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In Topic: 12 Apr: The Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

10 April 2015 - 06:15 PM

I wouldn't be surprised to see London get a win on Sunday


I would Bulls are odds on favourites, London Broncos are an evolving club. The side you play Sunday will not be the side you play on 31st May nor does it have any resemblence to the shower that started the season under Joe Grima.


As is eternal down, south even in the good years, its a new set of faces playing together that will take time to gel and to get to know each others playing styles. Having loanees coming in and out does not help either nor a big injury list.


As I stated in the match report from the Batley game there is plenty for forwad lite London to work on but there is also a number of good things the side is also doing now. Especially the impressive Oscar Thomas a lad who if he remains humble and continues to keep on learning his trade will have a big future in the game.


Something all youngsters in whatever their trade need to realise is that if ever you think you have cracked it you have lost it.


So for me the performance is as important as the result at present with the club needing to keep building towards a top four finish and we can then take it from there for even a sceptic like me can see that by the end of the year "Proud to be Broncos" maybe more than just an empty marketing slogan.

In Topic: Obituary Corner

10 April 2015 - 06:04 PM

Very sad day sees the passing of a great Australian.


Those under 50 have little knowledge of how Ritchie worked in Kerry Packers rebel organisation to create the modern game at great personal cost such was the animosity felt by traditionalists at the time but

  • Night Cricket
  • White Ball Cricket
  • Coloured Clothing
  • The 50 over ODI game
  • Proper remuneration for Cricketers

were all outcomes from the Packer revolution.


The doyenne of Cricket commentators, it is a shame with Tony Abbott having restored knighthoods that Ritchie never received the honour he so richly deserved for his services to the game.


RIP Richie.

In Topic: Crowdwatch week 8

06 April 2015 - 07:18 PM

638 on a sunny day at The Hive, Granted the Jubilee line was closed and The Hive is an a*se to get to but a winning Broncos side gets a lower attendance than the previous home game of 724 v Halifax....

In Topic: 6 Apr: The Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread (Easter Part Two)

06 April 2015 - 07:00 PM

The London game confirmed the Broncos are light in the forwards playing against a physically bigger Batley side, playing a traditional one out bash & barge rugby league style - amply demonstrated by being held up over the line no less than four times in the second half. London in the first half defensively dealt with this very well going in 18-0 up at the half the third try the result of a back handed pass from Elliott Michellka who was IMO Broncos joint MOM along with the impressive Oscar Thomas.


Second half at 24-6 Broncos should have killed the game off but through giving away posession through knock ons and Illness Macani allowing a ball steal in his own half increased the pressure on the Broncos line. If someone does the stats of this game I reckon Broncos tackled about 33% more than Batley one particular problem being despite Batley forwards surrounded by 3 Broncos they got the offload too many times for comfort.. Batley had the wind in their sails with two tries in the last 10 mins (With the main scoreboard not showing the time after 70 mins.....). Before Oscar Thomas responded to my yelling from the stands by slotting over a drop goal to kill the Batley challenge. Plenty for Hendo to chew over at training this week.


A loud Batley contingent and not though your reading this if your the "fan" who chose to give his side a mouthful from the touchline after the Broncos second try. I would save that until the end of the game son not after 15 minutes. Your not doing anything for your sides confidence at all.


I do not want to sound too nnegative as if they can sort the forwards out then with the backs that London have, the club will be competitive with everybody (including Leigh and Bradford) at this level.

In Topic: Crowdwatch week 8

05 April 2015 - 06:19 AM

Always been disappointed with the Widnes v Wire crowds since they have returned tbh. 


On Good Friday we should be aiming to get a full round of sellouts (or record crowds) imho.


I'd scrap the Easter Monday game, which are often damp squibs and go all out to make Good Friday a massive day for RL.


Good Friday is Rugby League's day in the sun. with Soccer and Rugby Union no longer playing on that day. it is the chance for league to seize the spolitlight with derby games played to packed houses which makes for a good TV product and that is what the game delivered this year, tight contests, packed houses, and atmosphere which is what SKY pay for,bringing the armchair viewer into the heart of the game.


It also represents the round that needs the least marketing. Though their are opportunities for the clubs in future years to market this as the heritage round and bring out a one-off Good Friday kit. I would agree Good Friday needs to be promoted as a stand alone event on the league calendar as it has the potential to be an even bigger revenue earner.