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#3061347 cas ground

Posted by The Parksider on Yesterday, 05:09 PM

Come in Parky please .Hunslet have A great bunch of loyal fans and that's all they have now.The days of Hunslet 1950s 60s are gone that generation has gone



Sadly Hunslet can no longer be considered Leeds' "local rivals". . No longer is there a real rivalry between North and South of the river.


if hunslet v leeds pulled in 20k I would eat my hat, your hat and every hat at the mad hatter's hat convention.

It is another of your laughable suggestions.


I suspect the poster has argued himself into a hole and is happy to dig it deeper.


What I noticed pre-SL was even then a Leeds.v.Hunslet "derby" attracted fewer supporters than Leeds regular big First Division games. I remember thinking then, a couple of decades ago, this isn't a derby any more.


Even in those days we had a couple of thousand fans we could take to Headingley. We don't have that any more.


Today the south Leeds people mainly watch Leeds and the kids aspire to play for Leeds Walker, Ablett, McShane, Sutcliffe etc. There are no fans or players for an SL club, no ground and no investment interest. It's just nonsense.


You have to perhaps consider some look at the past with a warm glow, and wish it was the future. It's just an agenda driven thing.

#3060363 Record ST sales at Leigh

Posted by The Parksider on 25 January 2015 - 12:18 AM

As I stated in post #51 (albeit it was directed at Padge but for some reason he either refuses to answer or cannot come up with anything viable to say) supporters of three of the "big four" clubs in SL would welcome Leigh, ground to ground the furthest is 10 miles away, so it could be said we are next door to all three.

Ange this is not directed to alone but what the hell is the matter with you people who want to keep knocking Leigh, we are the same family, Leigh are not some upstart new kid on the block, you should be pleased that one of your own is doing well, not clipping us round the ear like some mischievous child who should know their place.


Oh dear, 


I thought your post #51 raised a fair complaint.


It is true that in our debates on here we get annoyed with each other. This is a place where many of us value the growth of the professional game, and that can only be at the expense of the position of smaller traditional clubs in the game (unless they get bankrolled like Leigh).


It's also a place where many of us feel a need to stick up for our smaller favourites and so "things get said".


I've been a bit guilty, but I've always wished Featherstone Rovers to have a chance in SL for the sake of fairness, and I also believe we need P & R to allow our traditional clubs a chance to also have a go at SL albeit through pure free money rather than building their own resources. Welcome Leigh on an exciting journey, I was at the RL cup tie and the CC final and they were great.


But your reference to "upstart kid on the block" means what exactly? That Harlequins, Celtic Crusaders, Les Catalans, Newcastle Thunder, Toulouse Olympique whose joint SL ambitions are much more "new kid on the block" than Leigh's 138 maturity are to somehow be rejected because they are not "one of our own".


For me as a lover of the game every club whether the 151 year old Fartown or the yet to be 1 Coventry are all equals and all part of the family. 


Padge has now answered you and made his position clear, your own dodgy position could not be muddier?

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#3060318 Salford Red Devils

Posted by The Parksider on 24 January 2015 - 10:27 PM

Personally I think a merger of the two Hull clubs would be a disaster.........


May well be, but two Hull clubs in SL ain't so clever either, both out of the top eight and financially stretched fighting over the same juniors. 'Twas pretty good for Hull FC a few years back with a top team major finals and opening 2006 with a string of 13,000 crowds.


Then along came Rovers. It was not symbiotic.


Hence the gross stupidity of suggesting more SL clubs in the same place especially two more in greater Manchester!!!!.  

#3059997 cas ground

Posted by The Parksider on 24 January 2015 - 09:01 AM

a club official once told me that the answer was to bring back the yorkshire cup: "it were a money spinner.


A club director once told me go back to One league and regional fixtures.


The Bradford and Leeds fixtures would then secure his club every year.

#3057968 cas ground

Posted by The Parksider on 20 January 2015 - 03:37 PM

1. I wouldn't put Scotchy  into that box if he doesn't mind me saying so.


2. It's reasonable to say that 10,000 shows a lack of ambition, and a lack of awareness of the potential sporting and otherwise. 


1. Scotchy's a great lad to debate with. He can come out of the box.


2. I just don't think anyone can look at the proposed initial capacity of the stadium and declare a lack of ambition.


What we are missing here is someone asking the obvious question of the obvious person. i.e.


What do you do Mr. Gill if you sell games out and have to turn people away?


If he says if that happens Cas will invest in enlarging the stadium like Warrington or Manchester City have done then that kills that one. I'd just like to give the Gentleman the benefit of the doubt for now rather than speculate he's lacking business awareness.


I'd like to think he has a strong eye on what Wakefield are doing. If they get relegated and financially collapse who knows what Gill would plan then. Maybe then he'd go for it??


