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In Topic: Toulouse news

Yesterday, 03:43 PM

and yet, bar their last season, London didn't finish bottom. So it wouldn't have made a difference.


Quite true,


It's bad example I admit.


Looking back it's amazing the clubs who had worse seasons than the Broncos!!

In Topic: English half backs shortage

Yesterday, 11:24 AM

I think we are better off than we have been at times during the SL era for halves. As it happens the most exciting half back combination of recent years was Tomkins and Eastmond.


More quality that have left, forgot them!!

In Topic: Leigh PR machine do it again

Yesterday, 11:22 AM

I don't know about that but I know literally dozens of people who are from Bradford but support Leeds Utd and always have done -it's quite bizzare. I also find a lot of the more  'obsessed' Leeds fans come from Wakey or Cas etc etc


Bizzare? Why?


The LUFC thing comes from the Revie Era when success fame and notoriety created "whites" followings from all around, coming in from York, Bradford, Halifax, Wakey, Ponte etc even Sweden.


Big attractive clubs attract from afar.


I'm sure Bradford Bulls in their heyday got fans from all over the region surely???????


(Cue "nobody I know from Halifax watches Bradford posts)


Publicity is OK in theory but top class success is the key to a big crowd.


Leigh need promotion, then they need to win games and get in the top eight, then they need to make a real challenge in that top eight.

In Topic: English half backs shortage

Yesterday, 11:13 AM

my over-riding feeling on this (from a position of semi ignorance as per my first line) is that nostalgia does play a big part in this kind of discussion. I have had this discussion with many Wire fans, who started watching in the 80's - they have extremely fond memories of the teams they started watching, but tbh, Wire were pretty average 


Nostalgia undoubtedly plays a part, as does the fact in those days all clubs used English players, and the style of play was such that the Halves had big roles and were able to play off the cuff.


Everyone seemed to have a quality half back if not two


It'd be a long subjective analysis to work out why a shortage if any, it may be professionalism and the style of play. 


It may be little half backs like Gale, Finn and O'Brien are physically challenged in the pro game hence switching the Sinfield's, Kevin Brown's and Leon Pryce's to the position.


It may be that as Australia have so much more a bigger Junior development their half back surplus are simply better than ours and take their places.


But for me it came to something in the World cup when Sinfield was at half back and Aussie products Chase and Widdop shared the duties.


It came to something in the 4 nations when a journeyman like Matty Smith (absolutely no disrespect)

held down the seven leaving me with the feeling we indeed have lost the sort of quality halves we used to have.


Maybe Owen Farrell and George Ford are the new Schofield/Edwards so the attraction of such talent straight to Union may also come in.

In Topic: Bulls' administration rumbles on.

Yesterday, 10:49 AM

Where would Bradford put a sizeable away following this season, the Leigh game could be a decider with a couple of thousand away fans.
Surely £20+ to be put 100 yards from the pitch behind the sticks is a P take
Would like to see Bradford agree to the end section of the covered stand at that price as if 2000 piled into the side terrace to get a better view it would be chaotic


As above I've been there with 20,000+ crowds Craiq.


26,000 to see GB beat Aussie


23,000 to watch Leeds and Bradford battle for SL


It's a great view from behind the sticks, and the club handled the crowds very well.