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The Parksider

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#3269877 Catalan should be renamed Australian Dragons

Posted by The Parksider on 08 February 2016 - 07:56 AM

If you look at the 27 man squad named for the Catalans for 2016, 17 of the players are French, so this years squad is more 'French' than the average.

This whole thread is based upon the team named for one game, a game where the coach decided to name the 10 non-French players in his squad.


There's 20 odd professional French players floating about SL thanks to France's one pro club.


If all the other SL clubs could do this it would be great, but sadly Widnes. Wakefield, HKR & Salford struggle.


Probably no coincidence they were the bottom four in SL and overwhelmingly tipped to be so this season.


Like Leeds, Catalans produce the young players then keep the very best and those who can't make the team can go play for another SL clubs as they do.

#3266846 Which team would you truly like to see in super league

Posted by The Parksider on 03 February 2016 - 02:52 PM

A well run Bradford, with a refurbished stadium could be getting gates of 12,000+ in Super League. They would be the first choice if logic is used. But on this forum logic never applies. 


2003 they averaged 15,259, same season Halifax averaged 2,977

#3264829 Paul Rowley resigns at Leigh

Posted by The Parksider on 31 January 2016 - 08:10 AM

My belief was that the 8's were a great learner for the club in our first year FT, Derek brought in the players to provide options and strengthen -maybe Paul was struggling with the expectation or different level of management required with high profile names or indeed to alter a game plan to suit the occasion? Who knows but it's now chip paper


If failing in a competition by coming last provides the advantage of being a "great learner" enabling a club to see where they went wrong and fix it and go right.....


.........then south wales scorpions one win from 22 will be such a valuable lesson that nothing can stop their climb to the top.


That Beaumont has " strengthened" with SL cast offs is debatable, and you may have given the game away if Beaumont imposes players on the coach, who prefers Brierley to Chase.


But it's a guess that I shouldn't have to make if you are really close enough to the chairman as you have said, to know what's going on.  So until Beaumont finds a good new coach and Brierley decides to stay the story is live, and we await episodes 2 & 3.etc 

#3263795 Ian Watson: Salford Red Devils still have money to spend

Posted by The Parksider on 29 January 2016 - 08:20 AM

Sorry I'm a bit of topic hear,


Just visited Salfords new website & I have to say it is very well done, you really cannot fault the effort being put in buy Koukash given the monumental up hill battle a RL club faces in a soccer mad area. I hope they make progress on the field this season the fans & Marwan deserve some reward for there loyalty & efforts IMO.


Your not off topic at all, I think all RL lovers like me want to see another SL club grow and challenge the normal way of things.


If that takes an off the record dispensation on the cap, or like Leigh a formal increase in cap allowance that's great.


I suspect poor Mr. Green sees his own ambitions (whatever they are - Mr. Lockwood has his ideas) melt away, and doesn't like it.  

#3263317 Marquee Signings

Posted by The Parksider on 28 January 2016 - 11:28 AM

1. There are poor clubs and rich clubs - whodathunkit?


2. That is part of life and sport.



1. Well there aren't "poor and rich clubs" where an even and consistent salary cap applies.


Under such conditions salary wise Warrington are as rich as Widnes. Whodathunk that?


2. It's not part of "life and sport" where there is a even and consistent cap.


This generalisation takes the point nowhere. We are talking RL and if the cap was removed Warrington can spend another £Million but Widnes cannot.


This can allow Warrington to buy up any decent Widnes lad for the academy and have a larger squad in which they could pop Kevin Brown in as cover for Sandow. Why should O'Connor bother then? He bothers little now.


My point was not about "poor clubs" it was about the support chairmen give clubs who are too poor to even be in Super league if it was not for the massive subsidies these chairmen put in.


We have already seen Pearson at Hull use the extra money on Frank Pritchard, in Previous years Pearson has tried to dismantle HKR chasing their best players. Hudgell has tried to dump HKR.


