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In Topic: Championship: Featherstone land young Leeds quartet

Today, 01:55 PM

Featherstone Rovers have signed four youngsters from Leeds for 2015, including former England Academy captain Jordan Baldwinson – though all four have agreed deals with the Headingley club for 2016.

Hay said:  “I’m looking forward to working with this outstanding, young and talented quartet of players, and hopefully playing a big part in their development next season. League Express understands there could be a number of departures from the current Featherstone squad to make way for the new arrivals.



Are they building a potential Superleague side or just acting as Leeds Nursery?

In Topic: Elliot Kear

Today, 08:46 AM

Wales can't afford to lose their better players. A blow for the game in the Principality.


The welsh pro's who came through during the expansion years are fading away, there is little left of any senior game or junior game so Wales will end up in the same situation as "Ireland" & "Scotland". That's how it is, a reality.

In Topic: World Club Series

21 November 2014 - 12:33 PM

But this game will never be treated as bigger than those games you mention as long as it is staged at the home ground in front of a regular crowd.


Widnes fans still bang on about their World Club victory years later, they didn't just stage that game at Naughton Park - they treated it like an event and were rewarded with a big crowd.


Leeds got 32,000 and 27,000 at Elland Road in Leeds for two of their recent WCC games then opted to play at home twice before 20,000 each time.


An earlier point was the cost of going to the big stadiums. Whether Leeds made more out of a home venue I don't know - but renting the Stadias would be a lot of money.


I was at the Widnes-Canberra match at OT, 31,000. I'm not sure whether Saints would be confident of the same crowd if their fans had to travel, many of the beggars couldn't make it to Widnes the other year when Saints new ground was being built.


It's difficult, a half empty OT or a full Saints stadium? Takings less rental costs or take the whole of the gate and associated income streams.


I would guess Saints have just done their sums. 

In Topic: World Club Series

20 November 2014 - 12:40 PM

Wigan have beaten Brisbane in Oz, they have pushed Sydney in Oz. Leeds have beaten Canterbury, Melbourne and Manly. They only lost by 8 points to a Melbourne team cheating to get that team out on the field. 37k watched Leeds beat Canterbury in Leeds, 54k watched Wigan beat Brisbane in Brisbane, we don't need protection from an embarrassing result and we don't need to hide it under a bushell. This comp creates history every time it is played it just needs the confidence to give it the stage it is owed


97 was a mess for many reasons, it was a poor idea poorly executed. I don't think it is representative of anything other than what happens when a poor idea is poorly executed.


As I say and as you agree, one off matches where we can play our top club (or by far and away top club when Wigan beat Brisbane pre-SL) often at home, and often with better preparation. You have a decent spectacle, but nobody is under the illusion it's an even competition and we often need that edge. 


in 1997 clubs were off even, they all were in season preparation wise, and games were played home and away. We were blown away in the first rounds and only had 4 quarter finalists because the rules gifted us that. Once the games took place all four of our clubs were blown away again.


What elements of a "poorly executed mess" so heavily favoured the Australian sides??? You don't actually say?


It's a great idea to take a risk that with home advantage and more preparation than the Aussies we can perhaps give them three good friendly games, but if we think that the future of RL could be Aussie clubs playing English clubs late season in serious competition then what happened 1997 stands.


The players comments on 1997 was that the competition was largely good as it gave them the ability to "learn a lot" from Australia, and that the English game "would only get better if we play them regularly" comments which were often so similar it looked like they'd been coached what to say.


But they didn't go on to play them regularly as the comp was dropped like a hot potato before the RFL managed to re-introduce it 2000 as a one off game with significant advantages to the English, and the Australians were kind enough to provide the opposition post their holiday break.


Those games since then are no fair measure of how say our top eight would go against their top eight today home and away at the end of a season in a straight play off for a serious World title.

In Topic: If There Was An NRL2...

20 November 2014 - 06:48 AM

Going nowhere....

It makes my blood boil when I think of the opportunity lost in the London region because of the RFL's failure to issue strong governance.....rather than "look at us, we've secured a new TV deal" it should be "we've secured a new TV deal and London will be getting twice what everyone else does and 3 marquee players paid for by the other clubs and if you don't like it, then SKY can show darts instead"!


Now we have a club that is 100% reliant on Hughes to survive past 2015 if they don't get promoted (more chance of me winning lotto).....they will spiral and eventually be over taken by the Skolars who themselves have little chance of making the top tier. Kids with talent will look to the "other lot" for a pathway to riches, because regardless of what Wigan are offering, it's Wigan......hardly the "Kings Road" of sportsman's wish listed destinations.....all because the RFL shat their pants at the thought of IL owning 2 clubs! 


London suffered from underfunding, but also suffered from their geography. Several poor SL teams can survive and part compete because they have access to the M62 professional player pool, with half decent pros driving backwards and forwards along the M62.


As a club competing in SL they were therefore a failure through this handicap, but obviously starting to be a success in terms of their academy until the RFL cut them free via relegation. Seasoned knowledgable commentators were clear London's success lay in underpinning a level of junior development again several SL clubs were incapable of. A new "Player pool" was emerging just as it had started to do in Wales. 


Mr. Hughes may not have been a great leader, but that player pool was a great prize that the RFL threw away and now they have had to downsize SL as a result not just the cut in two clubs but the cutting of the Elite competition to effectively eight clubs.When M62 stars leave for RU and NRL and top Aussies and RU players no longer have the interest or incentive to join us, the few pockets of junior development left along the M62 is already inadequate to stock our Superleague effectively.


London didn't have the players and to just blame clubs who struggle from the games thin infrastructure for "bad management" is an easy way to dismiss a fundamental problem