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#3016418 11 Super League players in Top 100 players in the world

Posted by The Parksider on Yesterday, 03:28 PM

oz have never sent a 2nd string for a World Cup. They had players missing in 95 - anyone affiliated with SL, and anyone associated with ARL missed in 1997. Neither were 2nd teams.

In 1995 it was 1 all on games, but they obviously won a tight final to win the cup. No whupping at all.

1997 they battered us 2 one.

Either way that was 17 and 19 years ago, so not relevant to this list tbh.


That aside then they still are the bigger game by far, in both the quality and numbers of players, and have regularly beaten us for decades. Something I have had pointed out to me by many top commentators both at home and down under for many years.


So it is no surprise and in line with the difference in our games that the top 100 players are predominantly antipodean.


It may rankle to have to sit back whilst Aussies proclaim they have so many more better players than we have but if it is the truth then we have to accept it. And that difference in our games is relevent to this list tbh

#3016411 International game needs long-term strategy: Wood

Posted by The Parksider on Yesterday, 03:00 PM

England took the money because they were broke.


The English RFL were indeed broke and facing two choices, either adapt to the new way of running sport in a Television age and move forward from semi-professionalism to professionalism, or stay as we were and decline in the face of rival sports adapting to TV.


I am not sure where you get the morality from that the British game should have ruined itself by standing still allowing a fantastic opportunity to pass them by and to sink deeper into debt and decline. How can you blame them for taking a "no-brainer" decision?


You are of course allowed to come on here and make such an unrealistic high ground morality pitch, it probably explains your unfair criticisms of the English game, but I can't agree that in a professional sporting business the English game had to sacrifice itself for  some sort of perceived sporting morality. It's a business in the entertainment industry more than a sport.

#3015976 International game needs long-term strategy: Wood

Posted by The Parksider on 18 October 2014 - 02:56 PM


1. You do not like my comparison with Fawlty Towers?


2. A club that  was investigated by UK borders Agency about Visa's

Did not pay their players.

They were a fiasco waiting for the Axe to come down.

Probably put any further development in Wales back by 20 years.


1. No because it seems your just scoffing at the game over here.


2. Crusaders didn't put any development in Wales back because there wasn't any.


Development was there when the money was going in and they achieved results. Once the money stopped the development was indeed put back to square one.


Your stuff about fiasco, and being investigated, again it's easy to scoff but Samuels attempt was the only option the game had. It would have done fine if it had had Melbourne Storm levels of funding money.


And if you want to talk "investigations" and "fiascos" look no further than Melbourne Storm.

#3015869 International game needs long-term strategy: Wood

Posted by The Parksider on 18 October 2014 - 10:23 AM

The game in England was relatively strong once and Australia lost more games than they won against them.


How many schools play Rugby League? not every kid can play for the School Football team, who is engaging the School sports staff to engage the kids not good enough to play an alternative game.

How many junior clubs do the SL clubs foster and develop.

What is being done to build the foundations of the game.

Only a couple of years ago most of the SL Clubs had more than half a dozen imported players in every team, that is lazy IMO.

If you cannot develop your own youth and juniors then you are living on borrowed time and your foundations are built on quicksand.

Because of the SL Clubs desire to buy success it has come around and hit them in the ######, the talent drain is moving South and it is the cream of the crop whereas the talent drain from Oz to England was often journeymen.


I want to see a competitive England and France, I do not believe that many other countries are going to have strong domestic leagues in my lifetime and I do not really embrace heritage teams.


England has Football

New Zealand has Union

Australia had a big spread of Football, Union, League and AFL

No country has a free shot at being number one sport.


Big thank you for the reply, interesting takes which I think you'll find alternative views on.

#3014757 Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

Posted by The Parksider on 16 October 2014 - 06:37 AM

why not come in to SL then? 


I really don't know about this fantasy?, but it would be good for them to try out the logistics of their plan at a low financial level in an environment they may be able to compete in to be able to build crowds. If they fail like Toulouse SL is not damaged if they succeed like Crusaders did then they'll maybe get waved in. But they have to prove they can become a force  before RFL will make the massive jump, OK we have had sides like Gateshead go straight in and succeed instantly with sixth place (to the shame of those below them) but that lasted a year before the money ran out. As for players, an Australian side playing for Canada in Britain is quite a global thought? To get there maybe salary caps and overseas quotas have to be abandoned.


Maybe it's pie in the SKY maybe it's the catalyst for the next big "about turn"......

