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In Topic: Crowdwatch - (Merged threads)

21 August 2015 - 06:07 AM

1. I love competitive Rugby. It's why I am a supporter of the game.


2. It doesn't change the fact that RL at the highest level will always struggle unless some hard decisions are made and a decisive 10 or 15 year plan is put in place.


3. I don't have the answer by the way, but I tell you that Leigh replacing Wakefield isn't going to attract sponsors or new fans to the game. The selfish/club centric nature of our game needs to be addressed....no club or group of clubs should be bigger than the game but RL as a game in both hemispheres is a classic case of the tail wagging the dog!


1. Then why tell me how boring it is at present? This system, after a league competition, matches off the teams again at three levels of ability and you get competitive games. Whether it's Saints and Fartown vying for a place at Old Trafford, or Hull looking to pick off Leeds, or heading for the last chance saloon of Leigh.v.Wakey etc etc I find these games highly appealing. Why on earth not??


2. What does that mean? We are what we are, regional, the northern version of rugby, an alternative to soccer, a passion of enough people to be able to form a small pro league and get a couple of hundred £Milllion from TV, and much admired by other sports and sports fans. A tough exciting game, too tough for most to want to play, too close to Union, too much the poor relation to be able to expand into their heartlands, dominated by soccer. A game increasingly an Australian overspill of the NRL as excess antipodean coaches and players plug the gaps we can't fill.


3. You seem to be the sort of fan who loves the game but condemns it for it's inability to become something it isn't and something it can't be. It's market is niche not mainstream, it's facilities are limited and new ones highly expensive, it's players are limited in supply, it's investment is limited, it's how it is, it's not because the RFL and SLE have failed to make the "Hard decisions"


Your last paragraph is typical of a hundred posts this year from a couple of regular posters clamouring for "Franchises" and "The spending shackles being taken off this once big game". Like you they cannot come up with the answers no matter how many times I ask them.


They tease me with the sort of meaningless ambiguity you serve me in paragraph three, or they tell me that there is an answer but it's someone else's job to find it, and they are rubbish because they cannot.


Maybe just maybe the answer is actually the answer all businesses have at their fingertips. They make the best of themselves in the circumstances, with the hand they are dealt.

In Topic: middle 8

20 August 2015 - 10:28 PM

1. But how are they going to fix it ?


2. There's no way they would lower the SL cap as some clubs now actually are pushing for it to be increased.


3. If they want to raise the championship cap then there's a real danger that it will just become a 4-5 team league with only a handful of teams able to spend an increased cap, thus making a completely uneven championship.


1. Allow CC clubs competing for SL to spend the same


2. No question of lowering the salary cap


3. Where have you been this last half dozen years? The championship has been the archetypal 4 club league year on year?


Nobody has given a monkeys for RL outside Superleague, If the game wants superleague to be desired by rich men then let them spend it on their local club, if it goes bust as a result,which is a criticism they can just go and play with all the others who went pop. I don't see why small clubs have to be somehow saved from their ambitions. In any case it's hard to overspend if you can't borrow, and easy to spend spend spend if you have a rich man. Let Green or Beaumont spend SL cap, Koukash and Davey can at their little clubs?


Superleague is everything, no superleague no game, and if the game wants to press the lower SL clubs and make them compete, and give chances to new clubs they should allow them to spend full SL cap?? In not doing so ambition is trapped, and you'll see that with Toulouse.


There are upsides and downsides to everything, but in this case as long as the upside benefits SL and the downside has no effect on SL that will be very good for the game.

In Topic: middle 8

20 August 2015 - 10:17 PM

It amazes me how people seem to automatically think that if a club has more to spend then automatically they will be much stronger and better team. 


The difference in salary caps spends between the divisions and the difference in strength of the teams is proof positive you have that badly wrong.

In Topic: 888 Crowdwatch: Not P&R v licencing!

20 August 2015 - 10:14 PM

One , or two big attendances per year does not constitute a ' big ' sport......


Ha!! you got drawn into being teased.


In 1985 Wigan.v.Hull pulled 98,000


But the average top division crowd was 4,748 and the second division got 953......


I think Wembley was 78,000 this year and the average attendance in SL 9,000.


Why not go back to him and ask how he intends to get the 60,000 floaters going to all the SL matches?


Ah! I have the answer, make every game a Wembley cup final......

In Topic: Crowdwatch - (Merged threads)

20 August 2015 - 10:05 PM

Good for you.........


Not sure what "excites you" but watching teams try to avoid a trip to Sheffield and instead get to go to Catalans but other than that have no chance of winning/being relegated is not exciting to me.


The ups and downs of the game excite me, and no matter what system you have there will be ups and downs...


Currently there's action fighting for top four, there's action fighting for SL places, every win is an up, every loss is a down.....


Dead rubber men walking Hull excited me winning at Saints as well.......


Had we had licensing then there'd have been less excitement.


Let me know where you are coming from here, whilst Hull scraping into the eight meant to most agenda driven people, that was their season over they now have a big chance to add Leeds scalp, to that of Saints and the pressure is on a makeshift Leeds.


My problem is probably that I like competitive Rugby League.


Don't you??