Wakey are poor enough to have to consider selling anyone who turns out to be a decent player, but will be moreso if bigger clubs have the money, the crackerjack lad they have on the wing could go to Leeds.


The spread of talent in SL is bad enough now, with no cap it can lead to clubs going into reverse, which means administration, and you should know that there are no rich owners in the Championship to provide clubs to replace them.

#3263208 Superleague prediction

Posted by The Parksider on 28 January 2016 - 07:48 AM

Hull kr


bottom four



and again


Hull KR


and again






Hull Kr


and again.....


In the RL Fans forum the prediction thread is heavy with this same bottom four again and again.


Similar to this thread it's broken when a poster decides that Hull have a very strong side but are perceived to have a very weak coach that will drag them down.


In contrast again as in this thread posters seem to think Castleford have a very strong coach who probably cannot go on working the miracle of making a journeyman side highly competitive.


It seem unanimous that the bottom four will only escape if the coaches of clubs above them fail!!


How Hull and Cas actually go will be fascinating.... 

#3261831 Ian Watson: Salford Red Devils still have money to spend

Posted by The Parksider on 25 January 2016 - 07:14 AM

What is there complimentary to say or write about Dr Koukash?


He puts the money in big time.


Maybe more money than he really should ;)


And he has brought Mr. Sheens to Superleague


And he saved Salford and saved thereby Superleague's face.....


OK Leigh await in the wings, but remember their boss is a decking salesman who is putting all his spare money in and cannot find anyone else to contribute. Their money will run out.


Remember the boss of Bradford will not put his money in and Lockwood reckons he's after getting past loans out.


It's very naive to think that if Salford go there is a financially viable club available to replace them. If Wakey went too SL is down to 10 and this new fixture system is down the pan big time..........

#3260649 Its all Englands fault says Shaun Wane

Posted by The Parksider on 22 January 2016 - 09:05 AM

It's a ridiculous statement to make from one of the highest profile coaches in SL. It seems like he wants to derail the momentum being gained on the international front.


Hasn't Mr. Wane failed to secure the Superleague title or the challenge cup for two seasons despite having the best talent production line and biggest club "name" to draw top players in the game.


Does he not need an excuse to keep his job??


The team are a great side, just a short step away from toppling Leeds dominance.


Mr. Lenagan will at some time think a change of coach could just do it?

#3260635 Interesting comments by Blake Solly about More SL games in London and the So...

Posted by The Parksider on 22 January 2016 - 08:14 AM

I have seen the clubs books for the period 2009-2012 and I can assure you that a strong CEO would have pushed on with the partnership, spent money more efficiently and not alienated the landlord and the fans in the way Hughes and his puppets did.


Put simply,Hughes first game in sole ownership saw Lenagan put on free coaches from Wigan and a crowd of 8.041. Last year over 11 home games in the regular season, 8,041 spectators attended....a strong CEO/Manager would never have let it get to this stage


I don't buy the idea that if Harlequins got 8,041 for a Wigan home game, that was the first match (always great crowds) of the 2008 season and heavily marketed with free coaches it somehow condemns Hughes as a failure for the crowds falling away under his leadership.


Mr. Lenegan was in charge 2006 when 8,213 were pulled in for saints for the opener but the average gate was 4,900, even though Quins had a decent team and finished 7th. the last game against Salford which they romped saw 3,053 fans.


That was Harlequins bread and butter support laid bare.


Mr. Lenegan was in charge 2007 when Quins opened winning at Saints and they met Salford at home first match. Crowd 3,515 so much for the heady days of Ian Lenegan and his CEO's, Average crowd was 3,395.


Harlequins were dead as a viable Superleague club before that Wigan opener was ever played.


Lenigan relinquished his majority share ownership, the top players left and Hughes could easily have walked away because the London public had spoken, give them a big one off game and we will come. Give us mid table bread an butter Superleague and we won't.


Given all the bile and condemnation it's a wonder Mr. Hughes stayed at all. Maybe he wishes listening to some fans he should have shut the club down. Instead he managed the inevitable decline and took the flak from fans who thought that if only they had a top coach (they DID have a top coach - McDermott)  they would have been flying. McDermott told you why they were not and London fans should accept that.


