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In Topic: Daryl Clark to Warrington (merged threads)

Today, 01:20 PM

I just don't see why the production line of players and combined support in that wider area shouldn't lead to a shoring up of their resources by way of a conjoined approach.


Someone's got to have the money/desire to do it.


As I say those who will spend the money are fans of the clubs not their executioners. Those who may do it will be put off by the fans who won't want it. The irony is the fans won't want championship footy either. It's also not in the interest of the current big SL clubs to make an even bigger club who may beat them and cut off their player supply. 


Look close to home where in 2007 Hull had started to put honours on the board and were attracting crowds like 12600 for Catalans 13,200 for Wakey, 12600 saints, 12700 Wigan, Bradford 12700, Leeds 14,200, Salford 13,300, Bradford 14,400, Wire 13,400.


Ask yourself if Hull had stayed competitive at the top and Rovers had never got back in SL wether they'd still be mixing it with the best? If you believe they would then that's what Calder wants a decent ground then one club in SL, but the catch 22 is the council won't help 3 clubs, so nobody gets ground help, so you tell me?

In Topic: York - The Games Sleeping Giant?

Today, 06:57 AM

Well the idea nobody in York watches Leeds has been destroyed by anecdotal accounts of Yorkies following the Rhinos and I certainly have picked up on York and Tadcaster addresses and admissions of coming from there from Leeds fans.


Last nights game at Headingley featured York Acorn JARLFC as the "guard of honour" for the entry of the players to the pitch. That was a bit of an eye opener to an extent, but I never really believed the myth that fans of Rugby League somehow all sit at home not bothering with the game but waiting for their local club to one day get in Superleague.


Equally Leeds interest in the junior game beyond the Leeds City boundary was there for all to see, there was a Catterick junior team there too and of course Leeds have spread their connections to the armed forces. Not 100% sure that's the link, but all this indicates that true, effective Superleague clubs work towards being "regional" clubs, spreading their net far and wide.


So if those RL fans in York who want top class RL are travelling to Leeds, and if the kids who want to play it are being courted by Leeds then dreams of the "Minstermen" once again becoming the giant they never ever were just ain't gonna happen. That may sound sad, but not for me when you see big crowds and tremendous matches being underpinned by an interest in the pro game that crosses town boundaries. 

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

Today, 06:43 AM

SL clubs have no duty to give money to other private businesses, If championship clubs want TV money, then they should put on a product which TV companies want to pay for. 


You still going round in circles with this? Your point is spot on, so you won't get an answer to it.


There is no structural restriction to any club being a part of the TV contract now. In any event Championship clubs have in the past negotiated their share of the original TV deal down to nothing and have been given their chance to impress on Thursdays and they didn't get the foothold they wanted.


That's business and as you say Championship clubs are private limited businesses, so if they somehow should have handouts they should de-register with companies house and re-register as charities.


Leeds put on a great show with Saints and attracted 17,500 to the game even though it was on TV. After the game the players came out to meet the fans and we were by the tunnel. Gary Hetherington was bang next to us.  I missed my chance to ask Uncle Gary to send Hunslet and Bramley £10,000 each out of the gate money.


This is about attendances and the last pre-Superleague Leeds/Saints matches were good for 11,500. Playing top class SL is how you increase attendances, giving the gate money to charity is how you destroy the game.

In Topic: Daryl Clark to Warrington (merged threads)

Yesterday, 10:48 PM

If the topic remained about Cas and having to sell Clark, I'd agree, the fact that it becomes an identikit conversation that can be discussed on various other threads, and even talks about Hull KR and the structure of the league suggests to me that it is way off topic.


The OP was about Cas having to sell to survive, which raised the issue of financial imbalance, and big clubs depleting small clubs of their best players which keeps happening to HKR as such as Wigan, Saints and Hull keep dipping in their squad. As Keeny says there are parallels between Cas and HKR.


I know the other side of the coin is that you think the thread is about how Clark will fit in at Warrington. Well it seems very few people are interested in that and prefer to discuss and develop the point about the big clubs taking the little clubs best players. This is a discussion forum and your interpretation of "staying on topic" seems to be so narrow that it stifles discussion. Read your off topic post #55 live and let live mate.

In Topic: Daryl Clark to Warrington (merged threads)

Yesterday, 01:08 PM

Huddersfield, Widnes & Wakefield join that group of the current SL lot. But Cas I would say is the smallest and weakest of the 5.


The criteria? Being propped up by cash over and above their realistic fanbase based on demographics. As you yourself say, it's wasted money. Down the drain. Put Hudgell, O'Connor, Fulton, Davy et als cash into newly formed merged sides and you would see a return on their investments and the wider growth of the sport.


These people you name are mainly strong fans of their clubs, how much Mr. Fulton would  put into any merged side including Cas is highly debatable. How much would Hudgell put into a merged Hull side?