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In Topic: New Stand at Bradford / Ownership of Odsal (merged topics)

Today, 04:37 PM

That was 2012 - as pointed out in the post. I'm talking about the 2014 administration where the club was again close going to the wall and specifically the Green takeover where the RFL left us to it, presumably as the Bulls made such a mess of the last time they got involved. Feel free to address any points I actually made in my post about Mark Green's takeover of the club and any RFL involvement.


So do you know who has bought the stadium and for what AA?

In Topic: New Stand at Bradford / Ownership of Odsal (merged topics)

Today, 04:36 PM

Bulls, or Green, buying the stadium?  Either way, it will be Green's (or someone else's) money. Not "The Bulls'" money - they have none spare whatsoever.  I am assuming that buying the ground cannot be purely for rugby reasons, but for development potential - either with or without a rugby stadium - or for some other potential, maybe involving the current sitting tenant.


Sorry mate but this is all very confusing?? I don't understand you.


So some entity is buying Odsal and it may be for rugby or it may be developed?? 

In Topic: New Stand at Bradford / Ownership of Odsal (merged topics)

Today, 04:31 PM

I'm not sure this conversation or thread is advancing at all, it's going around in circles. And for that reason, I'm out. It's like talking to a brick wall. I've made my points and stand by them.....


Sorry you want to be like that but as Adey says championship clubs don't have the investment to build and build, and having watched clubs who have built something but hit a brick wall and needed to invest in players to get the fans interested, then I feel reality disagrees with you.

In Topic: New Stand at Bradford / Ownership of Odsal (merged topics)

Today, 12:53 PM



Green is saying he is close to a deal with the Council to buy the freehold.  Whatever is paid for this cannot be from any existing Bulls' resources - for there are none.


My turn to not understand what you are saying Adey?


Bulls are buying the stadium but there is no money to buy the stadium??


I don't understand good sir......

In Topic: New Stand at Bradford / Ownership of Odsal (merged topics)

Today, 12:49 PM

1. Nice to see you've continued the theme of talking gibberish. Of course that is exactly what I said Parky, your comprehension skills are first class.


2. FWIW, I think any club should concentrate on getting their house in order, building foundations from the bottom up (unless they have a sugar daddy) than throw money at players. They need to ensure they have a solid business Unfortunately too few clubs have been run like this and have taken the short term view. Fans to an extent don't help as they want short term success but that is where it is key for clubs to communicate effectively to let fans know what the end game is.


3. And with a few tweaks I don't think it is insurmountable for clubs to get promoted in the current setup


1. We wont advance any conversation like this, lets drop the digs.


2. In theory yes, but this is what Featherstone tried to do and it didn't work so in the end they turned to Nahaboo to promise £Millions so they could survive in SL.


Leigh have also done this putting together a superb facility with a low cost running base and good structures in place. But they remain in the same dilemma as Featherstone.


It now needs Mr. Rich man to buy the players but it looks like he's overstretched himself and can only get the Salford cast offs.


It is an inability to throw enough money at players that has done/is doing for two clubs who have followed your model.


3. Which is easier - to beat a superleague side to get promoted or to beat a championship side to get promoted?


That will tell you which system will better guarantee promotion.