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In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate thread

Today, 07:46 PM

My thinking on how it got the support (albeit limited at SL level) it did is that the big clubs dont really care about the contrived part. It doesnt really affect them and on the rare occasions it does, it wont have that big an effect. If a big club ever did get properly relegated under this system they will be in a bradfordesq spiral with far bigger problems to address.


Some of the smaller clubs might be secretly accepting that they can't actually compete against the bigger ones and see this as a bit of a softer landing than true P+R. We have to remember that the smaller clubs might be the ones most benefitting from franchising in that they were no longer at risk of a bad season relegating them and all the destruction that stems from that. But they were also being squeezed from the other side in that there were demands in terms of facilities and investment that they were under most pressure to make.


Take a club like Wakefield for instance, or even Cas, there were great demands in terms of facilities on these two clubs. They arent excelling in youth development (though cas do a good job) there crowds arent fantastic and their facilities are awful. They were both under threat from licensing and pressure to invest in those areas or be dropped to the championship. I think some clubs looked at having to build a new stadium and having to live at these higher standards and thought that not bothering and taking their chances in a form of P+R weighted in their favour, with a bit more funding at the top might be the easier option


Post of the week so far answering a poster who must be poster of the month.


Whilst tired old arguments are being fought out on the basis that parts of Superleague fail therefore the concept itself is a failure so we must go back to an even bigger failure because it gives MY club a chance despite them being an all time failure themselves.....


This hits the nail on the head for me. Why re-introduce a 35 year old failed system? What is behind this lunacy?


Club self interest that will always dominate when you set up along the lines of a 37 man Working men's club committee in which when you chair the meeting and speak of the good of the club as a whole all the clowns are thinking of is, "what's best for me?"


If the clubs collective thinking is at at odds with what's best for the game then that needs dressing up and then you get the PR drivel self interested RFL officials have been in overdrive churning out, including how the game has never been more financially stable, how crowds will be flocking back next year to exciting structures, how academies are stronger than ever and........


Well. as long as enough swallow this guff then the club chairmen can enjoy another season or three in their Sunday pastime that helps them avoid reality and the wife for a day of fantasy, giving them a welcome break from running their businesses the hard and proper way, which is nothing like they allow the RFL to run the game

In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate thread

Today, 07:14 PM

Quite simple they will won't. Players signing for lower end SL clubs will insist on get-out clauses if things go belly up. They may even have clauses in if they fail to make the top 8 for 2 seasons in a row etc. Clubs like Wigan, Leeds, Saints and Warrington will not need to sign players on those terms as they will be a pretty sure bet for the top group.


So if Widnes, Hull KR or Wakefield slip out then their players hop on the bus to the next ride on the merry go round - while all the time the top 4-6 clubs in our game get stronger and stronger. Why? Because they get extra income from games against exclusively top 8 clubs, sponsors can be guaranteed more TV coverage as 9-12 will have disappeared. And if there is a hidden Chris Hill or Mason Caton Brown or Daryl Powell floating around in the lower Super 8 then they can simply cherry pick them with a guaranteed future for the player and his agent.


Any side from the Championship who gets up will be frantically trying to sign players on a guaranteed one-year income. Probably mopping up half the squad that dropped out. Look how quickly London's squad slipped away in the last few weeks.


Reality cheques are your specialism. Keep going t'owd lad....  

In Topic: Mullaney to Bradford

Today, 07:09 PM

Nothing wrong with bringing an overseas player in to a Team, but sadly all Clubs have been guilty of "he is an Aussie so he must be good" signings. Often the overseas Players have been average at best and that maybe it would have been better to sign a Young British Player or bring through an Academy Player instead. Ist OK having a great academy but you then need to bring them through at the right time and in the right number. Ist very easy to destroy a Player by bringing him in to early and putting him in and see him struggle and then lose his confidence.


Its interesting many people seem to think that bringing allegedly better players in will result in success. Most times it doesnt. Good example is Gold Coast who have been found guilty of breaking the salary cap by some big margin. But what success did it exactly bring them as they failed to make the top 8 for the past 3 years yet alone get to a Grand Final!

Melbourne Storm on the other Hand have never really under Bellamy gone out on brought big names in even when they cheated the cap. Most have come through the System (Cronk, Slater, Folau, Smith, Inglis, Widdop, Bromwich Brothers) or have been Players nobody wanted (Norrie, Hinchcliffe, Waqa, Roberts, Rose etc). The success that Storm have had wasnt really the amount of Money they had but rather the System they had in place and the Quality Coaching of Bellamy.


Sadly most Clubs are looking at the Short term future and neglect the mid to Long term future. I have great respect for Daryll Powell as he is another Bellamy Style Coach who doesnt spend big to get a side playing well and doesnt go looking for excuses. He is somebody that will bring in Youngsters and bring in unwanted names and get them working as a team. Thats the challenge that James Lowes now faces in bringing a side together not just for next year but for the Long term and one that can look to get back in SL. The pressure is on and the Jury is still very much out on Lowes if you look at his history of coaching.


Ta lizzy........

In Topic: Catalans Rumour

Today, 07:03 PM

The timelines match but the demise of London Broncos had absolutely nothing to do with licensing. Nothing.


Of course it didn't.


The reason for their demise is down to the handicaps all clubs outside the M62 face and the lack of the money required to overcome and reverse those handicaps.


I cannot see how any club given a three year license - which is no guarantee anyway - should then not bother because their place is "guaranteed", From the chairman, through the board of directors, through the coaching staff, players and fans  they all want to move forward and win.


Who on earth doesn't mind defeats as long as they won't get relegated?? 

In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate thread

Today, 06:53 PM

I believe that if Castleford had a benefactor like Ken Davey they wouldn't struggle to get 10K. 


I'm with that.


Here's a club that can average 7500 paying fans on an average season in a dump. Here's a club that I do not agree gets that big a percentage of fans from the town itself.


Cas Vegas used to say that Cas fans came from far and wide on the "Classy Cas" ticket much like the all conquering Wigan can pull them from far and wide. 


If a rich man had taken over from Fulton and built Glasshoughton I for one think they'd average 8-9,000 initially from that, then they'd build on the back of an ability to keep their best local players and gain more support from a catchment area that would indeed swallow up Fev, Wakey, Ponte etc.