The fans then switched their attention to the CEO position - If only we'd had a top CEO he could get the fans coming in through various "Marketing" schemes, and the rest is history as Hughes and his CEO's saddled with a lack of money, a lack of being able to attract playing talent meant the sort of decline even clubs like Bradford Bulls with all their advantages could not resist.


Think hard about that.


What Hughes has done is he's stuck by the club, and he's got a London venue that is affordable, and he has a professional team in the Championship despite all the odds being stacked against him. He has 645 London fans


So why have the thousands walked away?? Is it because they aren't handed flyers, or contacted by EMail from the CEO's marketing office, or there's no posters up?? NO they don't want mid table SL in enough numbers.


London fans seem to want to find anything to beat Mr, Hughes with. Your lucky to have him.....

#3260224 Oldham. What next.

Posted by The Parksider on 21 January 2016 - 05:06 AM

Can Oldham ever be a force in the game. The amatuer scene in Oldham is strong plus a decent SL team I reckon could get 5-8k regular.

As a town we are easily as big as wigan Warrington st Helens and much bigger than Castleford and wakefield.



Yipyee has a good analysis. But I think population size is a proven red herring. RL clubs are not islands and people travel distances for their sport and these distances are longer the better the draw. 


RL is at it's strongest where it's been around the longest, but many factors conspire to depress a club.

Financially the lack of their own ground is a problem for Oldham that remains, and for a parallel look at Swinton.


Crowds are built and retained on sustained success. Oldhams last major trophy was 1957 albeit they claimed a Lancashire cup in 1969. Crowds are also affected by the rival soccer game. A good paralell to look at is Huddersfield who ran out of success after being  Champions in 1962.


Oldhams best bet would be a tenancy with Oldham Athletic like Huddersfield share with Town, but in both cases the soccer club is a bigger rival draw, something they don't have in Warrington or the Calder area. Oldhams last year in the top league had crowds of 3,800 in a relegation season, Fartowns return to the top division in 1998 saw them pull 5,000 it's been hard work over 18 years to get that to 6,000. There is the theory sustained failure can break the traditional generations of fans.


Amateur wise Oldham do well, they have three clubs who run juniors and unearth the Sinfields and Sculthorpes of this world who will always sign to Superleague so the half a dozen quality Oldham RL full time pro players running around at any one time in the game aren't playing at Oldham. Like any Championship club the scramble is on for the best of the rest and lads who Superleague discard.


An example is Sheffield where the lack of any real amateur game does not stop them from being champions of the Championship. 


Future success for a smaller club like Oldham has to come via the current model. At Fartown it is Davey, at Castleford it is Fulton, at Widnes it is O'Connor, at Leigh it is Beaumont. Oldham don't need a big population if they can find that man with the big wallet.


Paralells for Oldham in terms of realising ambitions rather than dreams has to be clubs like Halifax Dewsbury and Featherstone. They have the grounds, they have success at second tier level they can win things and so can Oldham. Let's hope you get there.........


But first the ground and then the richest owner you can attract!!. 

#3259558 League Express Tweeting that they have story that will rock the sport

Posted by The Parksider on 19 January 2016 - 07:56 AM

Yep,as easy as that. No club or even group of "sick" clubs are bigger than the game. The NRL came down on expansion outfit Melbourne Storm like a ton of bricks for breaching the cap to be more competitive and Salford, if found guilty should be treated the same.


If the Doc wants to spill the beans and can deliver evidence of other clubs doing it, then those clubs also need to be reprimanded in accordance with the regulations.


Furthermore, if it is proven that Salford have indeed flaunted the regulations after their owner publicly said that he would, I'd charge him with bringing the game into disrepute.


As for the reasoning behind Mr Greens involvement at this stage, I suspect that if Salford are found to have breached the cap in 2014, then Bradford would have a case for replacing Salford in SL, depending on the severity of the breach.


