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In Topic: Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

17 October 2014 - 06:27 PM

Logisticaly this is doable - the precurser to this was the World League of American Football which lasted 1991-1992. Flying a Rugby League team, over costs less than a football (US not soccer) team and could be done on a commercial as opposed to chartered flight.

That said you have to be cashed up and the three words Sir Allen Stanford spring to mind so I hope for one due diligence is followed.

Also to be a big hit you need to have the best playing the best so IMO the prospect of a Wigan -Saints fixture at BMO Field where the Toronto FC soccer club plays as part of a British themed week with the Canadian club as apart of a double header would be an option. 

Having the RFL's own version of the NFL international series with games at the Royal Dublin Showground and Scotstoun as well makes far more sense than continuing the tragic weekend but has unfortuantely has zero chance of getting off the ground under the current regieme.

Getting out of the Championship would be a priority though for Canadian expansion for once the novelty has worn off, the prospect of playing in front of palty crowds at Swinton and London Skolars will wear thin.

In Topic: NRL could break the cap to get Sam Burgess back

08 October 2014 - 05:55 PM

If truth be told Bath will snatch South's hands off to get their stake back on Burgess.. I predict he will be back in league as fast as Benji Marshall was whether you think this will be a coup or not kinda depends upon your opinion..... 

In Topic: Wasps moving to Coventry?

08 October 2014 - 05:49 PM



Wright told Standard Sport: “I wouldn’t have taken the club to Coventry. While I was at Wasps we looked at a number of options for a new home including the Olympic Stadium, the Oval, Milton Keynes and the Kassam Stadium in Oxford which I thought would be the best choice. We also had offers from Cecil Duckworth, of Worcester, to move Wasps to Worcester while Maurice Lindsay started talks for us to become Wigan Wasps





Live a crowd is forming in the Wiend......



In Topic: Nathan Brown to leave St Helens (merged threads)

03 October 2014 - 04:36 PM

Not a big problem for them if they appoint Keiran Cunningham Head Coach with Mike Rush as his assistant.


Nathan  Brown's lucky to get an NRL gig as it was not a tour de force on his part when he was in charge of a talented St George - lllawarra team and being a head coach in the UK - without silverware - is not exactly the strongpoint on your CV when it it comes to appointments in the NRL.

In Topic: 03/10/14 - Wigan Warriors v Warrington Wolves KO 8pm

02 October 2014 - 05:20 PM

I would not like to be thought of as too contraversial on this forum but the winner of this game will win the Grand Final... Sorry Eamonn.


It's a classic encounter, Shaun Wane's youngsters v the Wire Old boys. If this had been the start of the season then I would not be betting against a Warrington side that has now adapted to life post Lee Briers, with Myler and Ratchford emerging as the players a future Warrington side needs to be built around - as should have been the case at Salford - However there are a few creaking joints among the old boys after a tough two weeks and you have to question how much petrol remains in the tank.


No such problem at Wigan where IFL has delivered on his promise to put the" Wigan" back into Wigan, With local talent packing the side. This is important because if you look at the most successful sides in the Super League era the successful clubs be it St Helens, Leeds or Wigan have always had a spine of local players who have come up not just througfh the system but know and appreciate just how much it means to the town for the rugby team to do well. 


IMO the game will hinge on the last 20 minutes, if Warrington go into the last 20 minutes 10 points up then the old boys could withstand a Wigan onslaught to cling on by a point or two. If it was the other way round then it's Ta-ra Wire as fatigue will take its toll.


Without turning into a Brian Noblesque High priest of hyperbole. this game could well turn out to be the kind of smashathon, bashathon, rip snorting stonker that made you fall in love with the game of Rugby League in the first place.


Gotta call it Wigan... by 2.