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The Parksider

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In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

Yesterday, 02:40 PM

For the purpose of discussion I would offer a different proposal, in that the first competition for arguments sake the 2016 winners of the right to be promoted do not go up to the elite division the following year, neither do the relegated team drop down, the transfer of the two clubs happens the following season 2018, but the funding adjusted to enable the promoted club to build for the promotion, subsequently the 2017 season sorts the candidates for P&R in 2019, and so we go with the 2 season cycle.


You don't give me time to think!


On reflection I can see what you are trying to do i.e. minimise the effect of P & R.


But I can't see clubs or fans wearing the wait to go up or down.


I also don't think "preparing for SL" is a matter of a club playing a further season in CC so they can sign up players, the top 11 will still take the best and the promoted club will be faced with trying to take players off the demoted club.


I cannot see a way around the split, apart from this one..............


All clubs are allowed the same salary cap, then as soon as the Championship club has mathematically won CC through league leadership, they are then allowed to double their cap.


So if a rich club has it sewn up by August they can sign up players to truly be able to compete the following year. 


That's the best fantasy I can do and that will never ever be voted through. I fear any mechanism that makes it easy for a Championship club to take players off SL clubs just won't get the vote.


It won't get it from me either (not that I matter), I do not like clubs wasting money on inflated wages.


I'd just go for even cap between the divisions, a club may go up and down a few times but eventually they may well stick. They would deserve to as they would be showing perseverance and adequate financing.


Isn't this what happened with Fartown when they were always bottom, went down and managed to get back up and stay up.

In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

Yesterday, 02:26 PM

who's current thinking is to let the current Calder clubs drift and rot away, certainly not the good folk of these club's, it's you pro elitest leaguies who are saying pick one, and effectivly letting the others rot away.

Perhaps you were also being very smart with the inclusion of the "yoyo" team to widen the footprint although as I said before I thought it was a statement you had as an afterthought so has not to upset to many people, although you have counteracted that now with your naming of clubs not just area's.

But just taking that yoyo discussion a step further, you have answered all the points I made in my post's but for some reason chose to leave my suggestion as a possible solution out!


The directors of the Calder clubs choose to struggle from crisis to crisis, I am sure they feel that they will eventually get lucky and dominate the area and start to attract bigger crowds and all the best players. 


Wakey thought they had got lucky with Newmarket, then it was cas who thought they'd got lucky with Glasshoughton and then Fev thought they had got lucky with Nahaboo.


Prospective directors who may wish to take over a merged club may know that it won't be that much fun. The vocal minority will see to that.


I'd not get rid of P & R, there may come a time to do that but I wouldn't say it is now.

In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

Yesterday, 02:11 PM

Don't you think that the top bods at Twickers and the big pro R.U. daily's would have great fun and delight with Headlines along the lines of

"Regional UK Sport Implodes Even Further"

Let's be totally honest...........


Being totally honest since the free gangway RFU animosity has died down at all levels. We have no battle to fight with them.


The ERU have a Rugby Union footprint across England from Quins to Sale and  Exeter to Newcastle.


It only sustains 12 clubs. Perhaps we should be writing the derogatory headlines over RU's failure to manage more than a 12 club Elite.


Lets be totally  honest, those who fear a tighter, more competitive, better financed Elite of 12 or 10 clubs in Rugby league are usually fearful of the effect that it will have on their club if they are not in it and that is fair enough.


I just want the best for the game and if that is the worst for someone's club I'm sorry. I've lost mine.

In Topic: Where our pro's come from?

Yesterday, 02:00 PM

The sad thing is a number of Areas are hit hard with the loss of development officers and if a School is not particularly rugby orientated or will only do Sports if somebody comes in, rather than teachers taking lessons, then you could lose a Generation of People in a heartland area which will in 5 or 10 years have a serious effect on the game as less People have played the game or maybe even know where the local Club is to Train and Play. Some Areas like Halifax have somebody like Frank Watene and Luke Ambler going into Schools and has strong amateurs with big numbers of youths who bring along friends. But if that is not the case then we have a massive Problem in future. While the Pro game is the pinnacle of the Sport if we allow the foundation/grassroot to struggle then we face a time in future where the Quality and Quanity is simply not there. The likes of Leeds, Wigan etc do a great Job now but is it enough? How many Areas actually have somebody going regularly into Schools and helping them to join the local Juniors? How many amateur Clubs run Age Groups at every Level? Not that many I understand we want to push the game and expand but we also need to keep the development of the game in Schools in the heartlands. Lack of cash doesnt help but its not the main Problem for me.I do feel BARLA,RFL and the Pro game Need to get together and try and work a way to work better together so that all benefit and all are pushing in the same direction. From what I understand, there is too many Egos and too much in fighting for the game to develop properly. The past is the past and who develops how many Players is not important. But how we develop the game in heartland or non heartland Areas in Schools and Junior develop in the future is vital and yet we still see the same short term thinking and ego fighting that has blighted the game over so many years


Yes you put my self same worry well.


Thank you for your contribution....

In Topic: Where our pro's come from?

Yesterday, 01:59 PM

Doesn't matter who does the study there's always going to be an element of opinion on what constitutes a 'Pro player' and that means some will disagree.

I think your criteria and subsequent list is about as accurate as it can get, people will pick holes and point out the odd mistake or omission but by and large its a good guide and any other list would get picked apart just the same.

In Wakefield there's a resurgence of Rugby League in schools at the moment and that will translate into greater playing numbers in the community game. As for existing community clubs, Eastmoor Dragons, Stanley Rangers, Criggleston All Blacks & Normanton Knights are the obvious ones but there's a lot of overlap with Castleford, Featherstone, Huddersfield and Leeds community clubs as well.


Yes it's a guide and enables (some) sensible debate. I'd guess Wakefield's problems have maybe precluded them trying to improve junior development. How much they do I am not sure, but it has to be a solid principle that true Superleague clubs should try and take control of development wether using people to act as DO's, and working with schools and amateurs.