Dave T may "like this post" and agree, but first things first. The penalty is points deduction so your both way out suggesting the club will be relegated. If anything they will simply finish bottom.


They may be "hammered" by a whole 20 point deduction.If it had been last year they would have finished bottom with -3 so no real penalty and the play offs would have given them chance to stay in SL.


Just read the rules. Isn't it totally ironic you make up penalties that don't exist, and others agree, yet I get charged with "making it up"


You and Dave may like the illogical idea the "Doc" will attend any RFL tribunal at their order. It's further totally illogical that the Doc can be made to "spill the beans" or "cry like a baby" or "grass his mates up".


Read what has been said, look at the facts, apply logic Gentlemen. Dr. Koukash is a strong minded multi-millionnaire, who is belligerent, litigant and doesn't bow to the RFL or their rules. That's the track record but you have him shrinking in the RFL dock taking his punishment and pleading mitigation to save himself. Maybe he will cry?


Maybe he will openly hammer them for being insular, parochial, self serving and the reason RL does not go anywhere. But I'm probably "making that up"


Have you read his statements where Koukash is clear he's not happy because he cannot compete financially, have you read where when the RFL say you can't spend another £400K a year he openly tells both them and the sporting world stuff them I will spend what I want??


Have you read where for the period of his difficult tenure where his efforts have seen him take Salford from bottom place to next to bottom place in three years (WOW!! what an achievement) he has often been asked whether he will stay. It's quite clear most commentators can easily see him walking away.....


Yet you see him in the dock "singing like a canary".


Bradford have no case whatsoever to replace Salford because of any breach. Making it up again? I thought it was me who does this??


The only way a replacement would happen is if Salford went bust and folded. The most logical replacement would be Leigh as they were top and have the better finances through Beaumont. Read the facts on this.


Read the facts - Koukash is running a big debt at Salford of £7Million?. He walks and there is no Salford. This will go on BBC TV sports headlines just round the corner. Wood and his mates will have national news microphones under their noses being asked about Superleague falling apart yet again.


You two may want to think it's "as easy as that", but I suggest with respect you both have a good think and look at the actual situation. The RFL fail to investigate (see Green's second formal letter to the RFL please don't post me post his lawyer) Koukash sits back comfortably because what's 20 points........


And he can walk anyway laughing that small men at the RFL could not beat him.


Superleague has lost city club London, City club Bradford, nearly lost City club Wakefield, and if they lose City club Salford what does that make Superleague??


A competition between small northern towns? How will we get any Sponsors or media coverage then??? A topic we debated long and hard only a week or so back.


ANYWAY that's how it is and I aren't going round in circles with you or Dave, with the thread ending being locked. So I welcome other posters having a turn on their views....... 

#3259382 League Express Tweeting that they have story that will rock the sport

Posted by The Parksider on 18 January 2016 - 04:19 PM

I have evidence that there is an investigation from somebody involved in that investigation. 


Even Green didn't state there was no investigation if I read your summary correctly, he questioned the timeliness didn't he?


Koukash would say that wouldn't he?.


Green said:-


He asks the RFL if questions have been asked, but readily and easily available information not been acted on, were they complicit in allowing the breach??. Green states on the basis of the evidence discovered at Tribunal why is the RFL investigation (and "one must assume the RFL are investigating" he states) taking as long as it is? He says this is even more perplexing given the RFL had a representative in Tribunal throughout the proceedings.


Green does not state there is any investigation at all. He is careful in the wording not to say there has not been one because that is not his point. He assumes there has been one which then led to the RFL saying there was one.


His point is that an RFL official has seen the dummy contract first hand and just on that breach alone he wants an answer. He was saying if there has been an investigation why so long.......


........and i appreciate your point that an investigation for all you know could take 6 months, but I will take the view green and his lawyers have done their homework and it does not take 2 months according to them.


As I say let's agree to disagree........ 

