middle Clubs"

26 July 2015 - 05:44 PM

Seems to be a bit of a moan from some people about the new system that some of the mid-table clubs don't have anything to play for now as they can't (realistically) reach the top four (even if it is mathematically possible).

My take is that it's taken 23 games to get to the stage where only two clubs don't realistically have anything left to play for other than league position. That's not a bad figure. Compare that with licensing, there were usually about 4-5 teams with nothing to play for at this stage (they couldn't realistically make the playoffs). And if you compare it with football, there's a world of difference!

Regardless of whether this is better than before or not, we should always be looking for solutions to continue and improve. So what could be done about the "early season ending" in the new system?

Extending the playoffs to 6 would give teams something to play for for longer, but would dilute the achievement of finishing higher in the table as well as make an already long season one week longer. A no from me.

So what else is there? Football has the Europa League for the next few teams outside the top four. Could we extend the World Club Series to 6 clubs perhaps to give everyone at least something to aim for? Maybe only a CC bye for the top 6 on top of that?

I've thoroughly enjoyed the run up to the split to be honest, and although our season is effectively over in terms of what else we can achieve (other than league position), I believe we've got what we deserve and will have to try harder next year (we shouldn't be mid table and have a shot at being champions).

It's been a while since there was this much interest in the club game in the June-July part of the season!

End of Regular Season Predictions

10 July 2015 - 06:53 PM

3 games to go. What's the table going to look like?

I'm gonna go with the "hopeful" table!

Round 21
Wigan 26-24 Leeds
Saints beat Huddersfield
Hull beat Castleford
Salford beat Rovers
Wakefield lose to Warrington
Widnes beat Catalans

Round 22
Warrington lose to Saints
Rovers lose to Hull
Leeds beat Salford
Wigan beat Widnes
Catalans beat Huddersfield
Wakefield beat Castleford

Round 23
Hull lose to Wigan
Saints beat Rovers
Huddersfield beat Wakefield
Leeds beat Catalans
Widnes beat Salford
Castleford beat Warrington

Final Table
1. Leeds 33
2. Saints 32
3. Wigan 31
4. Huddersfield 26
5. Castleford 26
6. Warrington 22
7. Hull FC 22
8. Catalans 22
9. Widnes 19
10. Hull KR 18
11. Salford 17
12. Wakefield 8

Slightly biased, but there you go!

What do you predict?