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Toulouse News

11 May 2015 - 10:45 AM

RLE runs a piece today pre-empting a decision to let Toulouse in, due in about a month.


French President Zalduendo says there "Will be a French fully professional team playing in the English Competition this year" (OK bad quote as Catalans are already in).....


But RLE indicate he means Toulouse when he says "It isn't clear wether it will be CC or CC1" and Sarrazain the Chairman of Toulouse was reported as saying if given the option of CC1 his club will take it.


Now who else started in CC1 and worked their way up to SL, answers on a postcard please?


Anyway great news and maybe great for the CC1 clubs whose perennial struggles may be brightened up by a chance to have a trip to France and have a crack at the new SL hopefuls.


What a fixture Newcastle.v.Toulouse may be especially if they first meet in the Championship?

Crowdwatch - RL Express declares

06 May 2015 - 01:10 PM

                                 2014           2015


HKR/Wakefield     6,983          7,378


Salford/Fartown    5,068          1,972


Wigan/Cas          11,914         15,022


Catalans/Saints     9,864          8,886


Warrington/Hull   10,276          9,697


Widnes/Leeds       5,543          6,113



Sheffield/Dons       1,018           863


Leigh/Halifax          2,571         3.647


Workington/Batley    804           596



Rounds 14 (SL) & 12 (CC) of 22 rounds (also magic) before the cuts. Time flies.

Wakefield Stadium

05 May 2015 - 11:54 AM

Mr. Carter felt that developer had not met it's legal obligations on building the stadium seem as how the development has advanced significantly especially with the building of a massive Cold store/warehouse.


As I read this it seems Wakey/Mr. Carter are saying the cold store/warehouse should trigger the stadium build as the original agreement was that once 60,000 sq,feet of warehousing was built York Court would build Wakey a stadium.


The council have quickly replied to point out that the massive cold store/warehouse had separate planning permission openly granted that did not make it part of the 60,000 sq.feet of warehousing in the original agreement, and that the trust at Wakefield were openly informed of this and they consequently placed no objections.


This all means that apparently as 60,000 sq.feet of other warehouses are not yet built York Court don't have to build the stadium yet. This raised the question whether such a big additional development prevents that warehousing being built and the answer to that is no, there is enough land to get to the 60K target - whether the developer will aim to go on to do that is another thing.


And may be the problem, which may be quite big!


Carter last week reported that he'd look to remove Wakefield to Doncaster or Barnsley and justified that as apparently it costs Wakey £250,000 a season to "maintain" Belle Vue - wether that is rent, maintenance, running costs or what I dunno. I suspect renting Donny and Barnsley will be costly too. His approach seems to be an appeal to "do something" for sport in the city of wakefield, against an original statement by the council that they could not help Wakey with money  because they's have to help Cas and Fev.


Any comments at all on this from those in the know?




Crowdwatch round 13

29 April 2015 - 07:00 AM

                                 2014          2015

Huddsfld/Leeds        8,759          6381

Hull/Salford               9,821         9385

Saints/Wakey          10,708      10,001

Wigan/HKR             12,801       11,468

Wire/Widnes            10,500       10,856

Cas/Catalans            5,104        5,704


Cas to do better, but Hull/Salford looking unattractive with problems on the pitch and off it?

Crowdwatch Round 12

24 April 2015 - 07:36 AM

                                    2014        2015

Wakey/Wigan              4,096       3,107

Leeds/Wire                 16,164     17,430     

Saints/Widnes             11,844     11,271

Hull/Huddsfld                9,515       9.970

Les Cats/HKR               9,863      7,938

Salford/Cas                   5,823       2,800


Oh what a bad start this week. Once again relegation threatened clubs do not attract punters which we found out last year. Hopefully everyone will now have their head out of the clouds of denial and around the reality that the RFL/SLE/KPMG/Blake Solly etc are chasing higher crowds simple as.


Championship this year last year same games....


                                      2014              2015

Leigh/Batley                  2,173             3,036

Whitehaven/Fev             901                 747

Sheffield/Halifax              955               1437