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In Topic: Crowdwatch - Round 15

Today, 12:18 PM

I think you are understating decent business practice somewhat, but your point about needing investors is spot on. The reality is though that a rich investor on their own will not guarantee success, and that is where the good clubs step away from the poor clubs.


I suspect Wigan, Leeds and a couple of other top clubs have much less of a shareholder investment requirement than some of the weaker clubs who have been reliant on investors, like Hull KR and London. 


I think it is unfair to say that Warrington, Wigan, Leeds, Saints etc are in a stronger position than some other clubs purely due to 'pot luck'.


Koukash is finding it difficult now, even with a nice ground and plenty of money knocking around, and we have seen in many other sports that money does not equal success.


We can't however forget that this is the business of sport, and the balance needs to be right. 




On the rich man they either walk through the door or they don't.


On the grounds they either come off or they don't.


I'm sure your right that clubs have some hard work to do to court the rich man, and have some hard work to do to swing a good deal for the ground, but Wakey were unlucky that Ted Richardson packed in and York Court stuffed them. 

In Topic: Crowdwatch - Round 15

Today, 12:15 PM

I doubt Derek has or will need to put much in at Leigh this year , I'd not bet against a profit actually


Well I've been through this with Craig who told me "Derek" earned ¬£Millions and put some of that into Leigh, then he switched the story to how Leigh can survive and thrive on 5,000 gates. He was going to confirm this with Derek, but he never got back to me, shame as we could have let other clubs into the secret and all could ride off into the sunset on the horse of profitability. 

In Topic: Crowdwatch - Round 15

Today, 09:47 AM

emotive rhetorical nonsense covering for a paucity of argument.


Cutting stuff :tongue: .


I'm yet to find a club that has "Climbed the ladder" through good business practice building steadily to the top.


The ingredients are always a rich man who takes the club as far as he'll allow his riches to stretch, coupled with whether or not the club can blag a decent ground on the cheap.


It's all pot luck.


Some clubs can offer the game big paying fan bases and quality local player development.


Giving them a leg up into Superleague for the benefits it brings to the game, is no different a leg up than Leigh dropping on Beaumonts £Millions, or Doncaster dropping on the keep moat, other than it'd be planned and it'd have a better return than Leigh or Donny can provide the game. It's called licensing.


Some are away in the fairyland of fairness and sporting purity, whilst the game goes backwards.

In Topic: Crowdwatch - Round 15

Today, 07:16 AM

So Fev can focus on being the Fev that they can be. They can have lots and lots of local players, they can build their brand locally and spread their tentacles in to the local area increasing community engagement, they can make themselves the best entertainment in Fev and the local area and reap the benefits.


You seem to have lost it there.


They can't have "lots of local players" because the kids don't want to play in enough numbers.


They spent several years recently "building their brand" "Increasing community engagement" providing "the best entertainment" and went into the red doing it.


And crowds have now gone down.


RFL/SL divvying up the SKY money writes the rest of them off, the RFL provide some SKY money I assume to keep these clubs alive. Their ambition, as we saw with Fev isn't to "grow" their clubs, in reality it's to attract big free money.


Campbell provided it to get them out of CC1 and Nahaboo was lined up to provide it to get them in SL. 


I can't fault your logic and reasoning that the game needs BIG clubs though

In Topic: Crowdwatch - Round 15

Today, 07:00 AM

THE answer to any and every defence of Bradford and their fall from grace


No it isn't.


Bradford got 15K crowds regularly and Fartown get 6K crowds regularly.


By that logic Fartown are run miraculously


What underpins clubs success and sustainability is "investment" which in many cases is actually free gifts of large amounts of money.


Whatever league structure is used is irrelevant, it's the financial structure that counts. That is only partly covered by fans, other issues are the quality of the ground that can be a millstone or a goldmine, and the quality of player production.


No free money at Bradford, millstone of a ground, but TBF they were at fault investing in their academy too late to save them.