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In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate thread

Yesterday, 10:00 PM

The solution to the problem of semi-pro clubs finding the gap to SL too big to bridge seems to be to simply make promotion difficult. You have to beat professional teams with a semi-pro squad to go up. It's just a weak attempt at appeasing those who want proper P&R. What happens if after three seasons not one team has actually been promoted?


Ooooh a naysayer!


What happens is the new eight club Superleague simply rolls on and on.


What clearly will happen is the top clubs will continue to stay in the spotlight as they play their big games against each other three times a season or more


Remember 2004


Leeds 26 Bradford 18 att:21,225

Bradford 12 Leeds 26 att: 23.375

Leeds 40 Bradford 12 att: 21,225

Leeds 12 Bradford 26 att: 21,525 (QSF)

Bradford 8 Leeds 16 att: 65,547 (Final)


Yet somehow we are told by KPMG/RFL the "radical" new system which is a tyred old re-tread (geddit?) will be the saviour of the crowd slump.


It's a case of if you want P & R then go play it at the bottom of the garden and leave the big boys to play the real game. I wouldn't mind but the radical RFL have lost the biggest boy of all. 


Time for the RFL to resign (no not re-sign)!

In Topic: Marwan Koukash: I'll turn rugby league into a global sport

Yesterday, 09:42 PM


I dont think the new structure is radical, i dont see what is radical about it. At the top its a different play-off structure. Not really a radical change we have been through numerous play-off structures.


Well the definition is "Characterized by departure from tradition" and guess what................


P & R is a modern rugby league tradition from 1973-2009  and was first tried in 1903 when Brighuse Rangers and St.Helens were relegated.


Putting four clubs in risk of jeopardy was first tried 1973/4 and it lasted until 1985.


Sellotaping two traditions together is in no way radical.


Intransigence on this forum is certainly not radical, But no doubt this myth will be repeated many many times.

In Topic: The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Yesterday, 06:06 AM

Don't we all wish that London could get management as good as those running Sheffield Eagles


People really cannot have it both ways.


We've got Trojan trying to convince us Bradford are dead and gone and are no longer a big club yet they still play out of home ground Odsal, they still count support at 6,000. they still run an academy that produces players and they now have the missing ingredient, that of a rich owner.


Remember as soon as Featherstone got that rich owner in Nahaboo there was post after post about how the club would be going places, buying up all the best players and reaching for the stars.


OK I accept we are in the here and now and it's not 2001 and Bradford have not just crushed Wigan in the SL final, but by 'eck Brdford are still three times the club Featherstone or Leigh are.  


Now we get the myth of how marvelously run Sheffield Eagles are.


The club was so well run it collapsed out of existence, then when it came back it was so well run that it couldn't manage to develop a player production system. Compare and contrast the London academy with the Sheffield academy, which one produced the results?  


Then Sheffield brought in the right players to win the Championship and how well did the crowds go? They went nowhere despite the successes.


But again people can't have it both ways and declare that in the here and now Bradford or London are shot, when in the here and now "well managed" Sheffield are well down the Championship and playing before falling crowds out of a bigger dump than Odsal.


That a non RL city can pinch the Championship twice from under the nose of Halifax Featherstone and Leigh, may say more about the standard of RL in the championship and the gulf between that and Superleague, than it does about the readiness or the ability of CC clubs to be up to P & R.


You look at the tables in the here and now and if the CC clubs have to go to places like Hull and star studded Salford next year there could be immediate problems with this "brand new" exciting system. 

In Topic: The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

23 July 2014 - 01:52 PM

I refer to those fans who have been steadily losing interest in the game, namely those in the Championship who have been disenfranchised, the very body of fans the RFL directly referenced when bringing in the 3x8. Those who don't care about P&R are still RL fans. My reference is purely and directly aimed at the RFL statement.


I had to hang back for this one!!


What's your anecdotal or logical evidence for this?


Fans come and go all the time. They die, they lose interest, they grow up and become RL fans, then they die, lose interest etc. I know this as I've sat with them for nigh on 50 years.


Fans who come into the game travel more nowadays, so they don't necessarily gravitate to the local club they may be attracted straight to starting supporting SL through an SL club in the next town.Fans decide to switch clubs and many fans may have watched Championship sides and now they choose to watch SL sides. They aren't lost to Rugby League. Nor are fans who decide rather than go down the local championship club I'll buy SKY sports instead. We still get the money


It looks like your only evidence is "because the RFL said so" but then they got it from KPMG and they won't back their research that supposedly shows the championship who averaged 2,047 fans when P & R was removed now averaging 1,020. 


If they get those alleged disenfranchised fans back via P & R fine, but they should remember the fans they will lose by the relegation of Bradford Bulls. They used to attract as many fans as all the lost championship fans put together.........

In Topic: The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

23 July 2014 - 01:30 PM

Well at the risk of being into my own fantasy land a NRL Capital-City Europa league then running along side our SL... mind you needs big investment and hence NRL involvement.


Not really being serious but just taking forward your initial thoughts to warm my heart - a serious project for Dr K maybe...


Not into fantasy RL I spent 35 years following Hunslet to a locked door!! I think an Anglo French league with a big city spine is easy to organise from Manchester, Leeds and Hull through London to Perpignan and Toulouse. Instead they organised P&R. Sorry John that's it over my posts for the day quota.....