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Super eight or relegate?

23 November 2014 - 08:15 AM

In a parallell forum predictions for next years SL all seem to go Wigan, Wire and Saints in no particular order then Les Catalans hampered from winning it by away form.


Down at the bottom Wakefield are repeatedly put there as a given.


Between that though Widnes are cited as another relegation threatened club despite an eight finish to the point of maybe joint bottom with Wakey.


HKR are down for a better finish by some as they have a "better team this year", but as with all clubs it's generally their fans who say their team will be better this year, and I'm not sure "all clubs have strengthened" Same at Cas where top players have gone their fans say the replacements will make them better, outside the bluster everyone has them dropping out of the eight some saying Powell's coaching has been "worked out"


Leeds are split between old heads been too good not to finish super eight, and old men will finally have their (hard) time, Nobody is sure about Hull, 4th. for some bottom for others.


Salford "strongest squad for years" is countered by a "collection of individuals", Fartown are spoken of in terms of it's all down to how Brough goes.


I personally dunno about all this but would be interested to hear how you think the teams will go apart from your own as nobody seemingly wants to admit that losing players and replacing them with others can sometimes end up with a worse squad especially in these days of player shortages.

Leeds in transition Leigh in trepidation

03 November 2014 - 02:36 PM

Bailey gone, Achurch may join Clarkson at Widnes, Hall can name his price and says he likes the idea, whilst the "outs" start to rack up the possible "In's" include a raid on Leigh for Prop Barlow and Scrum Half Brierley. Big club to keep ambitious small club down?.

France should be in four nations

03 November 2014 - 09:13 AM

Two very positive threads about Wales RL sponsorship and Scotland RL's 4 Nations place being a boost for development in those countries.


That's great and fair enough, as is one of our knowledgable posters on the developing game getting chased off the Scotland thread for mentioning that there's hardly any game in Scotland or Wales to develop!


But the concern is for me the wasted opportunity to use that fourth place to develop a country that has a growing junior game, has a significant senior game and has a Superleague side, and many people - some with money - looking to seriously develop France RL.


Now Catalans clearly cannot shoulder the burden of providing a national side any more than any one M62 club could deliver an English national side. But the RFL have blocked Toulouse for 18 years now yet we have a go at Aussies for not caring about International RL.


Yeh this may be a thread about same old same old lack of English support for France, but as we get as many posts on how well Welsh, Irish and Scots RL is doing, then it's worth looking beyond the "positivity" at the reality and the worry that if Scotland get three crushing defeats against their powerful counterparts will that really turn the Scots on to RL?


We've always looked jealously at the RU's six nations but we are having a wonderfully credible four nations down under, I fear that the negative approach to France may downgrade the return next year which I think is perhaps the major promotional tournament for RL in Europe and should not be used to pretend they play RL in Scotland, because the RFL tie Frances hands to develop professionally.

RL SIX Nations?

01 November 2014 - 09:24 AM

We've always looked at International RL as being a poor second to Union, but Samoas ability to compete in the 4 nations makes you think. If only Toulouse had gone in to SL 1996 - remember them thumping Widnes on TV on their way to the challenge cup 2002, and then Catalans as well we maybe could be on our way to such a credible tournament ourselves now along with PNG.


Say what you want about the game down under not doing enough for the International game but 6 nations with most games close scores, and big crowds is a dream that maybe could have been realised, if the "English" had not been (and continue to be) so horribly inward looking.

South Wales Junior Conference

24 October 2014 - 08:05 AM

Can anyone tell me if this junior RL league launched in 2013 operated last season gone, and is it set to run this next season?


Is there a web site with the clubs and teams??