But if there's a limit to what he can get free i.e. the 10K capacity, and if Cas grow the club can invest in more capacity how is that lacking ambition? You seem to think Cas should run before they can walk. I'd point to the Warrington model as the probable thinking, it has more substance that assuming Gill is naive?

#3057754 Salford Red Devils

Posted by The Parksider on 20 January 2015 - 06:45 AM

Manchester isn't in Salford, nor is Salford in Manchester. 


So, it's not really a question of whether 'Manchester' wants a club, as someone asked earlier. if Salford Red Devils are to somehow become the club for the whole conurbation, it needs to reacquaint itself with the citizens of Salford and introduce itself to the citizens of Manchester.


Dear me John, we're back to the idea that nobody ever leaves their place of birth and crosses imaginary borders and nobody knows anyone in Halifax who supports Bradford, or anyone in Leigh who supports Wigan.


You'd best take note of where fans do come from and travel from to watch games. I always note the addresses or places people are quoted from who descend on Headingley, and they come from all over. Same at castleford where Cas Vegas used to say few of the fans he stood with lived in Castleford. Same at Bulls where they ran a season ticket bus to travel outside of Bradford to sell them. Same at Hunslet where I wasn't born, never lived in and came from a north Leeds council estate that played no Rugby league. 


The transition when I travel through the seamless Salford/Manchester conurbation is just that- seamless. Unless you look for the signs you don't know which your in. The amount of anecdotal evidence that people travel to watch winning attractive sides from distances is overwhelming.


No side could have been more attractive than the Early seventies Salford, even in those days, and I went with Hunslet, I'm sure that they drew from all over Greater Manchester and beyond. 

#3057486 Salford Red Devils

Posted by The Parksider on 19 January 2015 - 01:04 PM

I've mentioned on here before that living in Manchester I am convinced that there is huge latent untapped support for RL in this city. Absolutely convinced. The problem is simply that there are not enough big clubs and thus not enough big games. Salford can be 1 of these big clubs and tap into the Manchester sport market but if the staple SL diet is playing against tiny Northern teams ad infinitum then RL will remain a tough sell anywhere, let alone a soccer-mad domain like here.


Salford are doing their best. It's the sport's administrators in this country that are holding them back.


Agree to a point with you, i.e. there's a big audience for a successful Salford (but don't get the "tiny northern teams" stuff because if they hit top eight they will be playing primarily the big clubs).


Last season.........


Salford.v.Saints 6,353

Salford .v. Wire 6,260

Salford.v.Wigan 3,706.......


also First match Salford.v.Wakefield 7,102

Last match  Salford.v.Widnes 3,268


These attendances from last year correlate to Salford promising a good season then falling back to bottom four late on in the season.


What "Bigger" match do you want than .v.Wigan? I think the figures show Salford can easily compete on crowds with the big clubs but only if they can compete on the pitch, also there's well over 7,000,000 people in Salford/Manchester, they aren't constrained for fans like the smaller town clubs. If Warrington can start winning and get the crowds Salford can


I just cannot see how going on about NRL, AFL, or any other sport inc soccer home or abroad has any great indicator of what crowds Salford can get, best to actually look at Salford/Manchester/RL for clues.....

#3055921 cas ground

Posted by The Parksider on 15 January 2015 - 01:33 PM

 Like I say I've nothing against c@s its the location. I couldn't care less.......


Oh dear Gaz.


A new ground by the motorway for fans to access, that could bring in more fans and more income per head, and propel Cas forwards like it did Wire, what's not to like about this for the sake of Rugby League.


I could never care less about property developments, but a major development for Superleague? Yes please.


The ground, it's position near Pontefract, and the possible major benefits to Cas and not Fev, are things that may or may not upset you, but you will find it hard to convince anyone, especially your deep environmental worry over "congestion" and your economic fear of low retail returns for the shops.


Stop digging that hole mate.

#3054041 Sponsorship outrage!

Posted by The Parksider on 09 January 2015 - 11:35 PM

It isn't illegal to drink a pint on the terraces, it is illegal to smoke (not ecigs). People these days have got used to the idea of not having someone blowing fumes around the place and the vast majority prefer it that way. Ok ecigs only give out water vapour but it still wafts around getting peoples faces and being annoying. I can see some terrace rage resulting from this.


I like the quote "terrace rage", Referees cause a lot of that at Headingley.


As for water vapour being annoying your right, on foggy matchdays it's annoying not to be able to see all the action.


We should ban referees and  fog.


The last foggy game I was at was Bradford.v.Wigan when Wigan were struggling and looking at relegation. Dennis Moran scored a couple shooting through the mist. 

#3054025 Sponsorship outrage!

Posted by The Parksider on 09 January 2015 - 10:55 PM

Not everyone thinks e-ciggs are healthy it seems.


So does anyone think Alcohol is healthy?


Rhinos have Tetley's plastered all over the ground and the lad and lasses in the south stand are plastered all over the ground on Friday matchdays including my milkman who doesn't deliver until Monday.


