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Crowdwatch Round 12

24 April 2015 - 07:36 AM

                                    2014        2015

Wakey/Wigan              4,096       3,107

Leeds/Wire                 16,164     17,430     

Saints/Widnes             11,844     11,271

Hull/Huddsfld                9,515       9.970

Les Cats/HKR               9,863      7,938

Salford/Cas                   5,823       2,800


Oh what a bad start this week. Once again relegation threatened clubs do not attract punters which we found out last year. Hopefully everyone will now have their head out of the clouds of denial and around the reality that the RFL/SLE/KPMG/Blake Solly etc are chasing higher crowds simple as.


Championship this year last year same games....


                                      2014              2015

Leigh/Batley                  2,173             3,036

Whitehaven/Fev             901                 747

Sheffield/Halifax              955               1437

Crowdwatch Round 11

18 April 2015 - 10:40 AM

                                     2014        2015

Wigan/Wire                 15,686     14,175

Saints/Leeds               13,788     12,640

Huddersfld/Les Cats     4,931       4,404

Widnes/Cas                  4,567       5,257


Look at the contrast in interest there last year!!


Maybe the new structure is primarily designed to dump the latter two out and set up third games where the crowds will top five figures, and the TV audience will be satisfied with more big games.. 

Carter - Wakefield up for grabs

12 April 2015 - 06:31 PM

Messrs Carter and Gill ponder (On Radio Leeds) on the lost opportunity to have a shared stadium years back.


No merger talk between our CEO's but plenty of mutual respect and understanding on their respective plights.


Carter ponders on how his club were shafted by Yorkcourt, and the fight goes on, Belle Vue costs £120,000 of dead money to rent.


Gill sees his development as a chance to take on the big clubs, his definition is those who do not rely on directors handouts. Once esconsed in his country park our Steve has Hetherington in his sights.


OK OK this is what you want to hear......


Carter has paid out £1,500,000 for a squad of 27 Superleague professionals who should "knuckle down"


"Injuries are no excuse".


As for "Webster out" Jimmy has said if he can't improve them he will walk away. Carter is right behind James and is not one to sack anyone doing their best.


Despite the pathetic excuse on here  for Hull's poor crowd last Friday that fans were boldly staying away to force change......... 


Both Gill and Carter agreed fans need to get behind their clubs when things are going against them not pathetically walk away and make it worse.


Carter challenges them all - if you can do better, come and do better. I am not a money man I run this as a volunteer, yet when we lose games I get nasty criticism, when we win games nobody has anything to say. Steve Gill 100% behind Mr. Carter.


No question from the boss of Wakey that they will muck about concentrating on the middle eight, get out there and compete, Webster appears to have had the hard word. 

Crowdwatch round 10

11 April 2015 - 08:34 AM

                            2014      2015

Hull/Widnes        10,286    9,295

It's a bit hard not to want to compare and comment on that one?


Wire/Wakey         9,252     8,036

Cas/HKR              7,196     6,102

Salford/Leeds       5,012     4,,000

Fartown/Saints     7,244     5,825

Wigan/Catalans  11,216     12,162


Kenny Kitten has the Cas game down for a big 'un (edit twas a little 'un)


Dons/Dews             744       1,100

Batley/Fev           1,143          916

Fax/Worky           1,658        1,122

Sheff/Leigh          1,151         1,454


Time for Sheffield to stand up and be counted!!

Crowdwatch week 8

02 April 2015 - 06:10 AM

Here's last years crowds & this


                                          2014    2015

Hull/HKR                         18,103  20,507

Wakefield/Catalans           4,190   3,015

Widnes/Warrington           7,158   7,768

Castleford/Leeds              9,208  11,236

Wigan/Saints                  20,224   24,054

Fartown/Salford               5,689    6,003