#3258130 League Express Tweeting that they have story that will rock the sport

Posted by The Parksider on 15 January 2016 - 07:53 AM

I wonder how many people they have to conduct the investigations, I'm guessing its just one must be the busiest person at the RFL!


There we go making assumptions. It's against the thread rules.


Maybe he heads up a team of 50 investigators on contract from various independent auditors. After all "these things take time" the experts tell me. ;)


However if not and he has 150 investigations a year to do himself then he has about a day and a half to investigate each case. Unless people are assuming that he goes to a club and spends weeks....nay, in this case months poring through Salfords accounts and books and interviewing them all from Dr. K right down the the tea lady. Ooops I'm assuming it's a lady :tongue:


But I assume Marc Green knows a heck of a lot more than you, me or Dave about how long these things take. He is actually a club chairman whose club is under the salary cap rules and the juridstiction of the RFL auditor.


So I will not make any personal assumptions that the RFL have dragged their heels since October and continue to do so, I will simply continue to accept Marc Greens view that the investigation should have been completed well before now, and Wood and Kooks saying the investigation is still going on is quite preposterous.

#3257769 League Express Tweeting that they have story that will rock the sport

Posted by The Parksider on 14 January 2016 - 07:52 AM

My money is on the doctor if this ever comes to a head ( which I doubt ) I recon he told anybody and everybody who was interested that he was going to break the cap. He then as I understand it told them he had broken the cap. On the first occasion I think the RFL stuck their heads in the sand and waited for it to go away. Now he has clearly done it and told everyone so.

It seems to me on the face of it ,the Dr has challenged the RFL to do something about it, would they have done anything had Mark Green not put them in a bad spot.

It could just be that he thinks he is bigger than the game and can do whatever he wants, Or he could have some pretty good evidence of other wrong doers but wont use it unless he is pushed, I would think the RFL will be looking at ways to get Mark Green of their case so they can find a way to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

Do the RFL want a pre Marwan Salford, or one that has spent a bit more than it should have, and has a lot of potential

Maybe it will ultimately get rid of the cap, which I understand is what the Dr has always wanted and would be a good thing IMO


Nice fresh post here Giantstrides..................


The RFL have been happy to punish others before.


There is no reason to believe that the RFL will just allow money men to do whatever they want.


This is not the point though is it?


They have punished others BEFORE yes.....but Marc Green's point is in the here and now they have NOT punished Dr. Koukash.


Im not sure what stalling you refer to.


Investigating things takes time.


The stalling Marc Green's letter sets out in full.


Of course investigating things takes time but it's not the point is it.


Three months on from being caught paying Puletua dummy contracts by an employment tribunal where an official of the RFL was watching on they have not investigated it at all. 


Neither of your points here have any substance Dave.

#3257018 League Express Tweeting that they have story that will rock the sport

Posted by The Parksider on 12 January 2016 - 12:34 AM

A baseless story which deals in speculation and guess work, in the absence of any evidence. 


It's not baseless


Poor journalism at best


It's not


I dont see this as a false storm. They are merely reporting what is allegedly a leaked document. 


It's not a leaked document


I see this as extremely bad journalism 

Unsubstantiated claims and hear say with very little evidence. 




In an open Tribunal a judge asked for Mr. Puletua's contract of employment and two were produced.


One for £80,000 to play for Salford and one for £48,000 to be a consultant to another company Dr. Koukash owns.


Total money to Puletua £128,000. This matched Puletuas Saints contract.


Puletua was offered more than £80,000 to stay at Saints yet he went to Salford and the clear accusation is he was paid £48,000 off the cap to do so.


The idea there is an absence of evidence/very little evidence or the second contract was "leaked" is just cobblers.


It was all laid bare over three months ago.


But so was Dr. Koukash's stated intention to do this. He said some time back publicly that he knew "3 or 4 other clubs" were doing this so he was going to do it.


And when he did and was caught 3 months ago the RFL sat on their hands.


This is a big story because if the RFL have a go at Koukash he'll cite the three or four other clubs. If there is evidence of other clubs at it then it get's even bigger.