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In Topic: Opinion: Super League attendance drop should cause concern

Today, 01:29 PM

Gates declining has to translate into less people interested in the sport and hence will impact TV audience.


Go steady. Thursday nights gates are supposedly people who can't get there staying at home to watch it on the box. Thus gates declining = TV audiences increasing in this instance. 


In theory if seeing RL live on TV gets the fans leaving their living rooms and not watching all the TV adverts by  attending games in person it's gates up and the TV companies miffed. There's a balance here and it's not necessarily gates down at matches = bums on armchairs down?


After a fashion TV and Clubs grounds fight for the same audience??

In Topic: Opinion: Super League attendance drop should cause concern

Today, 01:22 PM

Great work Parky.


2008 - first year of licensing, no?


Oh Keeny!! The move to licensing was to give the biggest clubs the time to grow their businesses, at the same time IIRC they also moved to 14 clubs. I don't know what your point is but licensing had nothing much to do with clubs failing to grow, the move to have 14 clubs did contribute.


Had P & R stayed in place financial difficulties would still have prevailed. When it came to picking the biggest clubs they found Wigan and Leeds and Wire and Les cats but after that the rest had big problems.


As you argue Hull and HKR's problems were each other, and the other clubs had problems with grounds, low fan bases, reliances on unguaranteed private investment, lack of player production etc.


The problem with licensing was once the RFL panel had looked at the clubs in detail they failed to admit it wasn't going to work and then abandon it accordingly. The return of P & R is much in the same vein - they refused to even discuss why/how KPMG said it would work.


  Now sir, what's your point??

In Topic: Opinion: Super League attendance drop should cause concern

Today, 01:11 PM

But should it be a cause for concern? Under the current Sky deal, which runs until 2016, SL clubs got £1m a year. The new deal, from 2017, is reportedly worth much more than that (does anyone know the actual figure?). The competition no longer relies on gate receipts (the loss of 1000 paying species for each of 15 home games at £20 each only amounts to £300,000 and yes I know that it's more complicated than that but we are in the right ball park). The TV deal dwarfs this. We need to measure the overall health of the sport. From where I'm standing this looks pretty good (more clubs, wider spread, better stadia, full-time players, improving TV coverage, successful World Cup etc.)
No dramas here.


Well we want our cake and eat it. Take thursday nights. There's a problem with crowds dropping to accommodate TV but nothing is said about the £Millions extra TV is giving us.


No dramas indeed. 

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

Today, 01:08 PM

Neither for me please, just a pint of Bickerdike's Old Knallockwrangler...


And to the point... I agree about the importance of the community game and the social presence and interest in the game which this generates. In relation to Calder Valley folding, they ran out of players and a major reason for this was not running youth teams, so their demise was predictable.


As we see in Leeds and Wigan junior and youth teams are very easy to run.


As we see in Cumbria despite the strong history and tradition junior and youth teams are not easy to run.


What that says to me is the grass roots don't feed the professional game as much as the professional game inspires and encourages the grass roots.


RL is not a plant, it's a virtuous circle when the investment is going in and a spiral of decline when it is not there.


I will ask about your point, It may be the population wasn't enough to support kids teams especially in light of the close proximity of Kings Cross, but it will be fascinating to ask and find out the realities

In Topic: Cumbria

Today, 12:51 PM

Your last paragraph about the amateur game compared to barrow RL is a complete lie.

I do watch my fair share of ameteur RL, it's brilliant to watch but the games do not get anywhere close to the RL. You can get 400-500 on a big game and on a few occasions more but when Barrow were doing well 5 years ago they were hitting 3000 crowds.

The fan base of Barrow reflects the results.


Your "complete lie" is a typical keyboard word. It's a pity you used that phrase as I enjoyed the rest of your post. If the anecdote I was genuinely given was a lie fine, but I was also given a similar anecdote about Oldham this year and how many one time fans won't watch the club now, but will attend amateur games (and some Wigan) in good numbers. I fear the Championship is being squeezed from both ends.


The fan base does indeed reflect the results and it is easy to find during hard times for Barrow attendances of around 500 fans and as you say some big amateur games can indeed surpass this. This however doesn't excuse my clumsy wording that on reflection gives a false impression


I always welcome corrections on factual issues and on badly worded points so I will now go back and edit it quite extensively, and at the same time acknowledge your correction and thank you very much for it........