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In Topic: 8-10 May: Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

08 May 2015 - 05:58 PM

Interesting how the championship seems to be developing its own split


Top 2




Middle 5







Bottom 5







So as London face a crucial "middle 5" encounter against Featherstone with a .500 record from "middle 5" encounters this year. To achieve the bare minimum of a Top 4 finish the club needs to win the majority of its "middle 5" and al "bottom 5" encounters.


Mr Hughes will not release any more money so the coaching brains trust - nn whom I have faith - need to find a way to win until the injury list clears near the 'end. London will evolve and be better as the year goes on but cannot afford to be too far behind in the "middle 5" in order to grab 3rd / 4th spot.


So middle 5 for top 4 but this 1 will not be there Sunday though not too far away..

In Topic: Crowdwatch Round 12

27 April 2015 - 06:23 PM

That would have been my preferred choice as well.  (As well as agreeing with most of your post)


Although I've never been able to come up with a way were by in a 1 up 1 down scenerio the club going down isn't thrown to the wolves and left with no choice but to go part time over night and the club coming up has a matter of months to prepare for life as a full time club with little chance of that lasting more than 12 months making it nigh on impossible for them to attract the talent needed to make it a longer stay.  Its proper boom and bust stuff!


Simples, accept that the championship is an uneven competition and allow the clubs with wealthy backers to spend the same salary cap as super league outfits. You could also think about a relaxation on the overseas quota for 12 months for the promoted club to offset late rfecruitment of UK based players.


With 1 up and 1 down relegated clubs, with wealthy backers, would remain full time. It it all boils down to money, if you can't pay you can't play. If you compete in the same market as other local clubs for players, sponsors and fans then only a wealthy backer can, temporarily, stave off your demise or buy you enough time to see your rivals demise.


Social darwinism in Rugby League - Take "calder" as an example, no need for a merger as Castleford are emerging as the dominant club over declining Wakefield and Featherstone. Where have the latter two clubs crowds gone - Wheldon Road, Where will the young talent go, Wheldon Road to play Super League. Where will the money go - To Wheldon Road and the club with the TV exposure in Super League.


By choice no, but the smaller clubs would be left with no choice but to follow the "big clubs", no doubt some bright spark wanting to make a name for themselves would suggest mergers and perhaps dream up a club on the continent and we'd see history repeat itself!


I like Padges idea, I really do, I just see the clubs holding all the power as they hold the key to the TV deal and subsequent money it brings which would stop the idea from getting off the ground no matter how beneficial it maybe for the game as a whole.


No breakaway will happen without a television backer. so you would need either SKY or BT SPORT to back any breakaway and a sport with a limited geographical footprint has little appeal outside the M62. Simply put both Pay TV companies want sports with a broad national appeal . Do remember the original super league deal saw Northern Hemisphere league bought up by Murdoch as another tool in his war with the ARL down under. it was not bought as a competition in its own right.



I fail to understand how one could be so be concerned - and rightfully so - about the expansion of the footprint of the professionnal game and yet still advocate P&R.
If it was not for licensing/franchising and direct parachuting into the SL, the Cats will never have happened as they will never have raised enough revenues in the championship to gain promotion into the SL (just like Toulouse will faill - again - if they follow this route)
Dragons might be only a token involvement, but, at least, it's a successfull expansion pro team, which is still one more than P&R could ever claim.



Les Catalans are not and never have been an expansion club like London or Crusaders. The premise of Catalans inclusion was that it was in the rugby league heartland of France and would bring benefits to the French game. Catalans as a club have been moderately successful but the French game has regressed as has the national team.


Introducing Toulouse will cause meltdown in the heartlands and for that reason will never happen.

In Topic: Championship Match Thread

26 April 2015 - 06:40 PM

London 16- Dewsbury 20. For once the scoreline bering an accurate reflection of play. Yet again London tired against another big championship side. London lightweights the legacy of blubbering Joe Grima take such a battering that they appear to fade in the second half of matches. The reverse of what is supposed to happen when a full time side faces a championship side. Unless London establish a substantial lead early on they are in trouble. This game featured very few line breaks with points scored off errors like the Broncos kicking the ball out on the full at the start of the second half. Dewsbury were well organised in defence and tried to play more rugby than Batley did at the Hive.


Had a chat with a few Dewsbury afans who need to chane their tune to

"Super League Top four team your having a laugh"

"Super League Top four team your having a laugh"


For truly expectations in London have plummeted from a tilt at a return to Super League to a realisation that even with the coaching brains trust of Henderson, Ward and Noble. A top four finish looks beyond the current squad.


London are still evolving and pre-season season Dewsbury trouted blubbering Joe's side in a pre-season trial game sending out a giant flare that all would not be well. So this encounter at the Hive proves that London have made progress on the field since then but as London legend Jamie Soward would have put it "close enough is not good enough". 


A mere 663 souls in attendance watching what has become an ordinary Championship side. Wioth Barnet FC getting promoted and gate takings not proving to be lucrative perhaps AK is thinking "Do I need a tenant for 2016" .............

In Topic: 12 Apr: The Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

10 April 2015 - 06:15 PM

I wouldn't be surprised to see London get a win on Sunday


I would Bulls are odds on favourites, London Broncos are an evolving club. The side you play Sunday will not be the side you play on 31st May nor does it have any resemblence to the shower that started the season under Joe Grima.


As is eternal down, south even in the good years, its a new set of faces playing together that will take time to gel and to get to know each others playing styles. Having loanees coming in and out does not help either nor a big injury list.


As I stated in the match report from the Batley game there is plenty for forwad lite London to work on but there is also a number of good things the side is also doing now. Especially the impressive Oscar Thomas a lad who if he remains humble and continues to keep on learning his trade will have a big future in the game.


Something all youngsters in whatever their trade need to realise is that if ever you think you have cracked it you have lost it.


So for me the performance is as important as the result at present with the club needing to keep building towards a top four finish and we can then take it from there for even a sceptic like me can see that by the end of the year "Proud to be Broncos" maybe more than just an empty marketing slogan.

In Topic: Obituary Corner

10 April 2015 - 06:04 PM

Very sad day sees the passing of a great Australian.


Those under 50 have little knowledge of how Ritchie worked in Kerry Packers rebel organisation to create the modern game at great personal cost such was the animosity felt by traditionalists at the time but

  • Night Cricket
  • White Ball Cricket
  • Coloured Clothing
  • The 50 over ODI game
  • Proper remuneration for Cricketers

were all outcomes from the Packer revolution.


The doyenne of Cricket commentators, it is a shame with Tony Abbott having restored knighthoods that Ritchie never received the honour he so richly deserved for his services to the game.


RIP Richie.