#3014158 Hull KR sign Frenchman John Boudebza

Posted by The Parksider on 15 October 2014 - 04:52 AM



So more French players are turning pro, and expanding the player pool for France's International side and opening the pathway for French Rugby lads to choose league

#3013901 'Well Run' clubs

Posted by The Parksider on 14 October 2014 - 03:15 PM

There is an opportunity for clubs to plan ahead; live within their means but also plan for growth on and off the field. This however, depends on how much control the RFL have over where clubs can spend their investment. Four years ago the £100,000 investment in the Championships clubs was 75% restricted on back-room operations - community, commercial and administration, encouraging long-termism - with just 25% un-restricted. This, IIRC, was the case for three years, allowing clubs with the wherewithall to plan ahead and, in effect prepare rough budgets three years out. How many did?

Unfortunately, IMO, those long-term incentives seem to be lost now that we have returned to an element of P&R and a system of reward for clubs based on short-term success.


Really interesting post, enjoyed that. I note your fascinating quote about Leigh being short termist under the new  arrangements of P & R, and how under licensing a slower build may have been possible.


But I'm in search of clubs who have been able to live within their means beyond the gifts of rich men or councils and also plan for growth on and off the field.


That utopia cannot be by buying in ready made better players to stimulate gates through results, and whilst several clubs have boosted gates through better facilities these have not been paid from spare profits??


I looked at Batley who have kept a good performance on the pitch over the years whilst managing to afford ground improvements, but when I look back at crowds from the old second division days at Batley they were better than today despite the gallant youths strong performances and more comfortable facilities.


Is growth of any real sorts possible in the declining championship?, and where have we seen real growth in the Superleague that wasn't stimulated by the collective move to professionalism funded by SKY, or accommodated by unrepaid directors loans?


I looked at Leeds but without access to and an ability to analyse their Superleague accounts I cannot really be sure that master builder Paul Caddick, may not be responsible for the size of the club today rather than "organic" growth powered by the "well runners".


Are Leigh blowing up a bubble? Have Featherstone been doing that?? I dunno exactly but there was a comment Fev now won't be spending full cap - do you know if Leigh will?? 

#3010333 Could the RFL follow the NRL’s lead and “break the cap”?

Posted by The Parksider on 09 October 2014 - 09:29 AM

You should never allow mediocrity be the means of creating a level playing field, and you must never cap the dreams of the ambitious. eg If  Koucash wanted to bring into the sport a big name union player or a couple of the best NRL and was willing to fund it the entire sport gets a boost that reverses the downward spiral the cap has brought, 


Does it?? Was the entire sport boosted by Wigan having all the best players??


If the ability for a number of clubs to win things is there in a salary capped league what happens when you change that and effectively allow the rich to take all the spoils?


There are a series of chairmen pumping £Millions into Superleague. Faced with a couple of rich men allowed to buy the cups every year do these chairman carry on popping half a £Million a year in, and if they don't what happens to Widnes, Cas, Fartown, HKR, or even bigger clubs than this if they see no point to being in SL anymore as the competition is wrapped up??  

#3008827 Eagles reveal new stadium plans on Don Valley site

Posted by The Parksider on 07 October 2014 - 05:18 AM

Will there be an investment into the playing squad so they can compete for a SL place?


Nope, the leagues are to be decided on the quality of grounds 2017 onwards.......

#3007604 'Well Run' clubs

Posted by The Parksider on 05 October 2014 - 07:39 AM

No, middle of last season was the last time Jack provided funding, they sold Daz Clark and Jack loaned them sum money to avoid administration. 


Oh come on, most £500,000 cheques from Directors  are "loans" and they end up being "loans" the rich men never get back. Tell me that Castleford will be able to pay Jack Fulton back and I'll believe you then.


Lets get this out of the way, clubs that "run" up deficits of hundreds of thousands of pounds which over several years then run into £Millions, who then get a rich director to cover the sums are probably not "well run" in a business sense.


So you can take out a whole swathe of clubs as not being well run at all. You can then take out all the clubs who ran up deficits and then didn't have a rich director to cover the costs and got into trouble - none of them were well run?


Then move onto the clubs who fiercely live within their means. There's not a lot for the players, there's not a lot for the marketing budget, not a lot for player development, but no matter what they will live within the meagre means they have at their disposal.


You can find many of these in the championship, small clubs going nowhere who at times go backwards because their fans aren't interested in frugality and being "well run" within their means.  

#3004818 Opinion: Is relegation really a disaster?

