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Yesterday, 05:09 PM

Come in Parky please .Hunslet have A great bunch of loyal fans and that's all they have now.The days of Hunslet 1950s 60s are gone that generation has gone



Sadly Hunslet can no longer be considered Leeds' "local rivals". . No longer is there a real rivalry between North and South of the river.


if hunslet v leeds pulled in 20k I would eat my hat, your hat and every hat at the mad hatter's hat convention.

It is another of your laughable suggestions.


I suspect the poster has argued himself into a hole and is happy to dig it deeper.


What I noticed pre-SL was even then a Leeds.v.Hunslet "derby" attracted fewer supporters than Leeds regular big First Division games. I remember thinking then, a couple of decades ago, this isn't a derby any more.


Even in those days we had a couple of thousand fans we could take to Headingley. We don't have that any more.


Today the south Leeds people mainly watch Leeds and the kids aspire to play for Leeds Walker, Ablett, McShane, Sutcliffe etc. There are no fans or players for an SL club, no ground and no investment interest. It's just nonsense.


You have to perhaps consider some look at the past with a warm glow, and wish it was the future. It's just an agenda driven thing.

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Yesterday, 09:30 AM

A simple question to those who suggest ' mergers ' and ' smaller ' clubs being satisfied to remain locked out of SL for the greater good of the sport




Well for me no mergers unless clubs actively want to do that, that's not to say in theory mergers are not a good idea. I doubt real mergers will ever happen but I suppose takeovers dressed up as such might? If they don't happen I would suspect we would see a continuation of big clubs marketing themselves in the local small clubs area and taking their pick of the better local juniors there for their academies.


As for lock outs again not for me on the basis that when clubs were locked out by licensing some of those locked in started to fail and collapse so P & R as much as people want to denigrate it still has a very important purpose. If Michael Carter at Wakefield has no money  and cannot find a way to make progress (like be gifted a ground) but Leigh have such a ground and have money through the board of directors then in they go.


So after many years of debate what do I want? In my dreams the game to take off big style all over, but on a more pragmatic level places like Hull and Calder to produce a club capable of competing with the big four, Toulouse to follow Les Catalans, Bradford to get back into SL, Newcastle to find the massive investment for a new area SL club to thrive and London to  make a comeback and get more investment too.


I'd like to see an SL with more clubs with big crowds, more clubs competing and more local kids playing as a result. If that all came off SL would be Leeds, Bradford, Hull, maybe Wakefield, Salford, Wire, Saints, Wigan, Catalans, Toulouse, London and  Newcastle. 


I don't see the argument that if some of us get what we would like to see there will be only six SL clubs, or that St.Wigwireford Reds would be playing Bradull Rhinos every week. The above quote "leave the "dross" behind and play one another over and over again. Isn't a sensible point and only antagonises people. The below quote "the champ clubs will still be here when the big clubs are not when sky get fed up of televising a 6 club league." isn't debate either, there isn't going to be a six club SL.


Where the "little clubs" always have a chance in the system is where the salary cap is in place in combination with a little club having a Chairman rich enough to gift the money to spend up to that cap. Wether it's HKR, Leigh, Fartown, Fev under Nahaboo, or whoever that's fine, but I'd always feel the game would not best served by this if the likes of Bradford and London for instance end up outside SL.


Nowt against any small club but I do personally want the biggest clubs we can in Superleague for the good of the game.

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Yesterday, 09:01 AM

I thought has just struck me about this 'naysayers and doomsday prophets' line you trotted out there. Is anyone who disagrees with your premise - that, because there's 700,000 people in an area you refer to as 'Manchester', that area should have a SL club - automatically a naysayer? Are you just automatically correct? I'm all in favour of expansion - even to the point of parachuting clubs like London into SL and doing whatever it takes for how ever long it takes to keep them there. I just can't see how shoving another SL club in a conurbation that is already served by three and a half SL clubs achieves anything, or that it would be successful. I just don't think the support is there for it or that the final result - yet another club within spitting distance of the M62 - is worth the effort.


I think it's quite clear that to have a Superleague club you need money to invest in it and an audience to provide the fans/gate income, but also the sponsors and the players of tomorrow.So over the years people have made efforts to find these ingredients. 


Second clubs in the same area have always suffered from having to chase the same resources as the first. Putting clubs in new areas close to RL Land has taught them there's no audience just over the district boundary - like Sheffield, Doncaster Blackpool, Huyton and Trafford etc.


Putting them inside RL Land like Springfield borough or Prescott Panthers is an even worse idea as everyone is affiliated with the first club. Going to new areas altogether like Kent, Mansfield, Nottingham etc  has also failed.


But what we have seen is some success in Newcastle, South Wales and London, as long as the investment is heavy. Investment may be a bad word, it's more like philanthropy. Sadly that can't be afforded by the RFL so it has to be left to individuals none of whom have been rich enough to meet the investment levels for long enough. 


So I think that's a fair and realistic analysis of the facts, leaving us with trying to make what we have better whilst leaving a door open for the big investor, next one up is at Newcastle.


But plucking out of thin air against all the odds, and against sound business sense, and against past experiences the idea that you can put a Superleague club in Manchester in direct competition to Salford, when I guess every RL minded fan, every lad who wants to play RL, every businessman who wants to sponsor it probably already makes the short journey into Salford has no logic or reasoning to it whatever and flies in the face of everything we have learned about trying to expand the game both locally and nationally since 1981 when Fulham shocked us by joining.


No doubt my post will be attacked as " invented arguments, waffle and unprovable points", which is no basis for a sensible two way debate hence I don't go there.


But I have a feeling you and most people on here - even if they don't like the name on top of the post may appreciate what I'm saying John.

In Topic: Record ST sales at Leigh

25 January 2015 - 06:06 PM

averages are far more useful when comparing like for like, comparing 2015 to 2016 using averages will be far more useful than 2014 to 2015, because one is like for like, one isn't.


No I won't do that but KPMG & RFL will if it suits.


I did like for like in terms of individual match attendances last year for the "jeopardy" games which were all down, and oddly all those drops were excused away by people who didn't like the figures, same for Hulls match for match increases after the club hit Old Trafford, and match for match decreases as the club slid down the league. All excused away, by those who didn't like the facts as you can see.

In Topic: Record ST sales at Leigh

25 January 2015 - 06:01 PM

How do SL expand the game without giving money to clubs outside SL? Who do the SL clubs DR with? What happens when the clubs outside of SL wither and die and all we have left are a dozen clubs or less? If SL clubs want all of the money for themselves then I hope they remember the expression 'there but for the grace of God go I'.


Well if there's a scramble for the 12 places then P & R opens up the chance for all to grab one before it's too late and they "wither and die".


Not sure why anyone should "wither and die" when there's still a desire and audience for Championship RL even if it's at supporters trust run clubs on a few hundred crowds and part time wages.


The SL clubs of course want the money for themselves because they need it and it's paid to them in return for providing SKY with Superleague. Over the course of the last contract it wasn't enough by tens of £Millions and every penny's needed to prevent SL clubs going bust or reducing the quality of the league.


I'm at a loss to understand why you cannot see that taking money off successful clubs is a good thing, or what good this money will do for small clubs. They'll swallow every penny on wages, unless you believe the money is so vast it can pay for everyone to be an SL club.


Clearly the financial need to now have two less SL clubs demonstrates the impossibility of this.


If we had 12 clubs left that would still be enough to cover M62 land and still have clubs in France and London so again not sure you've thought it through.