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In Topic: Why your Team sucks: 2016 Edition

10 February 2016 - 10:57 PM



American slang expression easiest translation into English Language - Bad terrible etc


Term very popular with population of Sydney who speak American - Buddy, and chant "Bull S***t" at bad decision just like dey do in the good old US of A dude. Most Young Sydneysiders speak more Harlem than Homebush these days - a constant bombardment of tenth rate US trash TV on all channels being the calaylst. which they think Awesome..

In Topic: Attendances

07 February 2016 - 06:25 PM

One thing that's not mentioned is the number of times SKY show the same sidse on TV . If I was a fan of St Helens, Wigan, Leeds or Warrington I could expect to see all the big games involving my club for free if I was a SKY subscriber.


So if you want to avoid the wind,.rain,and chilly M62 evenings or if the prospect of finding youself seated next to an individual with body odour issues for the season does not appeal then. Sit down in the armchair after a hard days work, pull open a can and sup ale while watching the game - much cheaper and no public transport issues in the evening either.


Perhaps this is one reason why Wigan are seling four packs - For fans who want to see the games that are not televised?



You could even get a programme subscription meaning you saw the whole of your clubs home matches and many away even though your actual visits to the ground were few.


Back in the Richard Lewis era SKY had a brain wave to purt all matches on Super League Fridays on the red button.before some sanity came to the fore from Red Hall who realised if it was all available via SKY who would turn up?


Yet in the 8/8/8 you could see it all even if some of it was on SKY Internet and on Friday you got both Wigan v Catalans, live highlight of St Helens - Huddersfield and all the tries from Hull v Salford.- a neat little Friday Night package.


Now if you are far from the geographical seclusion of the M62 like myself it's Hobson's choice but how many in "heartalnds" now do as I have advocated here and support their club mainly from the armchair these days and is this really doing anything for the game ?

In Topic: 07 Feb: Batley v Leigh (Merged Threads)

07 February 2016 - 06:02 PM

It could work in Leigh's favour if the right coach is appointed and allowed to run team affairs but then club's gain "reputations" within the sport and the right candidates tend to avoid clubs where there are off field issues.

You could argue that the monkey is already off Leigh's back with the loss at Mount Pleasant but it should also be said that there are some perfectly good reasons why some of Leigh's big name signings are unwanted within the Super League.

In Topic: 07 Feb: Kingstone Press Championship Round 1 Match Thread

07 February 2016 - 05:52 PM

Had expected the worst but pleased to say the "well played Oldham but that was rank from the Broncos" script has been torn up. Not going overboard about it though as it is what a full time side should do to a part-time outfit. Bigger tests to come.


Well done to Batley.

In Topic: 07 Feb: Kingstone Press Championship Round 1 Match Thread

06 February 2016 - 12:13 PM

Not a surprise if Oldham win based on the London performance art Dewsbury which was very poor indeed. Coupled with the Coach confessing the side remains lightweight in a forward dominated one-out Rugby League.


I hope some players realise that their future as full time professionals hangs on this season and a decent top four showing. Given the state of the club and everything else that has gone on since 2009, some will be gertting theri excuse not to go this year (and some of us are still waiting for their membership cards.....) Its on the pitch that counts, more so for the Broncos than other teams.