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In Topic: Two South Wales Youngsters Sign For Widnes Vikings

Yesterday, 05:59 PM

great news proof that the vikings are building a club as opposed to a team. the latest in a very long production line of cracking welsh players to wear the black and white 


Oh aye.... Jim Mills, Paul Woods, Glynn Shaw, John Deveraux, Jonathan Davies, Adrian Hadley and Paul Moriarty.


1. is that really a long list?


2. Were they a production Line? or were they signings from top class Welsh RU??


3. And how are two 16 year old kids left over from the Celtic Crusaders inspired growth in the game guaranteed to be "cracking Welsh players"


I thought Northern Sol's post was pretty silly, nobody enjoyed the demise of the Celtic Crusaders more than him, but it's left the game in Wales at a pretty low ebb and I cannot find any "production line", down there - can you?.


Are you sure that this isn't a case of Widnes Junior ARL not being able to produce the numbers of top players they once did?? So they have to scrape about. All due respect to the lads but Wigan had first dibs in their welsh tie up so your having to take seconds as usual.


Sorry VW it's another piece of P.R. Puff from you. 

In Topic: Two South Wales Youngsters Sign For Widnes Vikings

Yesterday, 12:28 PM

Vikings Head of Youth Performance, Phil Finney, spotted the Welsh duo starring for the Dragons against Widnes’ Under 16’s earlier in the season and following talks with the youngsters and their parents they have turned down other offers to become full time Youth players at the Select Security Stadium Club. Finney said: “We are pleased to have the two boys from Wales at the Club. Our Under 16s played the South Wales Academy side, which is affectively the national squad, and these two lads stood out and made the game extremely difficult for us. They are probably the two shining lights in the Welsh team Jones, a prop forward who is also a Welsh speaker, says he’s excited to be at Widnes and will be working hard to ‘pursue his dream’ of making it professionally with the Vikings. He said: “I started playing Rugby from five years old and moved to playing Rugby League  when I was 11 and I’ve loved the game ever since.


As the thread sinks under the TRL pieces I can't find anything on Welsh Junior Rugby League clubs and all I can find on the Welsh academy is a handful of games last year inc. the one above. Looks like Sion started in junior RL at the time professional club Celtic Crusaders were still going. Let's hope him and his mate aren't the end of the line?


Anyone help with info on where the Welsh Junior game is today??

In Topic: Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

Yesterday, 07:38 AM


It seems to me you've decided having that team is a bad idea and you're just clutching at straws trying to support your opinion with "evidence" blown out of proportion or based on all sort of assumptions, like the players not wanting the free vacation across the pond because in 21st century Britain they still practice serfdom and getting days off from work is unheard of.


Well I suggest you have to remember that short term many people would welcome Canada having a go through our leagues, I'm sure many RL players would just love to say they played professionally against Canada in Canada, and would jump at the chance to go there and play before a decent crowd in a competitive fixture. Many of the fans may plan a nice holiday to take in an away game in Canada? Something to remember in this short life.


But the long termists who have overly lofty ambitions for their clubs are always going to resent watching outsiders trying to step over and on their clubs heads to achieve the sort of progress they wish for their own club. Opinions are always going to be heavily coloured by personal ambition. 

In Topic: Two South Wales Youngsters Sign For Widnes Vikings

Yesterday, 06:40 AM


WIDNES Vikings have swooped to sign two of Wales’ hottest youth products Sion Pryce-Jones and Connor Parker who have joined the Club’s Academy.The two Wales Academy Internationals have signed two year deals at the Club and have moved to the area to fully commit to their Rugby League careers at Widnes.



Hi Chris, Interesting development - I can find the Welsh Junior conference these lads may have come from founded 2009 with 11 clubs playing 2010 providing 22 teams.


I'm not picking up anything much on the internet for recent years, do you Janners or anyone have a link to the "South Wales Junior Conference" for this last year, can't find much on the Scorpions site or the Wales official site or even the club sites  although I may simply be looking in the wrong direction!

In Topic: Wakefield sign Richard Owen from Castleford

20 October 2014 - 01:25 PM

Owen is the third Wakefield player to turn a loan spell into a permanent move following scrum-half Tim Smith and fellow winger Chris Riley’s decisions to stay on.


The policy seems to be try players such as Cas, Wire and Salford (and nobody else?) don't want and if Webster can get enough from them then it's a steady cheap signing. Looks like Wakey will be favourites for the wooden spoon, but the "Coach" effect is also a big factor when you look at Radford against Powell for instance.