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In Topic: Catalans academy

Yesterday, 02:03 PM

The report here says its on hold for twelve months as the RFL are totally re-structuring the Academy set up for 2016. It mentions some clubs not prepared to fork out €12-15000  to get their sides across to Perpignan. As it stands at the moment the Catalan Academy side intend to play 20-22 games in 2015. They intend to fulfill all away games (11) in England starting with St Helens on 6th February. The article says presently 4 or five SL clubs are committed to coming to Perpignan next year but doesn't name them. 


PHEW! What a relief. 


Some of the clubs who run academies get little out of them and are short of money and need every penny to survive so there is an element of understanding their position, but I'd hope that if SL academies were to be restructured for 2016 then It'd be good if the RFL put Catalans in first and then ask the clubs to apply for the other 11 places!! 

In Topic: 2015 academies

Yesterday, 01:56 PM

Coincidence.Players from more established clubs would gravitate to them if the club was set up by the Rhinos.


The only players they have attracted have been from teams that have folded,due to lack of numbers.



Players from more established clubs would not be allowed to gravitate to them


I just wondered if there'd ever be mileage in the SL club being linked to it's theoretical feeder clubs, but I can see why it isn't allowed. If the clubs have to keep a distance then I can also see why they think it fair that they can go sign anyone from anywhere as the junior game has nothing to do with them. Thanks gents for the replies. Terry whose folded lately do you know??

In Topic: Gateshead sign 4 Kumuls

Yesterday, 10:59 AM

Its looking very exciting for us our owner wants us in super league big signings made and looks like a possible move to newcastle falcons rufc kingston park stadium, things are really looking exciting for thunder also magic weekend at newcastle uniteds st james park stadium will boost the profile of our club and rugby league in the north east! So excited for next season! 


A very very exciting development indeed and well I remember Richardson's 1999 Gateshead.


If the owner wants Superleague then the owner must be aware of the deep pockets he will require and may need to use the plight of the original Gateshead and the plight of Sheffield the Harlequins and Crusaders as a guide to just what will be involved cracking Superleague.


It may be £2,000,000 a year from his pocket, year on year, but if Marwan Koukash can do this then so can Gateshead's man??. Lets hope that the Junior game is invested in too alongside any investment in the senior club and that the charge to Superleague will inspire the junior game to grow as it's not done too bad despite 15 years since Gateshead Mark i.  


I am sure you'll have all the best will in the world and encouragement but when and if it gets to chasing promotion to the big league watch out for some Jealousies, you have to step on someone's head to get there!!

In Topic: Catalans academy

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

We can blame the NRL for killing the international game but the uk has done very little to help matters along either.


This comes on top of also refusing Toulouse entry every year for so many years, the RFL are effectively isolating not just Les Catalans as an SL club but isolating their junior game too.


Les Catalans is I think a Richard Lewis project that heralded Licensing.


Someone in the RL press needs to get into Wood's ribs. This confirms the retreat to the M62.

In Topic: 2015 academies

Yesterday, 07:44 AM

Just to clear few points up for you Parky on the Leeds junior clubs you mentioned.The leopards weren't formed by the Rhinos,they do have committee members who work for the Rhinos and are fortunate to be in an area where many of the players live.They managed to push themselves into the limelight,much to the annoyance of other clubs in Leeds,getting half time games at the Rhinos and on field publicity,without actually playing competitive fixtures for two seasons.
As for the underdogs,they were formed when another Rhinos employee was "asked" to leave his position at an amateur club in the city.Their recruitment has been poor and as yet do not have any age group teams.


It's very kind of you to make these additions and corrections thank you. I still see Underdogs leaflets floating about. I just wonder wether the move to install two clubs in north Leeds leaves them competing for players and wether the RU orientated Schools don't help kids to get comfortable with RL before opting to play it at weekends. Maybe another factor is "Mates". I'd find it hard to imagine kids at Leeds City, Lawnswood, Wigton and Shadwell Junior soccer teams walking away from their mates to play a different game.


On another thread, in another post in another year I pondered whether Leeds, who value a junior development set up more than anyone, should just take the thing by the horns and actively set up clubs rather that send players round schools, hold kids fun days and run summer camps. I think an answer was they were not officially able to do that under some rules somewhere. The reality here may be that Leeds Rhinos staff have done that anyway - coincidence or a cunning plan?


But the facts are for me the concentration of kids playing RL correlates exactly to Superleague areas and all things being even (discounting rich SL club owners sending scouts to far off junior games) if Superleague is to thrive/survive the development of professional players begins at home and clubs need to nurture it,