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#3036871 Championship: Featherstone land young Leeds quartet

Posted by The Parksider on 24 November 2014 - 01:55 PM

Featherstone Rovers have signed four youngsters from Leeds for 2015, including former England Academy captain Jordan Baldwinson – though all four have agreed deals with the Headingley club for 2016.

Hay said:  “I’m looking forward to working with this outstanding, young and talented quartet of players, and hopefully playing a big part in their development next season. League Express understands there could be a number of departures from the current Featherstone squad to make way for the new arrivals.



Are they building a potential Superleague side or just acting as Leeds Nursery?

#3036260 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by The Parksider on 23 November 2014 - 08:15 AM

In a parallell forum predictions for next years SL all seem to go Wigan, Wire and Saints in no particular order then Les Catalans hampered from winning it by away form.


Down at the bottom Wakefield are repeatedly put there as a given.


Between that though Widnes are cited as another relegation threatened club despite an eight finish to the point of maybe joint bottom with Wakey.


HKR are down for a better finish by some as they have a "better team this year", but as with all clubs it's generally their fans who say their team will be better this year, and I'm not sure "all clubs have strengthened" Same at Cas where top players have gone their fans say the replacements will make them better, outside the bluster everyone has them dropping out of the eight some saying Powell's coaching has been "worked out"


Leeds are split between old heads been too good not to finish super eight, and old men will finally have their (hard) time, Nobody is sure about Hull, 4th. for some bottom for others.


Salford "strongest squad for years" is countered by a "collection of individuals", Fartown are spoken of in terms of it's all down to how Brough goes.


I personally dunno about all this but would be interested to hear how you think the teams will go apart from your own as nobody seemingly wants to admit that losing players and replacing them with others can sometimes end up with a worse squad especially in these days of player shortages.

#3035287 If There Was An NRL2...

Posted by The Parksider on 20 November 2014 - 06:48 AM

Going nowhere....

It makes my blood boil when I think of the opportunity lost in the London region because of the RFL's failure to issue strong governance.....rather than "look at us, we've secured a new TV deal" it should be "we've secured a new TV deal and London will be getting twice what everyone else does and 3 marquee players paid for by the other clubs and if you don't like it, then SKY can show darts instead"!


Now we have a club that is 100% reliant on Hughes to survive past 2015 if they don't get promoted (more chance of me winning lotto).....they will spiral and eventually be over taken by the Skolars who themselves have little chance of making the top tier. Kids with talent will look to the "other lot" for a pathway to riches, because regardless of what Wigan are offering, it's Wigan......hardly the "Kings Road" of sportsman's wish listed destinations.....all because the RFL shat their pants at the thought of IL owning 2 clubs! 


London suffered from underfunding, but also suffered from their geography. Several poor SL teams can survive and part compete because they have access to the M62 professional player pool, with half decent pros driving backwards and forwards along the M62.


As a club competing in SL they were therefore a failure through this handicap, but obviously starting to be a success in terms of their academy until the RFL cut them free via relegation. Seasoned knowledgable commentators were clear London's success lay in underpinning a level of junior development again several SL clubs were incapable of. A new "Player pool" was emerging just as it had started to do in Wales. 


Mr. Hughes may not have been a great leader, but that player pool was a great prize that the RFL threw away and now they have had to downsize SL as a result not just the cut in two clubs but the cutting of the Elite competition to effectively eight clubs.When M62 stars leave for RU and NRL and top Aussies and RU players no longer have the interest or incentive to join us, the few pockets of junior development left along the M62 is already inadequate to stock our Superleague effectively.


London didn't have the players and to just blame clubs who struggle from the games thin infrastructure for "bad management" is an easy way to dismiss a fundamental problem

#3031043 'Well Run' clubs

Posted by The Parksider on 11 November 2014 - 06:32 AM

You never tire do you? You seem to revel in it.

It's a hell of a performance. They're have reduced their squad size but they finished how many points above safety?


The first point is that I actually revel in looking at the truth and the facts of the matter. I hate P & R and people bulling things up to be something they are not.


It's a good performance if the context of the "good" is survival, which is something the thread has slowly changed to, away from the "Look we made £300K".


The thread is about these matters not me, so don't get sore because I'm not talking about your club in glowing terms, don't switch the debate to me.


Back in 1973 my club made £300,000 which was a hell of a lot more money then. The directors divvied that up and popped it in their bank accounts, albeit one Mr. Bartlett put it into Junior ARL, and another Mr. Lunn eventually came back on the new clubs board and put back in.