Posted by The Parksider on 29 September 2014 - 11:28 PM

The one up and one down doesn't work parky. C@s are a prime example of that as they were up and down like a brides nighty lol. Maybe that played a part in their financial troubles who knows? But one up one down all it does it virtually keeps the same players but under a different club name as their isn't much time to recruit a strong club and who would want to sign for a club in jeopardy? That's why I can understand the RFLs decision to try this new system whether it works or not who knows but at least their trying something I suppose. I would of gone with this system personally but made caps between both leagues the same. I know you might say well clubs will overspend etc and go bust but surely they will do that anyway under the system. But I personally feel if anything good as come from franchising its clubs should now know how to manage their finances alot better( well you would think that anyway). Having the same cap between the leagues makes it alot more interesting IMO. This system won't work I don't think as the funding and caps see to that. If one club gets promoted under this system I will gladly eat humble pie but I just can't see it what so ever.


Great post full stop.


The financial gap is a barrier to it working, but to then stop any rich man who can bridge it by having disparate salary caps is monstrous.


Hippocritical in the extreme and discriminatory. Why can Davey and Kouks spend the earth to make their small clubs big, but if anyone wants to do the same at leigh or Fev they can't?

#3004414 Chris Clarkson joins Widnes on loan for 2015

Posted by The Parksider on 29 September 2014 - 12:24 PM

or perhaps denis wants his squad to evolve rather than a scattergun approach to management like some who appear to sign a plethora of players every season 


Well that's a fair answer to a point, add a decent player or two each year and build the squad strength.


But it's not the answer to the point I made in which if Clarkson develops his game with regular game time at Widnes Leeds will want him back.


TBF Lunt went on loan to Leeds so even the big guns do this, shame I have to do your answers for you.

#3001580 RL fans mentality helping kill a dying sport.2

Posted by The Parksider on 24 September 2014 - 08:25 AM

Have subs by all means but interchanges? Really? It doesn't reward the hard work and slog of those hit-ups. Make teams decide on a trade off - pick big blokes who will more likely break tackles but get tired quicker or pick smaller players (relatively) who won't tire as quickly but may be susceptible when tackling bigger and heavier players. It creates mismatches at both ends of the match - big v small and then small v tired.


Thanks for your views on this. Maybe we don't go far enough maybe we do, but for me the topic is the fans mentality and I cannot see that the problem is the games are predictable and boring, predictable and boring used to do 10,000 SL fans a game and now it doesn't.


But your analysis that the game is the main problem doesn't fit with the easier and more obvious explanations that if Bradford Implode we lose 9,000 fans, If hull underachieve year on year we lose 3,000 fans, if Wakefield implode we lose 3,000 fans, If London collapse we lose 2,000 fans, if HKR sell off players they lose 1,000 fans, If Salford collapse they lose 1,000 fans.


Competitiveness both on the pitch in play and financially off it are the obvious solutions. Once upon a time in Superleague nobody could do excrutiatingly boring better than the Bradford Bulls juggernaut, nobody could attract the crowds in those numbers either.  

#3001526 Opinion: Is relegation really a disaster?

Posted by The Parksider on 24 September 2014 - 05:46 AM

That might be the way you feel. But thousands feel different and unfortunately the bank manager wont take your positive outlook in lieu of the cash those who felt different provide.


As for the OP, Best case scenario for bradford, they come back up straight away a few hundred thousand pounds poorer, with a lower SL squad and a decimated youth development system, lower crowds and fewer sponsors. 


Is that a disaster? probably not, is it very very damaging? yes. 


That's another good post.


Relegation has knocked Bradford well back therefore knocking the game back unless their replacements would bring more to the game. As it is due to cutting to 12 there was no replacement but had Leigh gone up with few fans and no effective academy the nett loss would have been high.


This isn't soccer, there aren't clubs with 30,000 crowds and big player academies queuing up for promotion.


What relegation has done to Bradford is decimate the club. But it's still too strong to go into freefall and has to be favourite to come top of the Championship next year. But will they then be promoted?


The answer is no they may well not, they will have to get past clubs on far bigger salary caps in a grossly uneven contest. Skint and useless Wakey could easily keep Bulls out, and on that basis this is madness.


P & R has not yet returned, only relegation is a reality at the moment and the new system does not guarantee any promotion and is financially and structurally set up not to do so either.

#3001521 RL fans mentality helping kill a dying sport.2

Posted by The Parksider on 24 September 2014 - 05:27 AM

Stop interchanges then, allow players to get tired - little point in trying to wear out the big men if they can rest on the side of the pitch for 20 minutes!


If we open up the game it may open a can of worms. Maybe you feel stopping interchanges will open up play, maybe opening up play will result in "game over" too quickly and more one sided games.


People want close games, they want competition. If the game is opened up (or if any code is opened up) then it's OK until a team is three scores ahead then it's boredom until the final whistle.


Our game has made many careful changes to achieve what you want, you seem to want them to go too far assuming that everything will be OK. Should we remove the boring offside from soccer, should we cut Union to 13 a side to allow more room to run?


How would their fans react?? Can I have some "like this" 's?