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Bottom four 2016

19 November 2015 - 08:53 AM

Clubs may have realised this is not a nice place to be, and they all look like they prefer to fight to get in the eight than coast until the middle eights.


Wakefield and Salford have invested hard in better players hand picked by two great coaches, Widnes look a bit cash strapped and not sure of HKR.


Is there any top eight club that doesn't look like they can stay there? Catalans look like they want to overcome their away day blues, and this may just be the year for Hull FC, and Warrington's resurgence


Who are your choices to struggle, and why? and end up in the bottom four this coming season?



SL Semi Tickets

26 September 2015 - 07:12 AM

Dumb question - are the semis on the season ticket please?

Hunslet Relegated

13 September 2015 - 07:31 AM

The last pure bastion of Dual Registration took a hit this weekend when Hunslet's tie up with Leeds giving the club access to quality players ended in the clubs relegation to the so called league of death.


Is this the end of DR?


and the start of Leeds Reserves?




06 September 2015 - 09:02 PM

Don't blame me for this it was EW's idea on the locked crowdwatch thread.


This weekends Qualifier crowds - the jewel in the new structures crown, were pretty darn good.


Bradford 6,900 wasn't far off last years SL crowd for the game, 7,500 at HKR was OK for a repeat fixture post Wembley blues, and better than 2014's equivalent, and 4,000 at Leigh was an excellent crowd. Meanwhile the dead "rubber" SL game at Wire was below par. But crowds aside (as per EW's point that we're beyond any fair/agreeable comparison now) my view on the qualifiers after going to Odsal is that the results are disappointing but to be expected.


P & R now relies on Championship clubs "giant killing" to get promotion, and whilst the Bulls have been the only CC club to do this so far, there's every chance that at the end of the 7 rounds there'll still be a gap between the SL clubs at the top and the CC clubs at the bottom, how ironic would it be if the £Million pound game was again Bradford.v.Widnes? What would that draw?


There is still the point being made that this new system needs to "bed in" whatever that means? I'd suggest it needs to actually deliver to maintain the credibility to maintain or improve some decent crowds. The other point being made is CC clubs will improve due to the experience of playing SL teams. I don't see any logic or reason in that at all after today. The only way to improve is buy better players how does the championship club buy better than the SL clubs?


Today was a mismatch, the one game that wouldn't have been would be Bradford.v.Leigh in a the £Million CC grand final?