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22 August 2015 - 07:58 AM

11K at Saints

10K at Wire

8K at Hull


For me there was a good crowd for a top four tussle at Saints

An average crowd for a poor out of form Wire not too attractive this season

A poor crowd for nowt too much play for Hull against player resting Leeds


Anything to do with the Format? Not for me unless you have an agenda like the shock horror "down 21%" stats last week.


We are generally down from past years of that there is no doubt but there are several sensible probable reasons combining for that, I've set out before nobody argued with.


Still await the trend in the Middle eight where the danger is they all become mismatches, so I hope RFL up the cap for the championship, but that probably wont help for next year as players are signed already aren't they???


One other thought finally is that if some late season crowds hold up over the appalling SL play off crowds September last year, then all well and good more pints and burgers sold. But if these games are effectively free because they are on the season ticket, then what's the advantage. The poor crowds last year in the play off were all but one around 7,000 but they were "all pay" so money wise surely a 7,000 crowd aall pay beats a 10,000 crown on the season ticket?


We want the crowds for the money primarily don't we?? 

Wakefield and belle vue

11 August 2015 - 09:42 AM

Reported that York Court are wanting to buy Belle Vue....


Not to stick the knife in again, but rent the stadium to Wakefield at a decent price?


Could this be the settlement in which Wakey drop their claims against York Court.


Could York court build a decent terrace and a new stand people can/want to sit in??



Crowdwatch - (Merged threads)

10 August 2015 - 08:59 AM

Before the mean spirited start, the Crowds are clearly of interest to many on here as they are commenting and it's the leader in Mr. Sadlers leader column today.


For the Elite clubs...


Cas got 6760 for Hull down from 8744 first game

Cats got 7392 for Saints down from 8886

Leeds got 13,118 for Wire down from 17,400

Wigan got 11,448 for Fartown down from 12,488


For the middle clubs:-


Leigh got 4459 for HKR 

Bradford got 6032 Eagles

Fax got 3022 for Widnes


Anyone kindly have the championship average crowds, I assume all are above average but Leigh will have an average close to that?


The all SL play off match was Salford 3,400, up on the appalling 2,712 earlier this season, but still a below average Salford crowd!!.


The coming weeks has matches with no straight comparisons statistically, four games are down on the last meeting, one is up and three are up on averages.....


In the end I think Padge will win the day with his "aggregate" argument in which more games will mean bigger 

totals through the gates. Whether any new fans....well.....


But as we progress towards that conclusion I'd guess a lot of fans will be looking at the tables and either boost crowds at crunch games or stay at home as regards the dead rubbers 


Spare a thought for Featherstone, 1100 for Haven, and London 350 for Donny.












Reserve league to return

29 July 2015 - 09:13 PM



Because Tony Smith, Mike Rush and an ex Leeds player and ex- member of the coaching staff I spoke to are adamant that it's ridiculous to reject players at 19 and damaging to the game because these lads just give up if they are rejected. Wane agrees




Stop taking on so many kids at 16 who won't make it and keep those who have a talent through to 23 because some of these will. Mike Rush cites James Roby who could have been culled at 19, my Leeds man cites Alan Smith but you have to be pretty old to remember him.




Through a 6-10 club reserve league in which Wire, Saints, Widnes and Wigan are the core.




Well Cas are skint. Wakey are skinter than skint can ever be, the Hull clubs are reeling from combining academies and Leeds have a cosy arrangement via enslaving Hunslet, that is cheap, local and effective according to Mac.


Not sure that Hunslet have a choice, my man feels sorry for the club as Leeds currently pull their players (rools is rools) and the 'uns head for CC1.




I bet not many know York, Leigh, Fev, Sheffield, Keighley and Dewsbury have "reserve" teams. Add four Lancashire SL clubs reserves to six championship reserves and that makes 10.


Leigh are accused of dobbing on fixtures, York are banned, Fev are in financial freefall, but that still leaves 7 clubs to re-start reserves Rugby League.


All a bit of a shambles (how will Wigan reserves.v.Keighley reserves go?), all a bit of a pig's ear, but a manifestation of the games struggles below the shop window of top eight RL on TV.... 

Crowdwatch 23

26 July 2015 - 12:14 PM

                                          2014                 2015

Hull/Wigan                        10,539               10,787                

Saints/HKR                       11,818               10,781

Fartown/Wakey                   5,487                4,839

Leeds/Catalans                  13,888             15,534

Widnes/Salford                    5,291               5,479  

Cas/Wire                            6,853                  7,239


Bilbo - are you receiving? Will you be kindly confirming the other 6 club's average gates (without Millenium Magic so they can be comparable with the top eight averages in the 7 games to come etc..)