Now that's a point, full fat Milk is bad for you as is watching Featherstone Rovers.

#3053821 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by The Parksider on 09 January 2015 - 03:23 PM

And that goes back to my earlier point, you were  ranting about the wrong thing and still are.



I asked what they scored............


Geographical expansion - The final point goes to clubs who do not have another rugby league club within a 20-mile radius..............


Crusaders offered little more to the game than many clubs, rich owner but no guarantee they'd stick about, not very big crowds only a few thousand, however they did offer the opportunity for geographical expansion of  the game and they offered that internationally.


One small point was all it took to get the nod but the difference was massive. In came the Development officers for the "bottom up" approach which was combined with the "Top down" of a budding Superleague club.


Crowds grew to a record 6,000 for the saints match in year 3 and 22 junior amateur clubs were developed, and RU players who were making no ground in the RU careers were getting interested.


Then the money ran out.


Compare and contrast that to Leigh where  promotion to SL added few fans to the game, had no real effect on the local junior scene and in any event with so many SL clubs within the 20 miles (Wigan, Wire, Saints, Salford and now Widnes) there was very little room for growth.


Leigh are your club and the above is no sleight on them at all, it's just that the decision to admit Celtic Crusaders stands as a very sound one indeed.


Let's not in hindsight and in mean spirit  say "well look what happened" because we can apply that to Leigh, Halifax, Workington, Salford, Bradford, Oldham, keighley, Wakefield etc etc.

#3053802 Salford Red Devils

Posted by The Parksider on 09 January 2015 - 02:54 PM

Hardly surprising Celtic Crusaders got thing moving with 23 development officers on their books 


Just a shame few people in Bridgend even knew they had a team 


Celtic crusaders had about as many fans as Leigh had and that was after playing for 3 years, Leigh had been around 131 years at that time. 


Based in South Wales the DO's could spread the game at the lower level right across Wales, which they did.


It'd be amusing watching 23 DO's trying to spread the game in Leigh, they'd all be tripping over each other.

#3053108 York Homeless

Posted by The Parksider on 08 January 2015 - 07:44 AM

The reason why soccer and RL don't do better in York always puzzles me, large population 


200,000 in Oldham borough (oldham CC1 attendances 499), 200,000 in and around Rochdale borough (rochdale last CC1 attendances 573), 300,000 in Doncaster borough (Dons last CC1 attendances 730) 200,000 in York (York's CC1 attendances 645)


All third tier, populations and attendances in CC1 all around the same.


Last time Fev dipped into CC1 attendances as low as 754, had Campbell not come along they'd be below York's. 


What you don't get is people in general are not that interested in RL, especially lower quality stuff. Look at the facts for answers.

#3052911 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by The Parksider on 07 January 2015 - 03:29 PM

A bit of thought must be behind expansion, build from the bottom up and when a junior base is strong move forward, that's why logic says the next teams to enter will be French and South East England


Don't start this bottom up rubbish again.


The only reason French players are coming through in numbers is Catalans in SL, The only reason London players are coming through in numbers is London Broncos.


Scorpions were bottom of the whole pile last year. See if you can find a single south Wales junior club still operating. 

#3052902 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by The Parksider on 07 January 2015 - 03:19 PM

1. If there were no 'standards' how come so few clubs play in corrugated iron cow sheds (mmmm savour that atmosphere, them woz the days)any more? 



2. Thus we need them, apply them and pressure clubs to get their act together where they haven't, if that means no promotion without achieving the standards then tough.


I'd guess that the reason clubs play out of new stadiums is that to compete in Superleague you have to maximise your crowds/monetary take and new stadia do that. So clubs and their chairmen have been keen to do deals and get into better stadiums. Some of which came about pre-licensing "standards"


The standard of a decent ground was set under licensing therefore post some of these better grounds, and both Castleford and Wakefield responded with Newmarket Lane and Glasshoughton and they worked hard on those projects but sadly they fell through. I am not sure they did this to meet "standards" or be ousted, they certainly did this to build better SL businesses and would still chase these stadia today without any licensing as Steve Gill is doing and saying.


Had we applied the licensing standards in September 2011 especially in line with the RFL's warnings then Wakefield and Castleford would have been kicked out of SL. Had this been a catalyst for merger great, but at that time Featherstone intended to hit the criteria, and would never have merged given they could have ended the only SL club in Calder.


The Superleague applications numbered 15 in 2011 (Crusaders withdrew, Barrow  were not considered) had Wakefield and Castleford been struck off we would have had a 13 club SL.


Same for junior development, if a decent standard had been set and applied who'd have gone then? 


And this is the problem, we do not have enough big clubs in SL and simply setting a criteria for a big club and not allowing anyone but big clubs in SL could leave us with an 8 club Superleague.


Oh hang on.........