Didn't they do well........

#3027757 Leeds in transition Leigh in trepidation

Posted by The Parksider on 05 November 2014 - 05:57 PM

We may not be short in that area at present but the Leeds halfback aren't the force they once were.


Seems to be the point being missed.


Players come in young, improve, reach their peak get older and decline.


It's a gross assumption any of the oldies will be just as effective next year and the year after.


American sport plays players until just after the peak and brings in new ones rather than allow players to pinch money on past performances.


If Burrow, Sinfield, Mcguire, Peacock etc just play on until they are too old to play it will go against all professional sporting thinking OR old versions of these lads will sadly still be better than the young ones lining up.


Unless the club has allowed them to "choose when to finish" as a reward for so many SL trophy's which again would be plain daft.

#3027742 France should be in four nations

Posted by The Parksider on 05 November 2014 - 05:39 PM

When Celtic Crusaders were running as a full-time team, the academy manager said he was inundated with applications from young lads cut by the 4 pro union teams in Wales for being 'too small'.  Surely that is a market that the WRL should be monitoring very hard?


Yes well that quote is a cut and paste for the dreamers on here. The professional Welsh side was a big attraction to quality Rugby league Players. Thank you very much for that Celt.


I assume they are not lining up to sign at Scorpions. Wales need a professional clubs and the game needs a professional club in Wales. 

#3027397 France should be in four nations

Posted by The Parksider on 05 November 2014 - 06:26 AM

Nobody is saying that Scottish RL development is anywhere near the level of French RL, but Scotland WON their place and are fully deserving of it.


There is no development - if there was there'd be a Scottish RL academy.


It was a non-scottish side that won it. one that played their World Cup in England.


Scotland and France don't belong in the same sentence. You and others are just  dreaming with names, the game desperately needs International development.


France's troubles start in England. 

#3026063 France should be in four nations

Posted by The Parksider on 03 November 2014 - 09:13 AM

Two very positive threads about Wales RL sponsorship and Scotland RL's 4 Nations place being a boost for development in those countries.


That's great and fair enough, as is one of our knowledgable posters on the developing game getting chased off the Scotland thread for mentioning that there's hardly any game in Scotland or Wales to develop!


But the concern is for me the wasted opportunity to use that fourth place to develop a country that has a growing junior game, has a significant senior game and has a Superleague side, and many people - some with money - looking to seriously develop France RL.


Now Catalans clearly cannot shoulder the burden of providing a national side any more than any one M62 club could deliver an English national side. But the RFL have blocked Toulouse for 18 years now yet we have a go at Aussies for not caring about International RL.


Yeh this may be a thread about same old same old lack of English support for France, but as we get as many posts on how well Welsh, Irish and Scots RL is doing, then it's worth looking beyond the "positivity" at the reality and the worry that if Scotland get three crushing defeats against their powerful counterparts will that really turn the Scots on to RL?


We've always looked jealously at the RU's six nations but we are having a wonderfully credible four nations down under, I fear that the negative approach to France may downgrade the return next year which I think is perhaps the major promotional tournament for RL in Europe and should not be used to pretend they play RL in Scotland, because the RFL tie Frances hands to develop professionally.

#3024427 Fairy Tales

Posted by The Parksider on 01 November 2014 - 09:46 PM

Watching the game of NZ v Samoa when it looked like an unlikely win got me thinking about fairy tale results and how rare they seem to be in RL.

It seems to be the one element that is genuinely missing from our sport.

Does our sport need more of these kind of endings?

Do you have a favourite fairy tale result?

Are they as rare as I think?


My word have i watched 50 games where the total underdogs were close to winning only to see the useless favourites scrape a win at the last ditch.


I have seen so many of these that I find close games where the hot favourite wins at last ditch totally blooming tedious because it is the absolute norm.


My thoughts is that in Soccer you can pack a goalmouth, in RL the whole of your "end" is vulnerable and so that to me is why we don't have the same number of shocks.


Anyway at least RL shocks are legendary.......


1. Wigan lose the Challenge cup to Sheffield......

2. GB beat Australia after Edwards is sent off.......

3. Little Leigh beat Leeds to the CC Final 1971........

4. Bramley win the Floodlit trophy.....

5. Leeds 14 Blackpool 18.


I make that one every nine years

#3022959 Catalans academy

Posted by The Parksider on 30 October 2014 - 02:03 PM

The report here says its on hold for twelve months as the RFL are totally re-structuring the Academy set up for 2016. It mentions some clubs not prepared to fork out €12-15000  to get their sides across to Perpignan. As it stands at the moment the Catalan Academy side intend to play 20-22 games in 2015. They intend to fulfill all away games (11) in England starting with St Helens on 6th February. The article says presently 4 or five SL clubs are committed to coming to Perpignan next year but doesn't name them. 


PHEW! What a relief. 


Some of the clubs who run academies get little out of them and are short of money and need every penny to survive so there is an element of understanding their position, but I'd hope that if SL academies were to be restructured for 2016 then It'd be good if the RFL put Catalans in first and then ask the clubs to apply for the other 11 places!! 

#3022864 Gateshead sign 4 Kumuls

Posted by The Parksider on 30 October 2014 - 10:59 AM

Its looking very exciting for us our owner wants us in super league big signings made and looks like a possible move to newcastle falcons rufc kingston park stadium, things are really looking exciting for thunder also magic weekend at newcastle uniteds st james park stadium will boost the profile of our club and rugby league in the north east! So excited for next season! 


A very very exciting development indeed and well I remember Richardson's 1999 Gateshead.


If the owner wants Superleague then the owner must be aware of the deep pockets he will require and may need to use the plight of the original Gateshead and the plight of Sheffield the Harlequins and Crusaders as a guide to just what will be involved cracking Superleague.


It may be £2,000,000 a year from his pocket, year on year, but if Marwan Koukash can do this then so can Gateshead's man??. Lets hope that the Junior game is invested in too alongside any investment in the senior club and that the charge to Superleague will inspire the junior game to grow as it's not done too bad despite 15 years since Gateshead Mark i.  


I am sure you'll have all the best will in the world and encouragement but when and if it gets to chasing promotion to the big league watch out for some Jealousies, you have to step on someone's head to get there!!

#3022779 Catalans academy

Posted by The Parksider on 30 October 2014 - 08:24 AM

We can blame the NRL for killing the international game but the uk has done very little to help matters along either.


This comes on top of also refusing Toulouse entry every year for so many years, the RFL are effectively isolating not just Les Catalans as an SL club but isolating their junior game too.


Les Catalans is I think a Richard Lewis project that heralded Licensing.


Someone in the RL press needs to get into Wood's ribs. This confirms the retreat to the M62.

#3019385 Leigh to announce 4 new signings

Posted by The Parksider on 24 October 2014 - 07:40 PM

I'm looking forward to next season. I always look forward to a new season. I feel that this season the cause of progressiveness in Rugby League has been badly let down by the Bulls and the Broncos. I think it is vital that they are both back in SL as soon as practicable.


So am I - I'd be thrilled if they were doing four up four down auto P & R, but it would not change the reality that the game desperately needs the 15,000 crowds back in Bradford and desperately needs the professional development of Southern RL players to continue and not go the way of Wales.


We treat clubs as "old friends" at times who need their coat holding, but my biggest mate is Rugby League itself, so whatever is best for my mate great..... 

#3018889 "Rugby league's international failure is spectacular"

Posted by The Parksider on 24 October 2014 - 06:25 AM

We have the World's best game, and the World's worst run sport.


So do you or anyone else really believe that if the Australian RL administrators had been given control of British RL in 1996 then our game would be a vibrant as theirs and internationals between us would not be one sided.


We've run many threads where we say the Aussies on the pitch are not "Supermen". Nor are they off it. 

#3016418 11 Super League players in Top 100 players in the world

Posted by The Parksider on 19 October 2014 - 03:28 PM

oz have never sent a 2nd string for a World Cup. They had players missing in 95 - anyone affiliated with SL, and anyone associated with ARL missed in 1997. Neither were 2nd teams.

In 1995 it was 1 all on games, but they obviously won a tight final to win the cup. No whupping at all.

1997 they battered us 2 one.

Either way that was 17 and 19 years ago, so not relevant to this list tbh.


That aside then they still are the bigger game by far, in both the quality and numbers of players, and have regularly beaten us for decades. Something I have had pointed out to me by many top commentators both at home and down under for many years.


So it is no surprise and in line with the difference in our games that the top 100 players are predominantly antipodean.


It may rankle to have to sit back whilst Aussies proclaim they have so many more better players than we have but if it is the truth then we have to accept it. And that difference in our games is relevent to this list tbh